2 Ways to Read Michael Bennett Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Michael Bennett is the striking main character to one of the bestselling series about a New York City police detective. Reading the Michael Bennett books in order will introduce you to him and his family in a series of action-packed thrillers.

The books feature high stakes negotiations and ruthless murderers. The series was created by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, …

All 50+ Lisa Kleypas Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Lisa Kleypas Books in Order

You’ve likely seen Lisa Kleypas’s name adorning covers of classic historical romances. The brightly colored dresses and exposed skin guarantee a steamy, passionate romance unfolding amidst the upper crust of high society. Luckily for romance fans, there is an abundance of Lisa Kleypas books in order to discover.

As well, in addition to her historical romances, Kleypas has also written …