All 50+ Donna Andrews Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Donna Andrews Books in Order

The Donna Andrews books in order are humorous, cozy mysteries that are the perfect escape from reality. Her Meg Langslow books follow the amateur sleuth as she navigates life and investigates murders. Meanwhile, the Turing Hopper series by Andrews features a whip-smart artificial intelligence investigating crimes as well.

But both series by Andrews offer cozy, light-hearted mysteries that will help …

All 5 Gillian Flynn Books in Order | Everything You Need to Know

Gillian Flynn Books in Order

Gillian Flynn is a name within the literary world that immediately brings a particular trope to mind. Female rage and violence is a guarantee in the Gillian Flynn books. The author was a harbinger for countless other authors to unapologetically make their female characters three-dimensional instead of cookie cutter.

In her books Flynn leans into exploring the darker aspects of …

All 200+ Debbie Macomber Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Debbie Macomber has written an incredible number of books, novellas, and short stories throughout her career. From romances to uplifting stories about friendship, the Debbie Macomber books in order all have one thing in common: A message of hope and happily-ever-after.

Macomber prioritizes leaving her readers with a feeling of happiness and contentment after finishing her books, because that’s what …