All 40+ John Grisham Books in Order | The Ultimate Guide

John Grisham Books in Order

Reading John Grisham books in order introduces you to a series of legal thrillers that will make you fall in love with the nonstop suspense.

In the past three decades, John Grisham has written nearly a book each year, with a number of them adopted into popular movies.

Right from his debut novel, “A Time to Kill” to the 2021 release, “Sooley,” Grisham’s books are nothing short of captivating.

Over the years of his writing, he has branched from the legal stories he is popularly known for and published sports and non-fiction stories.  However, you will not notice much difference in his niche change, as they are all as intriguing.   

Who is John Grisham?

Grisham is an American novelist, activist, politician, and attorney.  He is also one of the three authors to sell at least two million copies on a first printing, with the other two being J.K Rowling and Tom Clancy.

Before becoming an author, he was a master of legal thrillers working as a criminal defense attorney.

He authored his first book, “A Time to Kill,” inspired by an actual court case.  His second novel, “The Firm,” got him into the spotlight and made him consider a career as a writer.

Grisham was born on February 8, 1955, in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  As a child, he dreamed of being a professional baseball player; however, that did not happen.

He studied law and became a tax lawyer before his interest shifted to general civil litigation.  He practiced law for about a decade before finding his new career.

He published his first novel, A Time to Kill, in June 1989, and his writing career blossomed with the success of his second book, The Firm, in 1991. He finally retired from the law and became a full-time author.

Today, there are over 300 million John Grisham books in print worldwide translated into 42 languages.

He has written over 40 books, including fiction, thrillers, young adult books, and short stories.  Some of his books have been turned into TV shows and films.

John Grisham Books in Order of Publication

John Grisham books are available in two styles – Legal stories and non-legal stories. 

The legal stories being the first books, have always drawn more attention to fans than the others.  If you are a new addict of John Grisham’s novels, we propose you read them in either of these orders below. 

Upcoming John Grisham Release: Sparring Partners (May 31, 2022)

John Grisham Books in Order – The Legal Stories

The best of the three ways is to read these novels in their publishing order as listed below.

Standalone Books

  1. The Firm (1991)
  2. The Pelican Brief (1992)
  3. The Client (1993)
  4. The Chamber (1994)
  5. The Rainmaker (1995)
  6. The Runaway Jury (1996)
  7. The Partner (1997)
  8. The Street Lawyer (1998)
  9. The Testament (1999)
  10. The Brethren (2000)
  11. The Summons (2002)
  12. The King of Torts (2003)
  13. The Last Juror (2004)
  14. The Broker (2005)
  15. The Innocent Man (2006)
  16. The Appeal (2008)
  17. The Associate (2009)
  18. Ford County (2009)
  19. The Confession (2010)
  20. The Litigators (2011)
  21. The Racketeer (2012)
  22. Gray Mountain (2014)
  23. The Rooster Bar (2018)
  24. The Reckoning (2019)
  25. The Guardians (2019)
  26. Sooley (2021)

Rogue Lawyer Books

  1. Rogue Lawyer (2015)
  2. Partners (2016) (Short Story)

Whistler Books

  1. Witness to a Trial (2016) (Short Story Prequel)
  2. The Whistler (2016)
  3. The Judge’s List (2021)

John Grisham Books in Order – Jake Brigance and Theodore Boone Series

For these two series, it’s best to start with Jake Brigance and move on to Theodore Boone Series.

Jake Brigance

The books follow Jake Brigance, an attorney from Canton, Mississippi, and it’s best to read them in this order.

  1. A Time to Kill (1989)
  2. Sycamore Row (2013)
  3. A Time For Mercy (2020)
  4. Sparring Partners (May 31, 2022)

Theodore Boone

This series is about Theodore Boone, a 13-year-old student who resides in Strattenburg city, Pennsylvania.  He has spent more time in the courtroom than anywhere else and wants to follow in his parent’s footsteps, who are both lawyers. 

Theo knows every judge, court clerk, police officer and a lot about the law due to his parent’s career, and he happily dispenses legal advice to his friends leading to new adventures.  Read these books in the following order.

  1. Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (2010)
  2. Theodore Boone: The Abduction (2011)
  3. Theodore Boone: The Accused (2012)
  4. Theodore Boone: The Activist (2013)
  5. Theodore Boone: The Fugitive (2015)
  6. Theodore Boone: The Scandal (2016)
  7. Theodore Boone: The Accomplice (2019)

John Grisham Books in Order – Other Non-Legal Stories

Here are the non-legal John Grisham books in order. 

Standalone Books

  1. A Painted House (2001)
  2. Skipping Christmas (2001)
  3. Bleachers (2003)
  4. Playing for Pizza (2007)
  5. Calico Joe (2012)
  6. The Tumor: A Non-Legal Thriller (2016) (Novella)

Camino Island Books

  1. Camino Island (2017)
  2. Camino Winds (2020)


Are you a huge fan of John Grisham’s books? Have you just begun reading these books and don’t know where to start?

You now have three ways to read through the John Grisham Books in order from the first to the last. 

Which order is best for you?  Let us know!

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  1. Just started your books. Love them!
    Question? What became of Jakes Smallwwood case? How much did he make? Did Drew get another trial after the hung jury?

    1. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you there. I’m not John Grisham or anyone associated with him. I did try to do some research on the topic for you, but could not find any additional information as to what happens to Drew after the trial “concludes” in the book.

      I think the author intends for us to fill in the blanks. The TV show, Bull, does this a lot, too. The primary crisis is averted, and we are to assume that there is another trial, but with the primary penalty or biggest danger past, we can assume that anything else that happens is more desirable by characters involved and thus a “happy ending” if you will.

  2. I started reading Alex Cross series in order on Jan 1st, 2022.
    John Grisham is next. My sister is sending the series to me.

  3. Love John’s story. I pretty much has everyone. It is a good gift list for family to me 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Hope you and family are fine.
    Thanks for the list. I am big fan as the first book I read in 90’s was The Firm. Got me hooked on Grisham wagon 😁.

    Many I have not read so thanks once again.

    Take care and be safe.

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