All 20+ Dragon Masters Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

The Dragon Masters books in order are fun, fast-paced short chapter novels that are perfect for any early fan of fantasy. The series has adventure, wizards, magic, and a multitude of dragons.

Each book in the series follows our gang of Dragon Masters-in-training on a new quest to save the kingdom. They each have their own dragon, and travel throughout the land encountering new dragons as they battle against new dangers.

Who is Tracey West?

The author of the Dragon Masters books is Tracey West. She grew up in New Jersey and had a love of reading, and dragons, from a young age.

She knew she wanted to be a writer, which led her to studying English and journalism at Rutgers University. However, following her graduation she began working as an editorial assistant for a small publishing company and learning the ins and outs of the industry.

The next step on her path to becoming an author was when she began sending out ideas for other authors to write, then sending outlines, before finally writing her own first book.

Her debut was a Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Supermystery, but her first original book followed shortly after. With her friends West wrote a children’s book called Great Uncle Dracula under the pseudonym Jayne Harvey.

West then worked for Scholastic before becoming a full-time author in 1996. While West is now most well-known for being the author of her bestselling original series Dragon Masters, she has also written for a variety of other intellectual properties including Pokémon, Club Penguin, Star Wars, Adventure Time, She-Ra, and more.

She currently lives in the Catskills mountains.

There are multiple illustrators for the Dragon Masters books. They include Graham Howells, Damien Jones, Nina de Polonia, Sara Foresti, Daniel Griffo, and Matt Loveridge.

Dragon Masters Books in Order

Each Dragon Masters book is slim at 96 pages, so it won’t take readers long to race through these early chapter books. The series is part of Scholastic’s Branches line to help independent reading with engaging storylines and captivating illustrations.

There are two new adventures featuring Drake and his dragon published each year, which means now is the perfect time to begin reading these books.

  1. Rise of the Earth Dragon (2014)
  2. Saving the Sun Dragon (2014)
  3. Secret of the Water Dragon (2015)
  4. Power of the Fire Dragon (2015)
  5. Song of the Poison Dragon (2016)
  6. Flight of the Moon Dragon (2016)
  7. Search for the Lightning Dragon (2017)
  8. Roar of the Thunder Dragon (2017)
  9. Chill of the Ice Dragon (2018)
  10. Waking the Rainbow Dragon (2018)
  11. Shine of the Silver Dragon (2018)
  12. Treasure of the Gold Dragon (2018)
  13. Eye of the Earthquake Dragon (2019)
  14. Land of the Spring Dragon (2019)
  15. Future of the Time Dragon (2020)
  16. Call of the Sound Dragon (2020)
  17. Fortress of the Stone Dragon (2020)
  18. Heat of the Lava Dragon (2021)
  19. Wave of the Sea Dragon (2021)
  20. Howl of the Wind Dragon (2021)
  21. Bloom of the Flower Dragon (2022)
  22. Guarding the Invisible Dragons (2022)
  23. Curse of the Shadow Dragon (March 2023)
  24. Dawn of the Light Dragon (August 2023)
  25. Legend of the Star Dragon (December 2023)
  26. Cave of the Crystal Dragon (Expected: April 2, 2024)
  27. Haunting of the Ghost Dragon (Expected: December 3, 2024)

Other Dragon Masters Book

In addition to the main books within the series, there is also one companion book. This official in-universe dragon guide contains maps, supplementary information about the Dragon Masters and their dragons, notes from the wizards, the history of Dragon Masters, as well as much more.

  1. Griffith’s Guide for Dragon Masters (2019)

Should you read the Dragon Masters books in order?

While each Dragon Masters book contains its own adventure, the series does build upon itself. The chronological order of the Dragon Masters books is also the same as the publication order. So, reading the Dragon Masters books in order will offer the best experience.

That way, readers can follow along with the main characters as they develop their new talents and explore the kingdom. The first book will properly introduce readers to the protagonist Drake and his three other companions: Ana, Rori, and Bo.

At the beginning of the series Drake is taken by King Roland’s men to the castle to become a Dragon Master and connect with his dragon. Each subsequent book builds upon the relationship that is established in Rise of the Dragon, so that is the best place to begin.

As well, there are recurring characters, and enemies, throughout the series, so it is best to be introduced to them in chronological order.

Summary of Dragon Masters Books in Order

If you’d like to learn more about the type of adventures Drake and his friends get up to, then below are summaries to the first 15 Dragon Masters books in order. This will guide you through Drake’s first days as a Dragon Master-in-training to saving the kingdom from an evil wizard with his friends. All the while tracking down new dragons.

However, there will be spoilers for the series as the summaries progress.

Rise of the Earth Dragon Masters Books in Order

1. Rise of the Earth Dragon

In the first book, 8-year-old Drake is snatched up by King Roland’s soldiers and then taken to the castle. All because he is to be trained as a Dragon Master.

At the castle, he is joined by three other young Dragon Masters-in-training: Ana, Rori, and Bo. The Dragon Masters must learn how to connect with and train their dragons — and they must also uncover their dragons’ special powers.

But does Drake have what it takes to be a Dragon Master? What is his dragon’s special power?

Saving the Sun Dragon Tracey West

2. Saving the Sun Dragon

Drake and the other three Dragon Masters continue their training in this next book. But Ana’s dragon, Kepri, is sick. The wizard tries to make her feel better, but his potions are not working.

So, Drake’s dragon, Worm, must use his special powers to take the Dragon Masters across the world in search of a cure.

But what made Kepri sick? Will the Dragon Masters be able to save her? And what dangers will they face along the way?

Secret of the Water Dragon Masters

3. Secret of the Water Dragon

Now someone is trying to steal the Dragon Stone. Drake soon discovers that the thief is his friend and fellow Dragon Master, Bo. Could the dark wizard somehow be behind this?

The Dragon Masters must find a way to protect the Dragon Stone — and keep Bo’s family out of danger at the same time. Will the secret to solving their problems lie with Bo’s dragon, Shu? Drake is about to find out!

Power of the Fire Dragon Tracey West

4. Power of the Fire Dragon

The Dragon Masters are going to visit Queen Rose’s kingdom, but Rori and Drake must stay behind.

Then a four-headed dragon attacks the castle — and Maldred is riding it! But how is Maldred controlling this giant dragon? Will Rori and Drake have to battle the dark wizard on their own?

Song of the Poison Dragon Masters Books in Order

5. Song of the Poison Dragon

In this book the Dragon Masters are excited to meet the newest Dragon Master, Petra. But when she arrives at the castle, she doesn’t fit in right away. She’s a know-it-all, and she doesn’t even try to connect with her four-headed dragon!

Could the Dragon Stone have chosen her by mistake? Then something terrible happens to the king. Petra will have to work with the other Dragon Masters to save him before it’s too late!

Flight of the Moon Dragon Tracey West

6. Flight of the Moon Dragon

The Dragon Masters have to save the prime Dragon Stone — or they will lose their connections to their dragons forever!

So, the Dragon Masters travel to the Land of Pyramids in search of the secret Pyramid of the Seven Dragons. There are several puzzles they’ll need to solve in order to reach the hidden stone. Will the Dragon Masters find the prime Dragon Stone in time?

Search for the Lightning Dragon Masters

7. Search for the Lightning Dragon

Now the Dragon Masters have to track down the Lightning Dragon! But first, they need to find his Dragon Master — a boy named Carlos.

That’s because the Lightning Dragon shoots dangerous sparks of energy! Will Carlos be able to connect with his wild dragon? Or does a darker master have plans for the Lightning Dragon?

Roar of the Thunder Dragon Tracey West

8. Roar of the Thunder Dragon

Drake and the rest of the Dragon Masters are searching for Lalo the baby Lightning Dragon! Lalo was kidnapped by Eko — Griffith’s first Dragon Master. Eko ran away with her Thunder Dragon, Neru, years ago.

But now she’s back and she wants to kidnap every dragon in the kingdom! Can Drake and the other Dragon Masters rescue Lalo and stop Eko before it’s too late?

Chill of the Ice Dragon Masters Books in Order

9. Chill of the Ice Dragon

In the ninth book, a Dragon Master named Mina arrives at the castle. She tells Drake and his friends that her kingdom in the Far North Lands was attacked by a magical Ice Giant. Everything there was frozen — but Mina escaped!

Only a fire dragon can unfreeze her land and defeat the terrible Ice Giant. But Rori and Vulcan are no longer at the castle! Can the Dragon Masters find them in time to help their new friend?

Waking the Rainbow Dragon Tracey West

10. Waking the Rainbow Dragon

Drake has a strange dream about a Rainbow Dragon trapped in a cave. But he begins to wonder if the dream could be real… Is the dragon trying to send for help?

Griffith the wizard uses the magical Dragon Stone to find out more — and a new Dragon Master is revealed! Drake and Ana now must travel far in search of the new master and his dragon.

But how will they find the secret cave from Drake’s dream? And why is the Rainbow Dragon trapped there? The Dragon Masters have a tough battle ahead of them!

Shine of the Silver Dragon Masters

11. Shine of the Silver Dragon

In the eleventh book in this fantasy series, the wizard Maldred is back! And Diego is under his dark spell!

Drake learns that Maldred wants to control the Naga — an enormous dragon that lives deep within the Earth. Two keys are needed to control the Naga.

The first key is guarded by a Silver Dragon named Argent. Drake, Bo, and Carlos must find Argent and stop Diego before it’s too late. But will Argent’s powerful Dragon Master Jean get in their way?

Treasure of the Gold Dragon Tracey West

12. Treasure of the Gold Dragon

Maldred is now after the powerful Gold Key! So, Drake and Rori travel to the lair of the Gold Dragon to help protect the key. There, they meet a new Dragon Master named Darma.

If dark wizard Maldred gets his hands on the Gold Key, he will be one step closer to controlling a powerful Earthquake Dragon. Can the Dragon Masters stop him before it’s too late?

Eye of the Earthquake Dragon Masters Books in Order

13. Eye of the Earthquake Dragon

Dark wizard Maldred has stolen the Gold and Silver Keys! With these keys, he can now control the Naga: A powerful dragon who can cause terrible earthquakes.

The Naga lives in a secret temple in the center of the earth…and Maldred is on his way there! So, Drake and his friends Jean and Darma travel to the temple to try to stop him. But what will they find there?

Will the Dragon Masters defeat Maldred once and for all?

Land of the Spring Dragon Tracey West

14. Land of the Spring Dragon

Drake’s kingdom is in trouble. That’s because a terrible earthquake has destroyed Bracken’s crops! A magical Spring Dragon has the power to save the kingdom and regrow the crops, but he lives deep inside a secret fairy world.

In order to find the Spring Dragon, Drake must pass a series of tests given by a Dragon Master named Breen. But the fairy world is full of confusing tricks and mysterious riddles! Can Drake save his kingdom?

Future of the Time Dragon Masters

15. Future of the Time Dragon

Eko is in trouble! The dark wizard Maldred has trapped her with a powerful spell. In order to free her, Drake and Rori must find the Time Dragon.

But a sneaky imp sends Drake traveling back in time! Will Drake be able to save Eko…or will he be stuck in the past forever?

Final thoughts on Dragon Masters books in order

If you have a young reader in your life, whether reluctant or eager, reading the Dragon Masters books in order will help foster and nurture a love of reading. These fantasy adventure books are magical and quick paced, which will have kids racing to find out where the Dragon Masters will go next.

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