2 Ways to Read Redwall Books in Order by Brian Jacques

The adventures of the inhabitants of Redwall Abbey, and further afield in Mossflower, enthrall and engage young readers. The Redwall books in order follow the adventures of many small creatures, including Martin the Warrior, throughout this forest territory and beyond through an expansive timeline.

Brian Jacques created a world that is both fantastical and relatable. The characters are small woodland …

All 10+ The Last Kids on Earth Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Last Kids on Earth Books in Order

The Last Kids on Earth books in order has zombies, monsters, and the fight for survival. It also has video games, an epic tree house, and no parents.

The post-apocalyptic setting is plucked from Max Brallier’s brain with elements of everything he loved as a kid with illustrations by Douglas Holgate bringing everything to life…or to the undead. This makes …

All 100+ Eric Carle Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Eric Carle Books in Order

Reading the Eric Carle books in order is a nostalgic memory for many adults and is an excellent way to introduce young children to reading. Carle’s illustrations and writing make the books approachable and entertaining for any reading level.

Carle revolutionized the world of picture and children’s books with his colorful style and unique approach. He would hand-paint paper and …

All 20+ I Survived Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

I Survived Books in Order

The I Survived books in order depict pivotal moments from past and recent history in a way that is equally compelling and informative. Lauren Tarshis strikes a balance between being accurate and realistic in her middle grade books about terrifying events, while also conveying a message of resilience through her relatable characters.

Who is Lauren Tarshis?

The author of the …