All 200+ Nora Roberts Books in Order | Ultimate Guide

With more than 200 books in print, Nora Roberts is a global sensation; if you’ve read one or twenty of her novels, this list is the ultimate guide on her works and how you can read all the Nora Roberts books in order.

Nora Roberts is perhaps most famous for the multitude of romance novels she has penned, but she is also the brains behind the works of J.D. Robb.

Roberts adopted the penname J.D. Robb in 1995 and the popular In Death series has become her longest running and most popular series. While this list will briefly mention the series and her other works published under the Robb moniker, you can read more about the J.D. Robb books in order here.

In addition to the massively successful In Death series, Roberts has written dozens and dozens of bestselling novels. She frequently writes romance thrillers organized in trilogies, because she says it allows her to flesh out the story to her liking and explore the characters fully.

Roberts also frequently has characters from one series appear in other books of hers for brief moments, which offers a delightful easter egg and interconnectedness to dedicated fans of her books.

New & Upcoming Nora Roberts Releases

Mind Games (May 21, 2024)
Passions in Death (September 3, 2024)
The Mirror (November 19, 2024)

Who is Nora Roberts?

Nora Roberts grew up in Maryland as the youngest of five children. While she was born into a family of readers, Roberts never turned to writing until one fateful blizzard when she was stuck inside with her two young children.

From there, Irish Thoroughbreds was created. After many manuscripts and rejections, it was published in 1981 and the rest, as they say, was history.

Accumulatively with her J.D. Robb moniker, Roberts has written nearly 240 novels. There are more than 400 million copies of her books in print in more than 35 countries. Every Roberts, and J.D. Robb, title published since 1999 has hit the New York Times bestsellers list.

Since her first bestseller in 1991, Roberts’s books have collectively spent 1,170 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers lists. That is the equivalent of 22 years. She has written 219 New York Times bestsellers, including 48 with the pseudonym J.D. Robb.

She has had 75 books debut in the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Collectively, her books have spent 220 weeks at that number one spot.

Her books are an undeniable success and global phenomenon.

She still resides in Maryland, where she owns a bookstore called Turn the Page Books with her husband.

#1 Nora Roberts Books in Order by Series

J.D. Robb Books in Order

In the 1990s Nora Roberts had the idea to publish a futuristic mystery thriller trilogy. In an effort to not oversaturate the market with her titles, and with the encouragement of her publisher, she chose to publish these works under the moniker J.D. Robb. What was initially conceived as a trilogy, In Death has gone on to be a massive international success with 53 books written so far.

This list features all of the In Death books in order of publication.

  1. Naked in Death (1995)
  2. Glory in Death (1995)
  3. Immortal in Death (1996)
  4. Rapture in Death (1996)
  5. Ceremony in Death (1997)
  6. Vengeance in Death (1997)
  7. Holiday in Death (1998)
  8. Conspiracy in Death (1999)
  9. Loyalty in Death (1999)
  10. Witness in Death (2000)
  11. Judgment in Death (2000)
  12. Betrayal in Death (2001)
  13. Seduction in Death (2001)
  14. Reunion in Death (2002)
  15. Purity in Death (2002)
  16. Portrait in Death (2003)
  17. Imitation in Death (2003)
  18. Divided in Death (2004)
  19. Visions in Death (2004)
  20. Survivor In Death (2005)
  21. Origin in Death (2005)
  22. Memory in Death (2006)
  23. Born in Death (2006)
  24. Innocent in Death (2007)
  25. Creation in Death (2007)
  26. Strangers in Death (2008)
  27. Salvation in Death (2008)
  28. Promises in Death (2009)
  29. Kindred in Death (2009)
  30. Fantasy in Death (2010)
  31. Indulgence in Death (2010)
  32. Treachery in Death (2011)
  33. New York to Dallas (in Death) (2011)
  34. Celebrity in Death (2012)
  35. Delusion in Death (2012)
  36. Calculated in Death (2013)
  37. Thankless in Death (2013)
  38. Concealed in Death (2014)
  39. Festive in Death (2014)
  40. Obsession in Death (2015)
  41. Devoted in Death (2015)
  42. Brotherhood in Death (2016)
  43. Apprentice in Death (2016)
  44. Echoes in Death (2017)
  45. Secrets in Death (2017)
  46. Dark in Death (2018)
  47. Leverage in Death (2018)
  48. Connections in Death (2019)
  49. Vendetta in Death (2019)
  50. Golden in Death (2020)
  51. Shadows in Death (2020)
  52. Faithless in Death (2021)
  53. Forgotten in Death (2021)
  54. Abandoned in Death (2022)
  55. Desperation in Death (2022)
  56. Encore in Death (2023)
  57. Payback in Death (2023)
  58. Random in Death (2024)
  59. Passions in Death (Expected: September 3, 2024)

J.D. Robb In Death Novellas and Short Stories in Order of Publication

In addition to the massively successful book series, Roberts has also published novellas and short stories within the In Death universe. This list features all of the In Death novellas and short stories in order of publication.

  1. Midnight in Death (1998)
  2. Remember When… (2003)
  3. Haunted in Death (2006)
  4. Interlude in Death (2006)
  5. Eternity in Death (2007)
  6. Ritual In Death (2008)
  7. Missing in Death (2009)
  8. Big Jack (2010)
  9. Possession in Death (2010)
  10. Chaos in Death (2011)
  11. Taken in Death (2013)
  12. Wonderment Death (2015)

Other Nora Roberts Books in Order

Perhaps you’ve already read one or two of Nora Roberts books or series. If you’re now looking for the ultimate guide to all her published works, this list is perfect for you. Detailed here are all of the titles Roberts has published over her impressive writing career, with no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

Commonly Roberts writes her thriller romances in sets of trilogies. She says this is because it allows the story to come together more completely and fluidly for an accessible storyline. Many of her series are also interconnected, and those connections are detailed in the synopses below.

Here are all of the series Roberts has published with the books in order of first publication.

Irish Hearts

Nora Roberts’s debut novel is the start of her Irish Hearts series. This romance series sees an Irish woman named Adelia invited to work with her uncle at one of the most respected stables in America: A dream come true for her. Once there, she is pulled into the charms of Maryland. She is also pulled into the charms of the stable’s owner Travis Grant, which brings with it a turbulent passion and unexpected consequences.

  1. Irish Thoroughbred (1981)
  2. Sullivan’s Woman (1984)
  3. Irish Rose (1988)
  4. Irish Rebel (2000)

Reflections and Dreams: The Bannions

This series is a duology about two Bannions as they discover love within a ballet studio. The first book recounts ballet teacher Lindsay Dunne’s attraction to the aloof, brooding architect Seth Bannion as they clash over her pupil and his charge.

Then the second book delves into Ruth Bannion herself as she is partnered with her mercurial mentor Nickolai Davidov for a sensual new ballet. The two must fight against the rising attraction between them.

Ruth and Davidov also appear in Nora Roberts’s series, The Stanislaskis.

  1. Reflections (1983)
  2. Dance of Dreams (1983)

The MacGregors

An 11-book series with both contemporary and historical stories, The MacGregors follows the titular family through the ages and across generations as they find love in unlikely places. Each book is a self-contained story with a beginning and end, but reading the books in order of publication will provide insight to the interconnectedness of the MacGregor family.

A supporting character within this series, Myra Ditmeyer, also appears in Endings & Beginnings.

  1. Playing The Odds (1985)
  2. Tempting Fate (1985)
  3. All The Possibilities (1985)
  4. One Man’s Art (1985)
  5. For Now, Forever (1987)
  6. Rebellion (1988)
  7. In from the Cold (1990) (Novella)
  8. The MacGregor Brides (1997)
  9. The Winning Hand (1998)
  10. The MacGregor Grooms (1998)
  11. The Perfect Neighbor (1999)
  12. Engaged for the Holidays (2023)

Great Chefs

Another duology with two separate storylines, Great Chefs is connected by the theme of food. Summer Desserts tells the story of dessert chef Summer Lyndon as she is hired by Blake Cocharan. She finds herself drawn to his unique appeal and planning a meal from start to finish for the first time.

The second book follows publicity coordinator Juliet as she plans Carlo Franconi’s tour of Italy. But Juliet had never planned on being part of his dinner plans.

  1. Summer Desserts (1985)
  2. Lessons Learned (1986)

Cordina’s Royal Family

This series follows the lives of Gabriella, Alexander, Bennett, and Camilla as each member of the Royal Family finds love within their own book. From an attempted kidnapping to a schoolyard crush to an undercover commoner alias, the series is a thrilling collection of desire.

Gabriella from Affaire Royale appears in Unfinished Business, while Chantal O’Hurley from The O’Hurleys appears in The Playboy Prince.

  1. Affaire Royale (1986)
  2. Command Performance (1987)
  3. The Playboy Prince (1987)
  4. Cordina’s Crown Jewel (1992)

Celebrity Magazine

Following the employees of Celebrity magazine, this series delivers the classic Nora Roberts tale of building tension and love. First magazine writer Lee Radcliffe must track down the elusive horror writer Hunter Brown. While she is successful, she was unprepared for him to be a dark-eyed master of seduction.

In the second book of this duology, photographers Bryan Mitchell and Shade Wilder are traveling across the country together on assignment, capturing two views of one American summer. Despite being complete opposites, the pair both feel an undeniable passion drawing them together.

Bryan Mitchell of One Summer also appears in The O’Hurleys book: Skin Deep.

  1. Second Nature (1986)
  2. One Summer (1986)

Sacred Sins

In this duology Nora Roberts combines her popular crime thrillers with steamy romance.  The first book sets the stage of a Washington, D.C. summer undergoing a heatwave that is disrupted by a serial killer. Psychiatrist Dr. Tess Court is asked to aid the investigation alongside Detective Ben Paris who finds himself drawn to the enticing Tess.

In another romantic suspense novel, Brazen Virtue follows popular mystery writer Grace McCabe to her sister’s D.C. dwelling. She is there drawn into finding a rampant serial killer who could have stepped out of one of her own horrifying novels. Not even her level-headed friend, Detective Ed Jackson, can convince her of the danger she is toying with.

  1. Sacred Sins (1987)
  2. Brazen Virtue (1988)

The O’Hurleys

Nora Roberts delivers another romantic suspense series with The O’Hurleys. Each member of the family gets their own book as Roberts recounts their paths to love over the years in these gripping novels.

The entire O’Hurley family appears in The Stanislaskis book Waiting for Nick. Again, Bryan Mitchell of One Summer, in the Celebrity Magazine series, also appears in Skin Deep.

  1. The Last Honest Woman (1988)
  2. Dance to the Piper (1988)
  3. Skin Deep (1988)
  4. Without A Trace (1990)

Loving Jack

This series introduces a cast of characters revolving around two architects finding love in unlikely places. The exception is the last novel in this series which depicts the Old Western historical romance main character Jack was writing when she fell in love in the first book.

Chantal, from The O’Hurleys novel Skin Deep, has her first big role in the movie based on Lawless.

  1. Lawless (1989)
  2. Loving Jack (1989)
  3. Best Laid Plans (1989)

Time and Again: Hornblower-Stone

A science-fiction romance duology, Time and Again is about finding love when you least expect it. The series recounts the trials and tribulations of two twenty-third century brothers who travel back in time and must reconcile returning home with who their heart desires from the past.

  1. Time Was (1989)
  2. Times Change (1989)

The Stanislaskis: Those Wild Ukrainians

A six-book series that follows the Stanislaski family through generations as each main character overcomes their unique challenges to find love within their own books.

The connections within this series to Nora Roberts’s other series are that Nick and Freddie visit the O’Hurleys in Waiting for Nick, and Kate dances for Davidov in the Reflections & Dreams series.

  1. Taming Natasha (1990)
  2. Luring A Lady (1991)
  3. Falling for Rachel (1993)
  4. Convincing Alex (1994)
  5. Waiting for Nick (1997)
  6. Considering Kate (2001)

The Calhoun Women

This five-book series recounts the lives of five sisters as they inherit a crumbling family mansion on the coast of Maine, and unexpectedly find passion and adventure.

  1. Courting Catherine (1991)
  2. A Man for Amanda (1991)
  3. For the Love of Lilah (1991)
  4. Suzanna’s Surrender (1991)
  5. Megan’s Mate (1995)

Night Tales

This series is described as passionate tales about what can happen when the sun goes down. Night Tales is a thrilling suspenseful romance series of danger and desire.

  1. Night Shift (1991)
  2. Night Shadow (1991)
  3. Nightshade (1993)
  4. Night Smoke (1994)
  5. Night Shield (2000)
  6. Night Moves (2014)

The Donovan Legacy

The Donovan clan share a secret that has been passed down through generations and sets them apart from ordinary mortals. Each book recounts a cousin’s path to love, and how they navigate the great responsibility their powers bring.

  1. Captivated (1992)
  2. Entranced (1992)
  3. Charmed (1992)
  4. Enchanted (1999)

Concannon Sisters Trilogy

This series is also known as The Irish Born trilogy or the Born In trilogy. It weaves a tale of three modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of Ireland as they find love against its rugged landscape.

  1. Born in Fire (1994)
  2. Born in Ice (1995)
  3. Born in Shame (1996)

The MacKade Brothers

Aptly named, The MacKade Brothers tells the stories of four brothers from a small Maryland town. Each brother catches the eye of a woman who makes his heart beat faster and thoughts spin in the direction of settling down.

  1. The Return of Rafe MacKade (1995)
  2. The Pride of Jared MacKade (1995)
  3. The Heart of Devin MacKade (1996)
  4. The Fall of Shane MacKade (1996)

Dream Trilogy

This trilogy starts with the story of a housekeeper’s daughter who picks up the pieces of a shattered dream to start a new one with the sisters of her heart. Each book after picks up the story of another one of the women in this chosen family as they pursue what it is their heart most desires.

  1. Daring to Dream (1996)
  2. Holding the Dream (1996)
  3. Finding the Dream (1996)

Stars of Mithra

Each book in this trilogy features a huge blue diamond known as a Star of Mithra. In each installment a beautiful woman is in possession of one of these diamonds and opposite her is an attractive male intent on solving the mystery of its origins.

  1. Hidden Star (1997)
  2. Captive Star (1997)
  3. Secret Star (1998)

Chesapeake Bay Saga

One of Nora Roberts’s most beloved and adapted series, the Chesapeake Bay Saga recounts the Quinn brothers returning to their family home on the Maryland shore in order to honor their dying father’s last request. What follows is a tale as old as time of familial rivalries as the brothers learn to live together once more.

In Chesapeake Blue, there is a reference to Darcy Gallagher from the Gallaghers of Ardmore series.

  1. Sea Swept (1998)
  2. Rising Tides (1998)
  3. Inner Harbor (1999)
  4. Chesapeake Blue (2002)

Gallaghers of Ardmore

Returning to the lush rolling hills of Ireland, the Gallaghers of Ardmore trilogy tells the story of the past and the future for three Gallagher siblings as they explore the depths of their fiery hearts.

Darcy Gallagher, from Heart of the Sea, is also referenced in the Chesapeake Bay Saga.

  1. Jewels of the Sun (1999)
  2. Tears of the Moon (1999)
  3. Heart of the Sea (2000)

Three Sisters Island

A paranormal fantasy romance, Three Sisters Island dances along the edge with its contemporary setting that harkens back to a past of curses and witchcraft. Only three strong, gifted women living on Three Sisters Island can break this spell.

  1. Dance Upon The Air (2001)
  2. Heaven and Earth (2001)
  3. Face the Fire (2002)

Key Trilogy

In this paranormal romance trilogy three women must race to find three keys that will release three souls that are being held captive by an evil god. During this quest Mallory, Dana, and Zoe will face danger and find love along the way.

  1. Key of Light (2003)
  2. Key of Knowledge (2003)
  3. Key of Valor (2003)

In the Garden

Set outside Memphis, Texas, three women discover the secrets from the past contained within their historic home. Each relative must learn to live with the spirit that is said to haunt the ancestral home as they overcome their own hardships and learn to love again.

  1. Blue Dahlia (2004)
  2. Black Rose (2005)
  3. Red Lily (2005)

Circle Trilogy

Another enticing paranormal romance series, the Circle Trilogy is an epic tale that breaks down the boundaries between reality and the otherworldly. It does this while forging together the passions of six men and women caught in a battle for the fate of humanity.

  1. Morrigan’s Cross (2006)
  2. Dance of the Gods (2006)
  3. Valley of Silence (2006)

Sign of Seven

In the town of Hawkins Hollow every seven years on the seventh day of the seventh month, strange things happen. Sign of Seven is a compelling paranormal romance trilogy about three brothers – Cal, Fox, and Gage – bound by fate, blood, and a timeless enemy in a town plagued by evil.

  1. Blood Brothers (2007)
  2. The Hollow (2008)
  3. The Pagan Stone (2008)

Bride Quartet

This quartet is set in the fabulous, hectic world of wedding planning. The books follow the stories of four friends and their struggles with life, love, and family as they build their wedding planning company: Vows.

  1. Vision in White (2009)
  2. Bed of Roses (2009)
  3. Savor the Moment (2010)
  4. Happy Ever After (2010)

Inn BoonsBoro

An instant #1 New York Times bestseller, the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy is inspired by the inn Nora Roberts owns and operates in the heart of Maryland with her husband. The books follow the stories of the Montgomery brothers as they renovate an intimate bed-and-breakfast in their hometown, and find love along the way.

  1. The Next Always (2011)
  2. The Last Boyfriend (2012)
  3. The Perfect Hope (2012)

The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy

Set in Country Mayo, Ireland amid centuries-old legends, The Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy is a paranormal romance. Within this trilogy family and friends will fight each other and for each other to keep the promise of hope and love alive.

  1. Dark Witch (2013)
  2. Shadow Spell (2014)
  3. Blood Magick (2014)

The Guardians Trilogy

This fantasy romance begins on the Greek island of Corfu before concluding in Ireland. It follows three couples who join together to create their own family and solve an ancient mystery through the power of timeless love.

  1. Stars of Fortune (2015)
  2. Bay of Sighs (2016)
  3. Island of Glass (2016)

Chronicles of The One

This Nora Roberts trilogy is a science-fiction dystopia. In this post-apocalyptic world the end has come and a new beginning commences: Year One. It is a world of hope and horror, chaos and magick as our survivors embark on a supernatural journey in the fight for their lives.

  1. Year One (2017)
  2. Of Blood and Bone (2018)
  3. The Rise of Magicks (2019)

The Dragon Heart Legacy

The Dragon Heart Legacy, begins in the modern realm. But from Philadelphia our main character Breen travels to Ireland where a portal in Galway takes her to the magical realm of Talamh. Here is a land of faeries and mermaids, a warrior named Keegan, and Breen’s destiny.

  1. The Awakening (2020)
  2. The Becoming (2021)
  3. The Choice (2022)

The Lost Bride Trilogy

The newest series in the Nora Roberts books in order is The Lost Bride Trilogy. While there is not much known about the path of the series, it promises to be a multi-generational tale of tragedies with loves found and lost.

The first book echoes back to 1806 when Astrid Poole was murdered on her wedding night, before the marriage can be consummated. Flash forward to the future and Sonya MacTavish has just been left an inheritance by an uncle she never knew existed, Collin Poole. But the majestic Victorian house is haunted and reveals to Sonya the centuries-old bridal curse that she must try to unravel and break.

  1. Inheritance (2023)
  2. The Mirror (Expected: November 19, 2024)

Nora Roberts Books in Order – Standalone Novels

In addition to the staggering amount of more than 30 popular series, Nora Roberts has also penned dozens of incredibly popular standalone novels.

Even though her series are wrapped up quickly and often with individual storylines per book, if you’re looking for something shorter to cozy up with, reading one of the below Nora Roberts books in order would be the perfect option.

  1. Blithe Images (1982)
  2. The Heart’s Victory (1982)
  3. Island of Flowers (1982)
  4. Search For Love (1982)
  5. Song of the West (1982)
  6. From This Day (1983)
  7. Her Mother’s Keeper (1983)
  8. Once More With Feeling (1983)
  9. This Magic Moment (1983)
  10. Tonight and Always (1983)
  11. Untamed (1983)
  12. Endings and Beginnings (1984)
  13. First Impressions (1984)
  14. The Law is a Lady (1984)
  15. Less of a Stranger (1984)
  16. A Matter of Choice (1984)
  17. Opposites Attract (1984)
  18. Promise Me Tomorrow (1984)
  19. Rules of the Game (1984)
  20. Storm Warning (1984)
  21. Boundary Lines (1985)
  22. Dual Image (1985)
  23. Partners (1985)
  24. The Right Path (1985)
  25. The Art of Deception (1986)
  26. Risky Business (1986)
  27. Treasures Lost, Treasures Found (1986)
  28. A Will And A Way (1986)
  29. Mind Over Matter (1987)
  30. Hot Ice (1987)
  31. Temptation (1987)
  32. Local Hero (1988)
  33. The Name of the Game (1988)
  34. Gabriel’s Angel (1989)
  35. Sweet Revenge (1989)
  36. The Welcoming (1989)
  37. Impulse (1989)
  38. Public Secrets (1990)
  39. Genuine Lies (1991)
  40. Carnal Innocence (1991)
  41. Divine Evil (1992)
  42. Honest Illusions (1992)
  43. Unfinished Business (1992)
  44. Private Scandals (1993)
  45. Hidden Riches (1994)
  46. True Betrayals (1995)
  47. Montana Sky (1996)
  48. Sanctuary (1997)
  49. Homeport (1998)
  50. The Reef (1998)
  51. River’s End (1999)
  52. Carolina Moon (2000)
  53. Midnight Bayou (2001)
  54. The Villa (2001)
  55. Three Fates (2002)
  56. Birthright (2003)
  57. Northern Lights (2004)
  58. Blue Smoke (2005)
  59. The Best Mistake (2005)
  60. Angels Fall (2006)
  61. High Noon (2007)
  62. Tribute (2008)
  63. Black Hills (2009)
  64. The Search (2010)
  65. Chasing Fire (2011)
  66. The Witness (2012)
  67. Whiskey Beach (2013)
  68. The Collector (2014)
  69. The Liar (2015)
  70. The Obsession (2016)
  71. Come Sundown (2017)
  72. Shelter in Place (2018)
  73. Under Currents (2019)
  74. Hideaway (2020)
  75. Legacy (2021)
  76. Nightwork (2022)
  77. Identity (2023)

Nora Roberts Books in Order – Anthologies

Nora Roberts has also published 13 anthologies. If you’re looking for even more Roberts content, the list below holds some wonderful options for you to pick up.

  1. Mysterious (1985)
  2. Western Skies (1985)
  3. Historical Christmas Stories 1990 (1990)
  4. Silent Night (1998)
  5. Naked Came the Phoenix (2001)
  6. Out of this World (2001)
  7. Moon Shadows (2004)
  8. Bump in the Night (in Death) (2006)
  9. Dead of Night (2007)
  10. The Lost (in Death) (2008)
  11. Suite 606 (in Death) (2008)
  12. The Other Side (in Death) (2010)
  13. The Unquiet (in Death) (2011)
  14. Mirror, Mirror (2013)
  15. Down the Rabbit Hole (2015)
  16. Mind Games (Expected: May 21, 2024)

Nora Roberts Collaborative Anthology Series

In addition to the anthologies Nora Roberts has written herself, she has also collaborated with fellow authors on an anthology series.

The Once Upon series is written by Nora Roberts, Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan, and Marianne Willman. Each author writes a piece of short fiction that is collected in an anthology. The tales blend between reality and fantasy, connected through shared themes and tropes.

  1. Once Upon a Castle (1998)
  2. Once Upon a Star (1999)
  3. Once Upon a Dream (2000)
  4. Once Upon a Rose (2001)
  5. Once Upon a Kiss (2002)
  6. Once Upon a Midnight (2003)

Nora Roberts’s short fiction contributions to this collaborative series were later recorded as audiobooks and released individually in order of their initial appearance.

  1. Spellbound
  2. Ever After
  3. In Dreams
  4. Winter Rose
  5. A World Apart
  6. The Witching Hour

Get your Printable Nora Roberts Book Checklist

If this full list of Nora Roberts books in order is a bit overwhelming, perhaps you’d prefer a printable reading guide that you can check off the books you’ve read, and even give them a star rating with a short note.

You can download your Nora Roberts book checklist here.

Printable Nora Roberts Checklist

#2 Nora Roberts Books in Order of Publication

As mentioned, Nora Roberts has published more than 235 novels since her career began in the 1980s. The below list includes all Nora Roberts books in order of publication, including those published under her J.D. Robb moniker.

This is not the best way to enjoy the Nora Roberts books in order, because it will include series interspersed with books from other series and is not a chronological list of her titles. However, it is a comprehensive list of all her books and novellas.


  1. Irish Thoroughbred (1981)
  2. Blithe Images (1982)
  3. Song of the West (1982)
  4. Search for Love (1982)
  5. Island of Flowers (1982)
  6. The Heart’s Victory (1982)
  7. From This Day (1983)
  8. Her Mother’s Keeper (1983)
  9. Once More with Feeling (1983)
  10. Reflections (1983)
  11. Tonight and Always (1983)
  12. Dance of Dreams (1983)
  13. Untamed (1983)
  14. This Magic Moment (1983)
  15. Endings & Beginnings (1984)
  16. Storm Warning (1984)
  17. Promise Me Tomorrow (1984)
  18. Sullivan’s Woman (1984)
  19. First Impression (1984)
  20. A Matter of Choice (1984)
  21. Less of a Stranger (1984)
  22. The Law is a Lady (1984)
  23. Rules of the Game (1984)
  24. Opposites Attract (1984)
  25. Playing the Odds (1985)
  26. The Right Path (1985)
  27. Partners (1985)
  28. Tempting Fate (1985)
  29. Night Moves (1985)
  30. All the Possibilities (1985)
  31. One Man’s Art (1985)
  32. Boundary Lines (1985)
  33. Summer Desserts (1985)
  34. Dual Image (1985)
  35. Second Nature (1986)
  36. The Art of Deception (1986)
  37. One Summer (1986)
  38. Affaire Royale (1986)
  39. Lessons Learned (1986)
  40. Treasures Lost, Treasures Found (1986)
  41. Risky Business (1986)
  42. A Will and a Way (1986)
  43. Home for Christmas (1986)
  44. For Now, Forever (1987)
  45. Mind Over Matter (1987)
  46. Command Performance (1987)
  47. Hot Ice (1987)
  48. Temptation (1987)
  49. The Playboy Prince (1987)
  50. Sacred Sins (1987)
  51. Local Hero (1988)
  52. Irish Rose (1988)
  53. The Last Honest Woman (1988)
  54. Brazen Virtue (1988)
  55. Dance to the Piper (1988)
  56. Rebellion (1988)
  57. Skin Deep (1988)
  58. The Name of the Game (1988)
  59. Sweet Revenge (1988)
  60. Loving Jack (1989)
  61. Best Laid Plans (1989)
  62. Lawless (1989)
  63. Impulse (1989)
  64. Gabriel’s Angel (1989)
  65. The Welcoming (1989)
  66. Time Was (1989)


  1. Times Change (1990)
  2. Public Secrets (1990)
  3. Taming Natasha (1990)
  4. Without a Trace (1990)
  5. In From the Cold (1990)
  6. Night Shift (1991)
  7. Night Shadow (1991)
  8. Courting Catherine (1991)
  9. A Man for Amanda (1991)
  10. For the Love of Lilah (1991)
  11. Genuine Lies (1991)
  12. Suzanna’s Surrender (1991)
  13. Luring a Lady (1991)
  14. Carnal Innocence (1991)
  15. Unfinished Business (1992)
  16. Honest Illusions (1992)
  17. Captivated (1992)
  18. Divine Evil (1992)
  19. Entranced (1992)
  20. Charmed (1992)
  21. Falling for Rachel (1993)
  22. Private Scandals (1993)
  23. Nightshade (1993)
  24. Convincing Alex (1994)
  25. The Best Mistake (1994)
  26. Hidden Riches (1994)
  27. Night Smoke (1994)
  28. Born in Fire (1994)
  29. All I Want for Christmas (1994)
  30. The Return of Rafe MacKade (1995)
  31. Naked in Death (1995) *
  32. Born in Ice (1995)
  33. True Betrayals (1995)
  34. The Pride of Jared MacKade (1995)
  35. Glory in Death (1995) *
  36. Born in Shame (1996)
  37. The Heart of Devin MacKade (1996)
  38. Montana Sky (1996)
  39. The Fall of Shane MacKade (1996)
  40. Immortal in Death (1996) *
  41. Daring to Dream (1996)
  42. Rapture in Death (1996) *
  43. Megan’s Mate (1996)
  44. Holding the Dream (1997)
  45. Waiting for Nick (1997)
  46. Sanctuary (1997)
  47. Ceremony in Death (1997) *
  48. Finding the Dream (1997)
  49. Hidden Star (1997)
  50. Vengeance in Death (1997) *
  51. The MacGregor Brides (1997)
  52. Captive Star (1997)
  53. Sea Swept (1998)
  54. Secret Star (1998)
  55. Homeport (1998)
  56. Once Upon a Castle (1998)
  57. Holiday in Death (1998) *
  58. Rising Rides (1998)
  59. The Reef (1998)
  60. The Winning Hand (1998)
  61. Silent Night (1998) *
  62. The MacGregor Grooms (1998)
  63. Inner Harbour (1999)
  64. The Perfect Neighbour (1999)
  65. River’s End (1999)
  66. Conspiracy in Death (1999) *
  67. Loyalty in Death (1999) *
  68. Enchanted (1999)
  69. Jewels of the Sun (1999)
  70. Once Upon a Star (1999)


  1. Carolina Moon (2000)
  2. Witness in Death (2000) *
  3. Irish Rebel (2000)
  4. Tears of the Moon (2000)
  5. Night Shield (2000)
  6. Judgment in Death (2000) *
  7. Once Upon a Dream (2000)
  8. Heart of the Sea (2000)
  9. Considering Kate (2001)
  10. Betrayal in Death (2001) *
  11. The Villa (2001)
  12. Dance Upon the Air (2001)
  13. Out of this World (2001) *
  14. Seduction in Death (2001) *
  15. Midnight Bayou (2001)
  16. Once Upon a Rose (2001)
  17. Heaven and Earth (2001)
  18. Cordina’s Crown Jewel (2002)
  19. Reunion in Death (2002) *
  20. Three Fates (2002)
  21. Face the Fire (2002)
  22. Purity in Death (2002) *
  23. Chesapeake Blue (2002)
  24. Once Upon a Kiss (2002)
  25. Portrait in Death (2003) *
  26. Birthright (2003)
  27. Imitation in Death (2003) *
  28. Remember When (2003)
  29. Once Upon a Midnight (2003)
  30. Key of Light (2003)
  31. Key of Knowledge (2003)
  32. Key of Valor (2004)
  33. Divided in Death (2004)
  34. Visions in Death (2004)
  35. Northern Lights (2004)
  36. Moon Shadows (2004)
  37. Blue Dahlia (2004)
  38. Survivor in Death (2005)
  39. Black Rose (2005)
  40. Origin in Death (2005) *
  41. Blue Smoke (2005)
  42. Red Lily (2005)
  43. Memory in Death (2006) *
  44. Bump in the Night (2006) *
  45. Angels Fall (2006)
  46. Morrigan’s Cross (2006)
  47. Dance of the Gods (2006)
  48. Valley of Silence (2006)
  49. Born in Death (2006) *
  50. Innocent in Death (2007) *
  51. High Noon (2007)
  52. Dead of Night (2007) *
  53. Blood Brothers (2007)
  54. Creation in Death (2007) *
  55. Strangers in Death (2008) *
  56. The Hollow (2008)
  57. Tribute (2008)
  58. The Pagan Stone (2008)
  59. Salvation in Death (2008) *
  60. Suite 606 (2008) *
  61. Promises in Death (2009) *
  62. Vision in White (2009)
  63. Black Hills (2009)
  64. Bed of Roses (2009)
  65. Kindred in Death (2009) *
  66. The Lost (2009) *


  1. Fantasy in Death (2010)
  2. Savor the Moment (2010)
  3. The Search (2010)
  4. Indulgence in Death (2010) *
  5. The Other Side (2010) *
  6. Happy Ever After (2010)
  7. Treachery in Death (2011) *
  8. Chasing Fire (2011)
  9. New York to Dallas (2011)
  10. The Unquiet (2011) *
  11. The Next Always (2011)
  12. Celebrity in Death (2012) *
  13. The Witness (2012)
  14. The Last Boyfriend (2012)
  15. Delusion in Death (2012)
  16. The Perfect Hope (2012)
  17. Calculated in Death (2013) *
  18. Whiskey Beach (2013)
  19. Thankless in Death (2013) *
  20. Mirror, Mirror (2013) *
  21. Dark Witch (2013)
  22. Concealed in Death (2014) *
  23. Shadow Spell (2014)
  24. The Collector (2014)
  25. Festive in Death (2014) *
  26. Blood Magick (2014)
  27. Obsession in Death (2015) *
  28. The Liar (2015)
  29. Devoted in Death (2015) *
  30. Down the Rabbit Hole (2015) *
  31. Stars of Fortune (2015)
  32. Brotherhood in Death (2016) *
  33. The Obsession (2016)
  34. Bay of Sighs (2016)
  35. Apprentice in Death (2016) *
  36. Island of Glass (2016)
  37. Echoes in Death (2017) *
  38. Come Sundown (2017)
  39. Secrets in Death (2017) *
  40. Year One (2017)
  41. Dark in Death (2018) *
  42. Shelter in Place (2018)
  43. Leverage in Death (2018) *
  44. Of Blood and Bone (2018)
  45. Connections in Death (2019) *
  46. Under Currents (2019)
  47. Vendetta in Death (2019) *
  48. The Rise of Magicks (2019)


  1. Golden in Death (2020) *
  2. Hideaway (2020)
  3. Shadows in Death (2020) *
  4. The Awakening (2020)
  5. Faithless in Death (2021) *
  6. Legacy (2021)
  7. Forgotten in Death (2021) *
  8. The Becoming (2021)
  9. Abandoned in Death (2022) *
  10. Nightwork (2022)
  11. Desperation in Death (2022) *
  12. The Choice (2022)
  13. Encore in Death (2023) *
  14. Identity (2023)
  15. Payback in Death (2023) *
  16. Inheritance (2023)
  17. Engaged for the Holidays (2023)
  18. Random in Death (2024) *
  19. Mind Games (Expected: May 21, 2024)
  20. Passions in Death (Expected: September 3, 2024) *
  21. The Mirror (Expected: November 19, 2024)

As mentioned, the above list also includes the books Nora Roberts has published under the moniker J.D. Robb. Those titles are marked with an asterisk. While this may not be the best order to read all of Nora Roberts books in order for the first time, it would be an impressive feat to tick all these titles off your to be read list.

Nora Roberts Book-to-Screen Adaptations

In addition to hundreds of bestselling novels, twelve of the Nora Roberts books in order have been adapted for the screen. All of these adaptations have been TV movies except for her most recent adaptation with Netflix.

Eight of her adaptations were also part of one bundle deal with the Lifetime cable network. She was the first author ever to have her work adapted consecutively by Lifetime.

The movies have had varying degrees of success, but have captured star power with names like Heather Locklear, Brittany Murphy, Jerry O’Connell, and LeAnna Rimes in leading roles.

Brazen is the most recent adaptation and stars Alyssa Milano and Samuel Page. Unfortunately, it did not receive favorable reviews from critics or audiences, but if you’ve read the book Brazen Virtue you may want to watch it and decide for yourself.

  1. Magic Moments (1989)
  2. Sanctuary (2001)
  3. Angels Fall (2007)
  4. Montana Sky (2007)
  5. Blue Smoke (2007)
  6. Carolina Moon (2007)
  7. Northern Lights (2009)
  8. Midnight Bayou (2009)
  9. High Noon (2009)
  10. Tribute (2009)
  11. Carnal Innocence (2011)
  12. Brazen (2022)

Best Nora Roberts Books

It would take an age to summarize all of Nora Roberts books in order. Just in case you’ve become overwhelmed by choice and aren’t quite sure where to begin, the below list will provide a brief summary of just a few of Nora Roberts’s standalone novels currently topping her bestsellers chart.

The Liar Nora Roberts Books in Order

1. The Liar

Shelby Foxworth has lost her husband and her illusions. Her husband was an adulterer and a liar, and now he is dead.

It turns out that not only is he dead, but he never really existed. Following his death Foxworth finds a safe-deposit box with multiple IDs.

In an effort to find comfort, she moves south with her three-year-old daughter. Here she meets Griff Loft, a successful contractor, but her husband had secrets she has yet to discover. An attempted murder is only the beginning.

Legacy Nora Roberts

2. Legacy

Legacy is the story of a mother and a daughter, of ambition and romance, and of a traumatic past reawakened by a terrifying threat.

Adrian and her mother Lina have learned not to dwell on the past, so there is no need to discuss that Adrian’s father nearly killed her the first time he met her. Adrian was seven at the time and a decade later has followed in her mother’s footsteps. While they’re not close, they are cordial to one another.

Until Adrian starts receiving death threats and Lina dismisses the severity. Adrian finds the vicious rhymes unsettling as she reconnects with her childhood crush. Then the murders start, and the escalation begins.

True Betrayals

3. True Betrayals

Kelsey Byden always believed her mother to be dead. Then she discovers her mother is still alive, but in prison for the murder of her lover.

So Byden travels to her mother’s Virginia horse farm to sort out a lifetime of deception. Recently separated, Byden knows all too well how fragile love can be.

As she rebuilds the relationship with her mother, Byden is swept into a new romance. She must figure out who she can trust and who threatens to betray her.

True Betrayals is a thrilling story of family secrets and unexpected passions set against the high-stakes world of championship thoroughbred racing.

Black Hills

4. Black Hills

Cooper Sullivan and Lil Chance grew close through childhood summers spent on neighboring South Dakota ranches. Twelve years after they last held hands, fate has brought them back to the Black Hills.

Coop has left his fast-paced life in New York as an investigator to care for his aging grandparents, while Lil has followed her dreams and opened the Chance Wildlife Refuge. But something, or someone, is keeping a close watch.

Lil and Coop know all too well the dangers that lurk in the Black Hills. Now they must work together to unearth a killer of twisted and unnatural instincts who has singled them out as prey.

Birthright Nora Roberts Books in Order

5. Birthright

The discovery of 5,000-year-old bones draws archaeologist Callie Dunbrook out of her sabbatical and into a whirlwind of adventure, danger, and romance.

A cloud of death and misfortune hangs over the project and fuels rumors that the site is cursed. Callie must also deal with the irritating but irresistible presence of her ex-husband Jake. When a stranger starts claiming to know a secret about her childhood, she finds herself questioning her past as well.

Birthright is a thrilling, suspenseful tale following a cast of fascinating characters with intertwined lives, reminding us that there is much more going on under the surface than meets the eye.

Looking for more books in order?

Check out this list of J.D. Robb books in order to find out even more about Nora Roberts books in order.

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  1. I am trying to find a book that I read a very long time ago. I don’t remember the title and all about the book that I remember is that it starts off with I think two brothers who are drunk and their grandmother is a very wealthy woman who sends her assistant to check on them. She is a plump woman who is a virgin and the one brother ends up making her exclusively his sex slave basically. Of course they fall in love and end up the next book is about the other brother who falls in love with the girl that lives in a camper across the street from a bar that she works at I do believe. Somebody please help me find these books again. I’ve been searching for a very long time and can’t seem to get any help.

  2. hiya! hey is there an updated companion book (2022) that lists all her books so that I can check off which ones I own n read? I love your list but I need a way to make it into a checkble list. thanks

    1. I don’t have a Nora Roberts checklist, but I can make one for you! I’ll email it to you when I get it done. Maybe later this week?

    2. I have added the Nora Roberts reading guide & checklist to this article now. Thanks for the recommendation! I also sent it to you via email.

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  3. Hi, I’m looking for a Nora Roberts book… it’s about Rue. She’s the daughter of the town whore. She along with her siblings live in the mountain shack with their mother. She would visit her fathers parents who tried to help her.

  4. Hi I just got done reading this list which is a little too spread out for me. In April 30th Kathleen Stevens wrote you about a companion book that she can check off what she’s read and what books she has. You told Kathleen that you didn’t have a checklist but you would make one for her and email it to her when you get it finished.
    My question is can you make that another list like that for me? I’m coming across all these Nora Roberts books at book sales and library book sales, and it’s difficult to keep looking up all these books & what they’re about and if they’re with a series. I absolutely can’t read a book if it’s in the middle of a series so I need to know something about these books that I have. Thank you so much for reading this (and helping me)

  5. Is there a checklist that include the books that are compilations and what books are included in other titles (reprints). I am trying to find some missing books and sometimes they are in others and I have several books with multiple titles (and I have bought some 2 and 3 times lol thinking they were new titles in the past) I started creating a list of all books and it is so confusing when some titles are also in several other books… I have a couple of hundred at least!!

    Thanks Kath

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have a list that consolidates everything down into only “appearing once.” This simply covers everything Nora has ever published. You might consider downloading the checklist here: Cross off all the books you’ve already read, and then as you search for a new ones, if the book your researching is a bind-up of previously published books you can just cross it off and move on to the next book on the list.

    1. Two new books have been announced since I last updated this page a month ago. I’ve edited the article to add them. Identity is expected to release in May, and Inheritance (the first in a new trilogy) is expected in November of 2023.

  6. I am trying to find a book that has a red cover with a red chair and cup of coffee and the steam from the coffee makes the words for the title I think. It’s about a woman (named Andrea I believe) who inherited a haunted mansion that came with two children a boy and girl. The girls name I think was Alice and the boy was blamed for the fires and murders the ghost was responsible for. The protagonist (Andrea?) Broke up with her new boyfriend and somewhat got back together with her ex husband.. if anyone knows what I’m referring to please help. I read it about ten years ago so it’s an older novel.

    1. I’m not finding anything with all of those details. The closest book I can find is Midnight Bayou, but it doesn’t really sound like what you’re describing. Hopefully someone else can help you out?

  7. Is there a way I can import the checklist to excel or Google sheets so when I’m out I don’t have to bring my book with me of the list I have and list I have and read. Sorry ocd here

  8. I am looking for a book that is about a woman who is competing in an equestrian world event. She is the daughter of a person in national security who is highly protected. Father hires men to protect his daughter. Daughter falls in love with one of her protectors. The close protection officer disappears when called on a mission. She is devastated and moves to a remote farm until he finds her.

  9. Hi,
    I’m just listening to an audiobook, The Witching Hour by Nora Roberts. I can’t find it on your list.

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