2 Ways to Read Natasha Preston Books in Order

There are two ways to read the Natasha Preston books in order depending on your genre preference. That’s because Preston’s books can be neatly categorized by either her young adult novels or her contemporary romances. However, you can also read her bibliography in publication order and follow the trajectory of her career.

About Natasha Preston

Natasha Preston grew up in …

All 35+ Brian Freeman Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Brian Freeman has written several series and standalones since his debut publication in the mid-2000s. Almost all of his books fall within the psychological thriller genre. For that reason, the Brian Freeman books in order are exciting psychological thrillers that have compelling characters and plot twists.

About Brian Freeman

Before Brian Freeman became a bestselling and award-winning author, he worked …

All 18+ Sigma Force Books in Order by James Rollins

Sigma Force Books in Order

The Sigma Force books in order by James Rollins are enticing thrillers that entwine and unravel some of the greatest mysteries of humankind. Rollins does so with precision to create nail-biting global adventures. The elite and secretive Sigma Force travel the world preventing utter annihilation and discover relics such as the Holy Grail, a coin belonging to the Greek Oracle …