All 14+ David McCullough Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

David McCullough Books in Order

The David McCullough books in order depict catastrophes, engineering triumphs, and some of the most influential people of the last two centuries. He made a name for himself through combining a talent for storytelling with a love of research. The result are books which tell a vivid recollection of some of the most important moments in American history.

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18 Best Civil War Books to Read [Fiction & Nonfiction]

Best Civil War Books

Our list of the best Civil War books includes both nonfiction and fiction recommendations from a variety of perspectives. We have included books published before the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861 that reveal the climate. We’ve also included books published in the immediate aftermath and not-so-immediate aftermath.

This list of recommendations includes first-hand accounts of the war …

All 10+ Michael Pollan Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Michael Pollan Books in Order

From gardens to coffee to LSD, Michael Pollan asks questions about the human relationship to nature through environment and food. The Michael Pollan books are then the result of his inquiring mind.

These books share his learnings in an approachable way. Through years of writing Pollan has found his distinct tone which is straight-forward, yet humorous. This has made him …