All 8+ Fredrik Backman Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

The Fredrik Backman books in order are heart-wrenching with their honest depiction of life and struggle. Backman uses contemporary settings as the background for his books as the relationships of his characters unfold in meaningful and insightful ways.

About Fredrik Backman

While Fredrik Backman has become a New York Times bestselling author, becoming an author was never his goal. …

All 18+ Sigma Force Books in Order by James Rollins

Sigma Force Books in Order

The Sigma Force books in order by James Rollins are enticing thrillers that entwine and unravel some of the greatest mysteries of humankind. Rollins does so with precision to create nail-biting global adventures. The elite and secretive Sigma Force travel the world preventing utter annihilation and discover relics such as the Holy Grail, a coin belonging to the Greek Oracle …

All 10+ The Last Kids on Earth Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Last Kids on Earth Books in Order

The Last Kids on Earth books in order has zombies, monsters, and the fight for survival. It also has video games, an epic tree house, and no parents.

The post-apocalyptic setting is plucked from Max Brallier’s brain with elements of everything he loved as a kid with illustrations by Douglas Holgate bringing everything to life…or to the undead. This makes …

Everything You Need to Know About George Orwell Books in Order

George Orwell Books in Order

While Orwell is predominately known for two novels, Animal Farm and 1984, the George Orwell books in order depict a writing career that included six novels and more than 50 pieces of nonfiction which encompass articles, essays, books, and more.

Writing was in the background to Orwell’s many different lived experiences, from Imperial law enforcement to teaching, illness, wartime, and …