Everything You Need to Know About George Orwell Books in Order

George Orwell Books in Order

While Orwell is predominately known for two novels, Animal Farm and 1984, the George Orwell books in order depict a writing career that included six novels and more than 50 pieces of nonfiction which encompass articles, essays, books, and more.

Writing was in the background to Orwell’s many different lived experiences, from Imperial law enforcement to teaching, illness, wartime, and …

18 Best Civil War Books to Read [Fiction & Nonfiction]

Best Civil War Books

Our list of the best Civil War books includes both nonfiction and fiction recommendations from a variety of perspectives. We have included books published before the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861 that reveal the climate. We’ve also included books published in the immediate aftermath and not-so-immediate aftermath.

This list of recommendations includes first-hand accounts of the war …

All 25+ Joan Didion Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Joan Didion Books in Order

The Joan Didion books, along with the combination of her literary journalism and personal essays, depict one of the strongest voices in American literature. Her voice stood out within the literary world for its tone and the way she delivered social commentary and critique.

In addition to casting a critical eye on everything from presidential campaigns to immigration, Didion also …