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Ken Follett is a world-renowned author of many exciting novels. Within his extensive collection are thrillers, mysteries, and dramas. The following list highlights all the Ken Follett books in order from first to last so you can read them in the order that best suits your interest.

Who is Ken Follett?

Ken Follett is a Welsh author of historical novels and thrillers.

His career began as a journalist at the Evening News. He then switched to publishing. He started writing fiction as a hobby and later when he needed additional money to fix his car.

With the publication of Eye of the Needle, Ken Follett became an international bestseller. He has sold more than 170 million copies of his books.

#1 Ken Follett Books in Order of Publication

Titles in black are out of print and not available for purchase. Though you may be able to track them down in used bookstores or second hand online retailers.

  1. The Big Black (1974)
  2. The Big Needle (1975)
  3. The Big Hit (1975)
  4. Shakeout (1975)
  5. Amok: King of Legend (1976)
  6. The Modigliani Scandal (1976)
  7. The Mystery Hideout (1976)
  8. The Power Twins (1976)
  9. Paper Money (1977)
  10. Capricorn One (1978)
  11. Eye of the Needle (1978)
  12. Under the Streets of Nice (1978)
  13. The Gentlemen of July 16 (1978)
  14. Triple (1979)
  15. The Key to Rebecca (1980)
  16. The Bear Raid (1982)
  17. The Man from St. Petersburg (1982)
  18. On Wings of Eagles (1984)
  19. Lie Down with Lions (1986)
  20. The Pillars of the Earth (1989)
  21. Night Over Water (1991)
  22. A Dangerous Fortune (1993)
  23. A Place Called Freedom (1995)
  24. The Third Twin (1996)
  25. The Hammer of Eden (1998)
  26. Code to Zero (2000)
  27. Jackdaws (2001)
  28. Hornet Flight (2002)
  29. Whiteout (2004)
  30. World Without End (2007)
  31. Fall of Giants (2010)
  32. Winter of the World (2012)
  33. Edge of Eternity (2014)
  34. A Column of Fire (2017)
  35. Bad Faith (2017)
  36. Notre-Dame (2019)
  37. The Evening and the Morning (2020)
  38. Never (2021)
  39. The Armor of Light (2023)

#2 Ken Follett Books in Series Order

Here is a list of all the Ken Follett books in order by series.

Pillars of the Earth Series in Order (Kingsbridge)

  1. The Pillars of the Earth (1989)
  2. World Without End (2007)
  3. A Column of Fire (2017)
  4. The Evening and the Morning (2020)
  5. The Armor of Light (2023)

The Century Trilogy Books in Order

  1. Fall of Giants (2010)
  2. Winter of the World (2012)
  3. Edge of Eternity (2014)

Apples Carstairs Series

  1. The Big Black (1974)
  2. The Big Needle (1975)
  3. The Big Hit (1975)

Piers Roper Series

  1. Shakeout (1975)
  2. The Bear Raid (1982)

Ken Follett Standalone Books in Order

  1. Amok: King of Legend (1976)
  2. The Modigliani Scandal (1976)
  3. The Mystery Hideout (1976)
  4. The Power Twins (1976)
  5. Paper Money (1977)
  6. Capricorn One (1978)
  7. Eye of the Needle (1978)
  8. Triple (1979)
  9. The Key to Rebecca (1980)
  10. The Man from St. Petersburg (1982)
  11. Lie Down with Lions (1986)
  12. Night Over Water (1991)
  13. A Dangerous Fortune (1993)
  14. A Place Called Freedom (1995)
  15. The Third Twin (1996)
  16. The Hammer of Eden (1998)
  17. Code to Zero (2000)
  18. Jackdaws (2001)
  19. Hornet Flight (2002)
  20. Whiteout (2004)
  21. Never (2021)

Ken Follett Non-Fiction Books in Order

  1. Under the Streets of Nice (1978)
  2. The Gentlemen of July 16 (1978)
  3. On Wings of Eagles (1984)
  4. Bad Faith (2017)
  5. Notre-Dame (2019)

Summary of Ken Follett Books in Order

Below is a preview of Ken Follett’s first 10 standalone books he wrote.

Standalone Novels

Amok King of Legend Ken Follett Books in Order

1. Amok: King of Legend

Harry staggered back: The tree had moved. He was overcome with horror when he realized what he was seeing. The “tree” was a large, fur-covered leg.

He looked up at a distorted face, almost human-like. A massive paw about the size of a car swooped down.

The Amok had been found, but now he had to get himself and Purity out of danger. Except the beast was gone, and so was Purity.

The Modigliani Scandal Ken Follett

2. The Modigliani Scandal

Dee Sleign, an art historian, hears about a lost painting of Amedeo Modigliani. She is determined to retrieve it so that the rest of the world can see it. But there are others who want to claim it for their own corrupt motives.

So begins an epic chase from the streets of London to the Italian countryside to claim one of the great lost artworks of the twentieth century.

The Mystery Hideout

3. The Mystery Hideout

Mick didn’t like Izzie when they first met, but he proves to be the perfect partner on the school football field. He also knows a way into the abandoned Kellerman’s Studio. Inside, the two boys stumble upon a sinister demolition plot and the key to a series of bank raids.

As the plot unravels, the barriers between the boys will begin to crumble.

The Power Twins

4. The Power Twins

Fritz, Helen, and Jonathon thought they were going for a simple stay on their Uncle Grigorian’s farm; however, all of this changes when they find a space capsule in the shed and discover that their uncle is really a messenger from outer space.

The children then embark on a space mission to settle a planetary dispute and hunt for a solution to save the planet from destruction.

Paper Money Ken Follett Books in Order

5. Paper Money

Paper Money looks into the lives of individuals and their reactions to the loss of fortune that can happen in a single day.

Capricorn One Ken Follett

6. Capricorn One

Based on screenplays by Peter Hyams, this book follows the first manned flight to Mars.

When the life support system fails NASA plans for a $30 billion fraud while they watch the ship blast off. The ship takes off as planned, but the live footage of the landing is filmed deep within the Arizona desert.

Now NASA has three astronauts they want dead fast as the capsule burns up on re-entry.

Eye of the Needle

7. Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle follows Hitler’s prized undercover agent, The Needle, as he discovers the Allies plans, but his cover is blown in the process. Now he must race to escape and deliver the information he has gathered before it’s too late.


8. Triple

As Egypt gets closer and closer to developing a nuclear weapon, Mossad’s top-ranking Israeli agent is assigned an impossible task: Defeat the Arabs by stealing two hundred tonnes of uranium.

The Key to Rebecca Ken Follett Books in Order

9. The Key to Rebecca

In the midst of the Second World War, a brilliant, ruthless Nazi master agent is at large in Cairo.

Rommel’s army in North Africa is on the move, and the master agent’s intel is giving Germany an edge over the British forces.

Only two people in Cairo can stop him. The first is an English officer who is down on his luck, and no one will listen. The other is a young Jewish girl who is in danger.

The Man From St. Petersburg Ken Follett

10. The Man From St. Petersburg

His name is Feliks. He was coming to London to commit a crime that would change the course of history. He was a master manipulator and had many weapons. But, against him were the entire English police, an eminent and influential lord, and Winston Churchill, the young Winston Churchill.

These odds would have stopped anyone in the world except the man from St. Petersburg.

Final Thoughts on Ken Follett Books in Order

If you’re looking for a new author to read, Ken Follett is an excellent choice. He has written more than 35 books, and they are all fantastic reads! In addition, his works span the course of history, making them perfect for readers who love historical fiction.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on Ken Follett books in order, as well as the overview of his publications. What’s your favorite Ken Follett book?

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