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Are you looking for how to read the Warriors books in order? We’ve got you covered.

Warriors is a series of novels about the deeds and intrigues of several feral cat clans, aimed at children 9+ years old. Victoria Holmes, who is currently the series editor, created the premise and narrative for the pilot series: The Prophecies Begin

The novels are written by Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Tui T. Sutherland and published by HarperCollins Company, one of the Big Five English-language publishing houses. All are published under the collective pseudonym of Erin Hunter.

Though the series has been praised by many well-known authors and received positive reviews, it’s often criticized for its length and complexity, which makes it hard to follow. But worry not, in this article we have everything you need to know about the Warriors books in order, so you don’t miss anything.

Recent & Upcoming Warriors Book Releases

Riverstar’s Home (September 5, 2023)
Thunder (November 7, 2023)
Wind (April 2, 2024)
Star (November 5, 2024)

How to Read the Warriors Books in Order?

The Warriors series is split into seven sub-series, or “arcs,” with six books in each. The series are: The Prophecies Begin, The New Prophecy, The Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, Dawn of the Clans, A Vision of Shadows, and The Broken Code. An eighth arc, A Starless Clan, is forthcoming.

There are also 16 Super Editions, which can be understood as standalone novels; 15 mangas, or graphic novels; 18 novellas; seven field guides, which are theoretical explanations about the Warriors universe; and some free short stories published on their official website.

The most important books are the ones from the main series. So you may start there and leave the super editions, novellas, and the rest of the books for later.

Note that even though The Prophecies Begin is the first series, the fifth one, Dawn of the Clans, is a prequel, so you could also start there. It’s up to you, though we would recommend starting with the first published series if this is your first time reading the books.

Now, if you are a completionist, and obsessed with timelines, you could also read the Warriors books in order of chronology, alternating between all the sub-series.

Below, you find the books in both orders. By series, and in chronological order. We wish you happy reading!

Warriors Books in Order

#1 Warriors Books in Order of Series

The Main Seven Sub-Series

Warriors: The Prophecies Begin

Warriors began with this collection of novels. Into the Wild was originally intended to be a single novel. The publisher, on the other hand, was impressed and thought there was enough material for six novels. 

Thus, Victoria Holmes devised the first Warriors volumes, which were later written by Kate Cary or Cherith Baldry and published under the name Erin Hunter. Tui T. Sutherland was recently added to the trio, bringing the total number of Erin Hunters to four.

  1. Into the Wild (2003)
  2. Fire and Ice (2003)
  3. Forest of Secrets (2003)
  4. Rising Storm (2004)
  5. A Dangerous Path (2004)
  6. The Darkest Hour (2005)

Warriors: The New Prophecy

This arc is a follow-up to the previous, occurring around two years later. Many of the cats from the previous arc return, however, the major protagonists are cats from a new generation.

Only three novels were originally planned, with the arc ending when the Clans arrived at the lake. The publisher, however, requested three extra volumes, bringing the total number of volumes to six, as in the first arc.

When humans — dubbed Twolegs by the Clans — destroy their ancient territory, The New Prophecy tells the story of the Clans’ trek to a new home. The key themes of this arc include forbidden love, nature vs. nurture, and people that are a combination of good and wicked.

Despite the fact that the novels in Warriors: The New Prophecy have been on the New York Times bestseller list and have been nominated for multiple accolades, none of them have won a major literary award.

  1. Midnight (2005)
  2. Moonrise (2005)
  3. Dawn (2005)
  4. Starlight (2006)
  5. Twilight (2006)
  6. Sunset (2006)

Warriors: The Power of Three

This arc starts up nine months after The New Prophecy arc and includes a new generation of cats once more. Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf learn about “the kin of your kin” prophecy, as well as their abilities and the implications for the Clans’ fate.

“There will be three, kin of your kin, who carry the power of the stars in their paws.”

  1. The Sight (2007)
  2. Dark River (2007)
  3. Outcast (2008)
  4. Eclipse (2008)
  5. Long Shadows (2008)
  6. Sunrise (2009)

Warriors: Omen of the Stars

Omen of the Stars is more of a direct sequel to The Power of Three, with some of the same primary characters but some fresh perspectives. It takes place six moons after the conclusion of The Power of Three.

Dovepaw, the third cat, is shown to be a super-sight and hearing cat. In their nightmares, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovepaw find that the Dark Forest is training cats. The Clans and the Dark Forest are about to clash, and Lionblaze and Jayfeather must track down the fourth cat before it’s too late. 

The fourth cat, Firestar, is revealed to be the fourth cat in the Great Battle, who kills Tigerstar’s spirit form to put an end to his tyranny once and for all. Firestar, on the other hand, succumbs to his injuries and dies soon after.

  1. The Fourth Apprentice (2009)
  2. Fading Echoes (2010)
  3. Night Whispers (2010)
  4. Sign of the Moon (2011)
  5. The Forgotten Warrior (2011)
  6. The Last Hope (2012)

Warriors: Dawn of the Clans

This series depicts the events leading up to the formation of the five Clans, as well as how they came to be. It takes place before any of the preceding arcs, even before the Clans began. 

Several cats go out from the mountains and into the forest in search of a more appropriate habitat during this arc. However, this group eventually breaks into two camps led by Clear Sky and Tall Shadow. Respectively: Clear Sky’s camp and Tall Shadow’s camp.

However, the latter has stepped aside, leaving Gray Wing in charge, although the two will eventually work together to lead. 

  1. The Sun Trail (2013)
  2. Thunder Rising (2013)
  3. The First Battle (2014)
  4. The Blazing Star (2014)
  5. A Forest Divided (2015)
  6. Path of Stars (2015)

Warriors: A Vision of Shadows

This arc of Warriors follows Alderheart and Sparkpelt, the offspring of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, through their early lives. Alderheart has his heart set on becoming a warrior, but circumstances force him to alter his mind, and he chooses to become a medicine cat instead. Sparkpelt, his sister, is studying to be a warrior. 

The young son of ThunderClan’s leader and deputy sets out to try to rectify an old injustice by bringing SkyClan back to the lake after receiving a sign from StarClan. This well-intentioned move quickly generates problems, and it almost destroys one of the five Clans.

  1. The Apprentice’s Quest (2016)
  2. Thunder and Shadow (2017)
  3. Shattered Sky (2017)
  4. Darkest Night (2017)
  5. River of Fire (2018)
  6. The Raging Storm (2018)

Warriors: The Broken Code

The Warriors seventh arc is set after the events of A Vision of Shadows and follows the Clans by the lake. Shadowsight, Rootspring, and Bristlefrost are the major protagonists, and the plot revolves around their efforts to resurrect StarClan, who had gone inexplicably silent. An imposter has taken over Bramblestar’s body.

  1. Lost Stars (2019)
  2. The Silent Thaw (2019)
  3. Veil of Shadows (2020)
  4. Darkness Within (2020)
  5. The Place of No Stars (2021)
  6. A Light in the Mist (2021)

Warriors: A Starless Clan

An eighth arc is also forthcoming within the Warriors series. Only two books have been announced thus far, with the other four titles remaining unnamed for now.

This sub-series will be the first to feature a RiverClan protagonist. It was revealed on the Warriors website that this rare perspective will come during a time of great upheaval and major decisions will need to be made by a young feline who isn’t sure she is ready for the responsibility. The main characters of this arc will be Flamepaw, Frostpaw, and Sunbeam.

  1. River (2022)
  2. Sky (2022)
  3. Shadow (2023)
  4. Thunder (2023)
  5. Wind (Expected: April 2, 2024)
  6. Star (November 5, 2024)

Warriors Super Editions in Order

Super Editions are standalone Warriors novels that are around 500 pages long, roughly double the length of a standard Warriors book. 

Firestar’s Quest was the first Super Edition, and it chronicled Firestar’s quest to resurrect SkyClan, the forest’s long-lost fifth Clan.

Other super editions include Bramblestar’s Storm, which follows newly appointed ThunderClan leader Bramblestar as he learns to lead his Clan through adversity; Yellowfang’s Secret, which follows a ShadowClan medicine cat whose son murders his own father and nearly destroys his entire Clan with his vicious conquests; and Bluestar’s Prophecy, which follows Bluestar, ThunderClan’s leader before Firestar.

  1. Firestar’s Quest (2007)     
  2. Bluestar’s Prophecy (2009)     
  3. SkyClan’s Destiny (2010)     
  4. Crookedstar’s Promise (2011)     
  5. Yellowfang’s Secret (2012)     
  6. Tallstar’s Revenge (2013)     
  7. Bramblestar’s Storm (2014)     
  8. Moth Flight’s Vision (2015)     
  9. Hawkwing’s Journey (2016)     
  10. Tigerheart’s Shadow (2017)     
  11. Crowfeather’s Trial (2018)     
  12. Squirrelflight’s Hope (2019)     
  13. Graystripe’s Vow (2020)     
  14. Leopardstar’s Honor (2021)
  15. Onestar’s Confession (2022)
  16. Riverstar’s Home (2023)

Warriors: Manga Series in Order

HarperCollins collaborated with Tokyopop on some original English-language manga series. Following Tokyopop’s closure, subsequent manga volumes have been published only under the HarperCollins imprint.

Graystripe’s Adventure, Tigerstar and Sasha, Ravenpaw’s Path, and SkyClan and the Stranger, each containing three novels, as well as the standalone books The Rise of Scourge, A Shadow in RiverClan and Winds of Change are all part of the manga series by Dan Jolley.

Graystripe’s Adventure in Order

  1. The Lost Warrior (2008)
  2. Warrior’s Refuge (2008)
  3. Warrior’s Return (2010)

Tigerstar and Sasha in Order

  1. Into the Woods (2008)
  2. Escape from the Forest (2009)
  3. Return to the Clans (2009)

Ravenpaw’s Path in Order

  1. Shattered Peace (2010)
  2. A Clan in Need (2010)
  3. The Heart of a Warrior (2010)

SkyClan and the Stranger in Order

  1. The Rescue (2011)
  2. Beyond the Code (2015)
  3. After the Flood (2015)

Standalone Mangas

  1. The Rise of Scourge (2010)
  2. A Shadow in RiverClan (2020)
  3. Winds of Change (2021)

Warriors Novellas in Order

The Warriors novellas are short e-books with no more than ten chapters. Each book is available from online e-book retailers; however, they are printed in three-book sets.

The novellas focus on a single character from the Warriors series. They follow the same narrative as the major books, but they were not published in the same sequence.

The Untold Stories

  1. Hollyleaf’s Story (2012)
  2. Mistystar’s Omen (2012)
  3. Cloudstar’s Journey (2013)

Tales from the Clans

  1. Leafpool’s Wish (2014)
  2. Tigerclaw’s Fury (2014)
  3. Dovewing’s Silence (2014)

Shadows of the Clans

  1. Mapleshade’s Vengeance (2015)
  2. Goosefeather’s Curse (2015)
  3. Ravenpaw’s Farewell (2016)

Legends of the Clans

  1. Spottedleaf’s Heart (2017)
  2. Pinestar’s Choice (2018)
  3. Thunderstar’s Echo (2018)

Path of a Warrior

  1. Redtail’s Debt (2019)
  2. Tawnypelt’s Clan (2019)
  3. Shadowstar’s Life (2019)

A Warrior’s Spirit

  1. Pebbleshine’s Kits (2020)
  2. Tree’s Roots (2020)
  3. Mothwing’s Secret (2021)

A Warrior’s Choice

  1. Daisy’s Kin (2021)
  2. Spotfur’s Rebellion (2021)
  3. Blackfoot’s Reckoning (2021)

Warriors Field Guides in Order

The Field Guides don’t have a storyline; instead, they serve as a resource for the main series, providing data and perspectives not found in the main plot.

  1. Secrets of the Clans (2007)
  2. Cats of the Clans (2008)
  3. Code of the Clans (2009)
  4. Battles of the Clans (2010)
  5. Enter the Clans (2012)
  6. The Warriors Guide (2012) (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
  7. Warriors: The Ultimate Guide (2013)

#2 Warriors Books in Chronological Order

The other way to read the Warriors books in order is in chronological order. This order is not recommended for first-time readers of the series. As books taking first chronologically were published later on in the series, it might inadvertently spoil certain elements within the series.

However, this could be an interesting way to reread all of the Warriors books.

  1. The Sun Trail
  2. The Death of Bright Stream (Short Story)
  3. Thunder Rising
  4. The First Battle
  5. The Blazing Star
  6. A Forest Divided
  7. Path of Stars
  8. Moth Flight’s Vision
  9. Thunderstar’s Echo (Novella)
  10. Shadowstar’s Life (Novella)
  11. Cloudstar’s Journey (Novella)
  12. Mapleshade’s Vengeance (Novella)
  13. Pinestar’s Choice (Novella)
  14. Goosefeather’s Curse (Novella)
  15. Tallstar’s Revenge
  16. Crookedstar’s Promise
  17. Bluestar’s Prophecy
  18. The Rise of Scourge
  19. Yellowfang’s Secret
  20. Leopardstar’s Honor
  21. Spottedleaf’s Heart (Novella)
  22. Redtail’s Debt (Novella)
  23. Into the Wild
  24. Fire and Ice
  25. Forest of Secrets
  26. Tigerclaw’s Fury (Novella)
  27. The Elders’ Concern (Short Story)
  28. Rising Storm
  29. Into the Woods
  30. Escape From the Forest
  31. A Dangerous Path
  32. The Darkest Hour
  33. Blackfoot’s Reckoning (Novella)
  34. Return to the Clans
  35. A Shadow in RiverClan
  36. Firestar’s Quest
  37. Lost Warrior
  38. Warrior’s Refuge
  39. Warrior’s Return
  40. Graystripe’s Vow
  41. Shattered Peace
  42. A Clan in Need
  43. The Heart of a Warrior
  44. SkyClan’s Destiny
  45. Mothwing’s Secret (Novella)
  46. Midnight
  47. Moonrise
  48. Dawn
  49. The Rescue
  50. The Lost Warrior
  51. Winds of Change
  52. Starlight
  53. Beyond the Code
  54. Twilight
  55. After the Flood
  56. Sunset
  57. Leafpool’s Wish (Novella)
  58. We Need to Talk (Short Story)
  59. The Right Choice? (Short Story)
  60. The Sight
  61. Dark River
  62. Outcast
  63. Eclipse
  64. Long Shadows
  65. Brightspirit’s Mercy (Short Story)
  66. The Clans Decide (Short Story)
  67. Sunrise
  68. Hollyleaf’s Story (Novella)
  69. The Fourth Apprentice
  70. Mistystar’s Omen (Novella)
  71. Fading Echoes
  72. Ravenpaw’s Farewell (Novella)
  73. Night Whispers
  74. Sign of the Moon
  75. The Forgotten Warrior
  76. The Last Hope
  77. Dovewing’s Silence (Novella)
  78. Crowfeather’s Trial
  79. Tree’s Roots (Novella)
  80. Bramblestar’s Storm
  81. Hawkwing’s Journey
  82. Pebbleshine’s Kits (Novella)
  83. The Apprentice’s Quest
  84. Thunder and Shadow
  85. Shattered Sky
  86. Darkest Night
  87. Tigerheart’s Shadow
  88. River of Fire
  89. Tawnypelt’s Clan (Novella)
  90. The Raging Storm
  91. Squirrelflight’s Hope
  92. Lost Stars
  93. The Silent Thaw
  94. Veil of Shadows
  95. Daisy’s Kin (Novella)
  96. Darkness Within
  97. Spotfur’s Rebellion (Novella)
  98. The Place of No Stars
  99. A Light in the Mist

Other Novels and Short Stories

The below books and short stories do not have a clear place in the chronological timeline.

  1. Enter the Clans
  2. Code of the Clans
  3. Secrets of the Clans
  4. Cats of the Clans
  5. Battles of the Clans
  6. The Ultimate Guide
  7. The Warriors Guide (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
  8. Spottedleaf’s Honest Answer (Short Story)
  9. Heart of Evil, or Misplaced Ambition? (Short Story)
  10. Why is Jaypaw Blind? (Short Story)

It is also currently unclear where the new sub-series, A Starless Clan, and its two announced books will fit within the chronological timeline.

  1. River (2022)
  2. Sky (2022)
  3. Shadow (2023)
  4. Thunder (2023)
  5. Wind (Expected: April 2, 2024)

Final Thoughts

Have you already started the series? What’s your favorite book so far? Feel free to share your thoughts down in the comment section!

Looking for more books in order?

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  1. Will the list be updated with the new books that have been released? I just wrote down all the books and found out there are at least three more.

    1. This list is updated monthly. Which books don’t I have on the list? I check Erin Hunter’s preorders on the regular and add books as they appear.

  2. on google it said to read bluestars prophecy before reading any of the series and im a bit confused

    1. Bluestar’s Prophecy takes place chronologically before the First arc (which begins with Into the Wild), but it is not a recommended place to start because it contains spoilers for the last couple of books in “The Prophecies Begin” arc.

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