All 14+ David McCullough Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

David McCullough Books in Order

The David McCullough books in order depict catastrophes, engineering triumphs, and some of the most influential people of the last two centuries. He made a name for himself through combining a talent for storytelling with a love of research. The result are books which tell a vivid recollection of some of the most important moments in American history.

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All 30+ Stephanie Plum Books in Order by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum Books in Order

In the Stephanie Plum books in order, Janet Evanovich has written a hilarious, relatable, and compelling main character. Stephanie begins the series incredibly down-on-her-luck and desperate to make money. So, she turns to a small amount of blackmail to try her hand at becoming a bounty hunter for her cousin’s company.

Readers then get to experience every elation and struggle …

All 100+ Eric Carle Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Eric Carle Books in Order

Reading the Eric Carle books in order is a nostalgic memory for many adults and is an excellent way to introduce young children to reading. Carle’s illustrations and writing make the books approachable and entertaining for any reading level.

Carle revolutionized the world of picture and children’s books with his colorful style and unique approach. He would hand-paint paper and …

17 Books Like The Silent Patient You Need to Read

Books Like The Silent Patient

Following its release, The Silent Patient dominated bestsellers charts. Fans loved it for the split perspective and timelines, its twists, and the compelling mystery motivating the characters. Whether you first finished this book three years or three minutes ago, keep reading to learn about 17 more books like The Silent Patient.

About The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient made big …