All 17+ Wings of Fire Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

The Wings of Fire books in order impart lessons about responsibility and destiny, while simultaneously being action-packed middle grade fantasy. The main series has three arcs, each of which tackles a new prophecy. Each book is also told from the perspective of a new dragonet.

This world expands and intersects as the books grow, and this will be your ultimate guide on how to read the books in order.

About Tui T. Sutherland

Tui T. Sutherland is the author of the Wings of Fire series and collectively she has written about 50 books. Before she became an author, she was an editor in publishing.

While Sutherland currently lives in Boston with her family, she was born in Venezuela and moved around a lot as a kid. She lived in Paraguay, Florida, and the Dominican Republic before graduating high school in New Jersey.

In addition to the Wings of Fire books, Sutherland has also written books for the popular Warriors series. She has also written under numerous pseudonyms. For example, as Robb Kidd she wrote Pirates of the Caribbean spin-offs, as Heather Williams she wrote Little House on the Prairie spin-offs, and as Tamara Summers she has written young adult romance books.

On her website Sutherland says there will be at least 15 books in the Wings of Fire series with a few spin-offs and the graphic novels. That’s a benchmark the series has already hit, so many fans are asking if there will be any more books.

Unfortunately, Sutherland has not given a definitive answer on the future of the series. While it seems likely she will take a break after the latest release and there are rumours of a fourth arc, everything remains speculation at this point.

At one point Sutherland said she wanted to finish the series before the Netflix adaptation, but Netflix canceled its adaptation of the books in May 2022.

Wings of Fire Books in Order

The Main Wings of Fire Books

There are three arcs within the Wings of Fire series with five books each. Each book is told from the perspective of a new dragonet, but each arc concerns the same group of dragons.

These dragons come from different dragon tribes across the continent of Pyrrhia and beyond. Each tribe has its own characteristics and queen amidst a war that has lasted for generations. The world also builds with each new book and the lore expands, so it will make the most sense to read these books in order of publication.

The Dragonet Prophecy

1. The Dragonet Prophecy (2012)

2. The Lost Heir (2013)

3. The Hidden Kingdom (2013)

4. The Dark Secret (2013)

5. The Brightest Night (2014)

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

6. Moon Rising (2015)

7. Winter Turning (2015)

8. Escaping Peril (2016)

9. Talons of Power (2016)

10. Darkness of Dragons (2017)

The Lost Continent Prophecy

11. The Lost Continent (2018)

12. The Hive Queen (2018)

13. The Poison Jungle (2019)

14. The Dangerous Gift (2020)

15. The Flames of Hope (2022)

Wings of Fire: Legends Books

The next Wings of Fire books in order are prequels. While these take place before the events of the main books, reading these books after the main books will make for the most enjoyable experience. For example, Darkstalker is an antagonist from the second arc, so learning more about his backstory after you know the effects of his reign of terror will be more compelling.

  1. Darkstalker (2016)
  2. Dragonslayer (2020)

Wings of Fire: Winglets Books

If you have read all the Wings of Fire books in order and are still eager for more from this world, Tui T. Sutherland has also written a small series of short stories from other dragons. These are origin stories that reveal more about the world with new dragons and familiar ones.

  1. Prisoners (2015)
  2. Assassin (2015)
  3. Deserter (2016)
  4. Runaway (2016)

Wings of Fire Graphic Novels

The main Wings of Fire books also have had graphic novel adaptations with art by Mike Holmes and color by Maarta Laiho. These titles contain the same information as the prose versions, but are told in a different format with new artwork.

  1. The Dragonet Prophecy (2018)
  2. The Lost Heir (2019)
  3. The Hidden Kingdom (2019)
  4. The Dark Secret (2020)
  5. The Brightest Night (2021)
  6. Moon Rising (2022)

Other Wings of Fire Book

Finally, there is one more Wings of Fire book, which is a companion guide to the books with illustrations by Joy Ang. Ang is also the cover artist for the series. It will explore the history, folklore, and mythology of the world with art and story collections.

  1. Wings of Fire: A Guide to the Dragon World (Expected: October 3, 2023)

A Summary of the Wings of Fire Books in Order

The below summaries of the main Wings of Fire books in order will be perfect if you’re looking for a recap before reading the next book in the series. While the spoilers have been kept to a minimum, if you have never read these books before there will be minor spoilers as the book progress.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy Wings of Fire Books in Order

1. The Dragonet Prophecy

The first book in the Wings of Fire series shares the same name as its arc and the prophecy that sparks the beginning of the series. It is foretold that with great sacrifice a secretive group, the Talons of Peace, will finally be able to bring an end to a war that has been occurring for generations.

To do so, the organization takes five little dragons, the dragonets, from the different dragon tribes to put an end to this war once and for all. However, the dragonets aren’t given a choice in their involvement. They are hidden away and trained against their will.

So, the five dragons escape their gilded cage and take off to seek their homes, unknowingly unleashing something on the dragon world that the Talons of Peace could never have predicted. This book follows the perspective of Clay.

The Lost Heir Tui T. Sutherland

2. The Lost Heir

The next book in the Wings of Fire brings things under the sea to the SeaWing kingdom as the lost heir to its throne finally returns home.

Tsunami and the other dragonets are travelling to the kingdom, eager for a reunion between Tsunami and her mother Coral, and the promise of safety. Tsunami’s mother is ecstatic at her return, but things aren’t as safe as they appear.

That’s because there has been an assassin within the SeaWing kingdom for years, killing off the royal heirs. With Tsunami’s return, a target has been placed on her back and within these waters hide secrets, betrayals, and potential death.

The Hidden Kingdom Wings of Fire

3. The Hidden Kingdom

From the waters of the SeaWing kingdom to the shelter of the rain forest, the dragonets must confront danger once more. This book is from the perspective of Glory, who wants to prove that the world is wrong with their misconceptions about her tribe.

Everyone sees the RainWings as lazy, but Glory knows that she could be just as fierce as any dragon should she wish. Until the dragonets enter the rain forest seeking shelter and Glory finds out that her kin spend all day napping, ignorant of the goings on throughout Pyrrhia.

Even worse in Glory’s eyes is that dragons have been going missing from the RainWing kingdom and no one seems to care. No one except for Glory and the other dragonets, who embark on a hunt for the missing dragons, no matter the cost.

The Dark Secret Tui T. Sutherland

4. The Dark Secret

Next the dragonets embark into NightWings territory. This installment follows the perspective of Starflight. Like his fellow dragonets he has been eager to see his homeland, but he’s also scared.

Unlike other NightWings, Starflight can’t read minds and he doesn’t understand their secretive nature. The tribe is so discreet that no one can ever see their queen.

But, despite his fear, a huge responsibility now rests upon the shoulders of Starflight. He must bargain with the NightWings for the release of the RainWing dragons they captured, which might finally bring peace to the land.

The Brightest Night Wings of Fire Books in Order

5. The Brightest Night

This is the final book in the first arc of the Wings of Fire series and it follows the perspective of Sunny. Of all the dragonets she has been the one to take the prophecy that propels them the most seriously. She is willing to do whatever it takes to end the war.

Unfortunately, Clay, Tsunami, Glory, and Starflight don’t often listen to her. But then comes news that rocks Sunny’s faith. What if it proves impossible to end the war and put a new SandWing queen on the throne?

Sunny must confront the idea of destiny itself. Is her future out of her hands? Or can she change her fate?

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising Tui T. Sutherland

6. Moon Rising

So begins the second arc to the Wings of Fire series with Moon Rising, which sees peace across the lands of Pyrrhia. The dragonets see this as an opportunity to create a school that will bring together dragons from all the tribes and foster good relations.

But one NightWing is afraid of the Jade Mountain Academy. MoonWatcher has been guarding a secret for years: For the first time in generations, she can read minds and see into the future.

The new academy is the opposite of her safe and quiet forest. It is loud, boisterous, and where she begins hearing the thoughts of a dragon that may be an enemy or her savior. Then, when a string of dragon attacks begin, MoonWatcher must decide between staying hidden or revealing her secret to save her friends.

Winter Turning Wings of Fire

7. Winter Turning

Next, readers follow a member of the IceWing dragons: Winter. He has been a disappointment his whole life, but when his sister runs away from the Academy, Winter senses the opportunity to prove himself. Icicle is fleeing terrible crimes, but if he can find her they both might be able to make things right.

Winter’s friends, Moon, Kinkajou, and Qibli, accompany him on the journey, encountering Queen Scarlet along the way, but when it comes time to face his family Winter must embark into the Ice Kingdom on his own.

Escaping Peril Tui T. Sutherland

8. Escaping Peril

Peril has a reputation as the fiercest and most dangerous dragon in all of Pyrrhia. She used to be loyal to Queen Scarlet, but her loyalty shifted when Clay befriended her. Now, Peril must protect the Jade Mountain Academy from Queen Scarlet’s threats.

Accompanying her on this mission is Turtle, a SeaWing dragon that Peril finds completely annoying. But despite finding him annoying, Peril is annoyed at herself for constantly saying the wrong things. Turtle is just worried about his friends who have gone missing in their search for Scarlet.

Then Peril is offered a second chance and the opportunity to change everything. She must decide where her loyalties truly are.

Talons of Power Wings of Fire Books in Order

9. Talons of Power

This next book shifts to the perspective of Turtle, who has been keeping a big secret.

Turtle has animus powers. If he was a hero he’d be using his powers to help the land, but he’s not a hero. However, the more Turtle watches Darkstalker, the more he hopes for a hero like from the legends.

Darkstalker himself is a legend of the past, and there needs to be an equally powerful hero to counter him. But time is running out, which means Turtle may need to step up to the task himself.

Darkness of Dragons Tui T. Sutherland

10. Darkness of Dragons

The tenth book in the Wings of Fire series marks the end of the second arc, and it follows the perspective of Qibli.

The battle to stop Darkstalker continues, and Qibli is struggling with his own ability. If he had the magic he could easily stop Darkstalker, but as it is, Qibli can only just hold onto the animus objects from Turtle.

However, with Darkstalker’s dangerous influence spreading across the land, something needs to be done. In his talons, Qibli has the power to make a difference. Will he rewrite the prophecy? Or will he send the world to its doom?

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent Wings of Fire

11. The Lost Continent

Ushering in the third arc of Wings of Fire is the perspective of Blue the SilkWing. Blue has only ever known a world of peace. The land of the SilkWings and the HiveWings is a safe haven and through vigilance a dangerous LeafWing hasn’t been seen in Pantala for years.

Blue knows a time of change is beginning as his sister Luna is undergoing Metamorphosis. Soon she will have her wings and silk and everything else that comes with moving to another Hive. It signifies that soon Blue will be undergoing a similar change.

But then disaster strikes and Blue’s world changes forever. Peace and safety become things of the past and now Blue must adapt and fight.

The Hive Queen Tui T. Sutherland

12. The Hive Queen

Cricket always has questions. The biggest of all has always been wondering why she is immune to the powers of Queen Wasp. When the queen of the HiveWings takes control of all the dragons, Cricket must hide to prevent her immunity from becoming known.

She must also hide after she steals the Book of Clearsight. Blue and Swordtail, SilkWings, and Sundew, a LeafWing, helped her and are also in hiding now. But they stole the book for a good reason: To prevent a LeafWing attack.

Can these dragonets really stop a potential war and topple a regime?

The Poison Jungle Wings of Fire Books in Order

13. The Poison Jungle

Sundew and her friends discovered a dangerous secret. The HiveWings tried to kill all of the LeafWings and level the forests of Pantala. Now, Sundew wants to destroy the HiveWings more than anything.

There is one forest still standing in Pantala: The Poison Jungle. That is where the LeafWings sought refuge following the war and where they’ve been waiting until the day they can strike back. With Sundew’s help, that day has arrived.

Sundew has been keeping some secrets, but if she wishes to win the war, she must discover the oldest secret of all.

The Dangerous Gift Tui T. Sutherland

14. The Dangerous Gift

Snowfall never expected to be the IceWing Queen at her age, but despite being young she is ready to be the best. It seems simple to protect her clan by securing their territory: No one else is allowed in, and the IceWings must not leave.

Then a hoard of strange dragons turn up on her shores asking for asylum. At first, Snowfall turns them away. But as she is giving them leave, she begins to reconsider. Is she willing to risk everything?

The Flames of Hope Wings of Fire

15. The Flames of Hope

The latest Wings of Fire book within the main series and conclusion to the third arc is The Flames of Hope. This book follows Luna, who has just realized that the continent is in grave danger, dragons and humans alike.

She has always dreamed of changing the world, and now she’s heading back to Pantala to do just that. She has fellow dragons by her side, but things aren’t as easy as prophecies make them sound.

Luna has the ability to create a unique silk, but as she fights against what is poisoning Pantala, it is going to take more than just her. Friends and enemies alike must unite if there is any hope of saving the world.

Final Thoughts on Wings of Fire Books

The Wings of Fire books in order are fun and full of adventure. Each book also has a message at its core that make these the perfect books for readers both young and old. The way the series is segmented into arcs also makes it an approachable series to begin and read with new protagonists keeping the premise intriguing.

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