All 100+ Mary Balogh Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

There are a handful of tropes that are prevalent throughout the Mary Balogh books in order. She favors second chances at love or couples who have a history with one another that they must surmount in the name of trust. Balogh also loves writing about opposites attract, unlikely pairings, and the repercussions of affairs with illegitimacy and half-siblings aplenty.

Many of her books feature marriages that stem from honor and societal rules that make a hasty marriage a requirement. Slowly, with the forced proximity trope playing a factor too, those marriages of convenience or arranged marriages blossom into love matches. Balogh also loves writing couples that include one character falling in love first.

Every Mary Balogh book in order follows a new couple, but the books in her series are interconnected, and even her latest series build upon earlier ones at times. If you love a large cast of characters that gets further explored with each successive book, Balogh is the perfect author for you.

About Mary Balogh

Mary Balogh began writing historical romances some four decades ago while she was still a schoolteacher in Saskatchewan, Canada. Her career as an author began when she had a small amount of spare time between teaching, motherhood, and marriage to sit at the kitchen table and put pen to paper.

However, Balogh says that she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember, going back to her childhood growing up in Wales. She would write stories in the notebooks she received for Christmas and birthdays.

But it was after she read a book by Georgette Heyer that historical romance captured her attention. Balogh then sat down to write her own historical romance after she read as many as she could get her hands on. She wrote her first five novels longhand before typing up her manuscripts, but with more than 100 different stories now written, her methods have changed throughout the years.

Balogh initially moved to Saskatchewan on a two-year teaching contract, but met her future husband there and settled into a permanent teaching position. She taught high school English for 20 years before she was able to make writing her full-time job.

She usually begins writing in April and finishes in August, writing seven days a week to make sure she doesn’t lose track of the story. Her series often follow the same family or group of friends, which means there are frequent appearances from past characters.

There are also links between her series if you have an eagle eye as a reader. Minor characters from one series will pop up as the main character in another, or there will be references to shared characters throughout Balogh’s stories. For that reason, it becomes very important to read the Mary Balogh books in order.

Mary Balogh Books in Order

Standalone Books

Our list of the Mary Balogh books in order begins with her debut publication: A Masked Deception. Many of the books below were out of print for a long time, but have since been rereleased with digital editions. For this reason, the original physical books can attract a hefty price tag, but the e-books are now readily accessible.

This makes reading some of Balogh’s earliest written work very easy, and will help readers recognize the development of her writing throughout the years as well as the tropes she has favored since the very beginning.

  1. A Masked Deception (1985)
  2. The Double Wager (1985)
  3. Red Rose (1986)
  4. The Constant Heart (1987)
  5. Gentle Conquest (1987)
  6. Secrets of the Heart (1988)
  7. An Unacceptable Offer (1988)
  8. The Ungrateful Governess (1988)
  9. A Daring Masquerade (1989)
  10. A Gift of Daisies (1989)
  11. The Obedient Bride (1989)
  12. Lady With a Black Umbrella (1989)
  13. The Incurable Matchmaker (1990)
  14. An Unlikely Duchess (1990)
  15. A Certain Magic (1991)
  16. Snow Angel (1991)
  17. The Secret Pearl (1991)
  18. Christmas Beau (1991)
  19. Beyond the Sunrise (1992)
  20. A Christmas Promise (1992)
  21. Deceived (1993)
  22. Tangled (1994)
  23. Longing (1994)
  24. Truly (1996)
  25. The Temporary Wife (1997)
  26. Thief of Dreams (1998)
  27. The Last Waltz (1998)
  28. A Matter of Class (2009)

Denning-Mainwaring Books

The same year as her debut publication, however, Balogh published another book which was the beginning of a duology. As is often the case with historical romances, these books are companion novels that are interconnected and follow two different love pairings. For that reason, it is not necessary to read these books in publication order, but it will provide the best reading experience.

The protagonist in the sequel, William Mainwaring, is one of the main characters in the first book, so to best appreciate and understand his story, you should read A Chance Encounter first. This will allow for the proper character development and set-up.

  1. A Chance Encounter (1985)
  2. The Wood Nymph (1987)

Stewart-Frazer Books

In her second year as a published author, Balogh began writing what would become another companion duology in which a background character from the first book takes center stage in the sequel. The first book features a forced marriage when a young woman’s honor is compromised by a viscount, although he is determined to make it a marriage in name only.

Then, the second book features a second chance at love. Jack and Isabella were lovers when they were younger. Now Isabella is a famous London actress and Jack is a jaded rake about the Ton, but their love remains unchanged despite their changed circumstances.

  1. The First Snowdrop (1986)
  2. Christmas Belle (1994)

Waite Books

As is the case with the previous series, the Waite books should be read in publication order. Again, since Mary Balogh admittedly enjoys developing the recurring characters a little more in each book, the characters will feel more well-rounded if you read her books in order.

For example, Lord Edmond Waite plays a pivotal role in the first book, but his character does not take prominence until the third book. This series features fake dating, best friends-to-lovers, and a reformed rake.

  1. The Trysting Place (1986)
  2. A Counterfeit Betrothal (1992)
  3. The Notorious Rake (1992)

Web Books

The next series in our list of the Mary Balogh books in order features webs of temptation, deception, seduction, and incredible passion. Each book contains secrets that the main characters feel they must keep to safeguard themselves, but then each meets their match with a love and passion that burns brighter than reason.

  1. The Gilded Web (1989)
  2. Web of Love (1990)
  3. The Devil’s Web (1990)
  4. A Promise of Spring (1990)

Precious Jewel Books

The Precious Jewel books feature more unlikely couples. In the first book Abigail Gardiner receives a marriage proposal when she knocks on the door of Miles Ripley, the Earl of Severn. Then in the next book Sir Gerald Stapleton becomes besotted with a courtesan at a pleasure house and sets her up as his mistress.

In the third short holiday-themed book, Edgar Downes has promised his aging father that he will marry a lady by Christmas and Lady Helena Stapleton, a widow, captures his attention. They are from two very different classes, but in the season of miracles anything can happen. This book can also slate into the Dark Angel series.

  1. The Ideal Wife (1991)
  2. A Precious Jewel (1993)
  3. A Christmas Bride (1997)

Courting Julia Books

Once again, this trilogy is interconnected with the main characters of each book featuring in the background of the others. In the first book, Julia Maynard is being courted by multiple suitors and must marry one within the month in order to receive her inheritance.

The sequel, Dancing with Clara, follows one of suitors who did not win her hand in marriage. He embarks to Bath desperate to find a rich wife and pay off his debts. He finds Clara Danforth who isn’t fooled by his lies for a moment, but she is tempted. Then the final book follows a companion of Clara and a friend of her suitor in a clandestine arrangement.

  1. Courting Julia (1993)
  2. Dancing with Clara (1993)
  3. Tempting Harriet (1994)

Dark Angel Books

The next series in our list of the Mary Balogh books in order features more dramatic and interconnected plots. You should absolutely read these books in order of publication for the best reading experience as the events from the first book have a trickle-down effect throughout the whole series as Balogh continues to expand upon previous background characters.

While Balogh herself distinguishes between the Dark Angel series and the Precious Jewel books, there are familial and platonic relationships that connect the two series. The leading lady in The Famous Heroine has a connection to the male protagonist in A Precious Jewel. Balogh also lists A Christmas Bride as being part of each series.

  1. Dark Angel (1994)
  2. Lord Carew’s Bride (1995)
  3. The Famous Heroine (1996)
  4. The Plumed Bonnet (1996)
  5. A Christmas Bride (1997)

Georgian Books

The next interconnected duology by Mary Balogh takes place during the Georgian period and the books follow two sets of siblings. The first book introduces Lucas Kendrick, Duke of Harndon, and Lady Anna Marlowe, while the second book follows Lord Ashley Kendrick, Luke’s brother, and Emily Marlowe, Anna’s sister.

  1. Heartless (1995)
  2. Silent Melody (1997)

The Horsemen Trilogy Books

The Horsemen Trilogy follows a group of friends on their individual paths to love, which makes it very important to read these Mary Balogh books in order. Balogh writes with the assumption that readers have already read the previous books, so the same group of characters appear throughout the trilogy. The series features enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, and tempting trysts.

  1. Indiscreet (1997)
  2. Unforgiven (1998)
  3. Irresistible (1998)

Bedwyn Family Prequels Books

The series that Balogh has become most well-known for is the Bedwyn series, which follows different members of the same family. However, before she began the series following the six Bedwyn siblings, Balogh wrote two books which would be prequels to that series.

Once again, each subsequent book in this series selects a background character from the previous and extrapolates on their character on their path to love. Balogh says it is not necessary to read these books in order of publication, but more of the family dynamic will be revealed if you do so.

  1. One Night for Love (1999)
  2. A Summer to Remember (2002)

Mistress Trilogy Books

This trilogy follows three siblings: Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham; Lord Ferdinand Dudley; and Angeline Dudley. While that is the order their stories take place in publication order, Angeline’s story, which is in the book The Secret Mistress, takes place first chronologically.

However, you should read these books in order of publication for the first time. That is because hints of Angeline’s story are woven throughout her brothers’ books.

The series begins when Jane Ingelby tries to stop a duel Jocelyn is a part of and he hires her first as his nurse, then as his mistress, never expecting her to find a place in his heart. Then Dudley wins Viola Thornhill’s home in a game of cards, and both refuse to leave the premises. Finally, comes the story of Angeline and Edward, the Earl of Heyward.

Now a Bride was published to promote the third book in the series and features new scenes between both couples. It also features an epilogue to the series with the reunion of all three Dudley siblings and their partners.

  1. More Than a Mistress (2000)
  2. No Man’s Mistress (2001)
  3. Now a Bride (2011) (Short Story)
  4. The Secret Mistress (2011)

Bedwyn Saga Books

Finally in our list of the Mary Balogh books in order comes the Bedwyn Saga books which follow the titular Bedwyn siblings. Again, while it is not absolutely necessary to read these books in order of publication, it is recommended to the best experience. This will be the proper introduction to Aidan, Rannulf, Freya, Morgan, Alleyne, and finally Wulfric, the Duke of Bewcastle.

Each sibling will find love, fight temptation, experience passion, and navigate court scandal on the way to their happily-ever-after.

  1. Slightly Married (2003)
  2. Slightly Wicked (2003)
  3. Slightly Scandalous (2003)
  4. Slightly Tempted (2003)
  5. Slightly Sinful (2004)
  6. Slightly Dangerous (2004)

Simply Quartet Books

The Simply Quartet books take place chronologically after the Bedwyn Saga books because there are also interconnected characters first introduced in the Bedwyn prequels. These books are also best read in publication order because they follow four teachers at Miss Martin’s School for Girls in Bath, England with each book focusing on one teacher.

The first book follows Frances Allard, a music teacher who meets a handsome stranger during a snowstorm. Then Anne Jewell, a single mother, spies Sydnam Butler and finds herself drawn in by his sorrows and passions.

Meanwhile, Susanna Osbourne recognizes Viscount Whitleaf from her past even if he is oblivious. Finally, headmistress Claudia Martin meets the epitome of male perfection in the Marquess of Attingsborough, who she falls for even though their social circles are worlds apart.

  1. Simply Unforgettable (2005)
  2. Simply Love (2006)
  3. Simply Magic (2007)
  4. Simply Perfect (2008)

Huxtable Quintet Books

Following the success of the Bedwyn Saga, Balogh began writing a new series about a different family, the Huxtables. Within this quintet there are marriages of convenience, gambles of love, and slow seduction. Once again, while each book follows a different couple, the best experience is to read these books in order to follow the chronological developments within this family.

  1. First Comes Marriage (2009)
  2. Then Comes Seduction (2009)
  3. At Last Comes Love (2009)
  4. Seducing an Angel (2009)
  5. A Secret Affair (2010)

Survivors’ Club Books

The next series in the list of Mary Balogh books in order doesn’t follow members of the same family, but there are ties to the Bedwyn Saga series with characters from that series featuring in this one. The Survivors’ Club books follow a group of seven individuals who were hurt by the Napoleonic Wars in some way and are now convalescing together at the Duke of Stanbrook’s estate.

  1. The Proposal (2012)
  2. The Suitor (2013) (Short Story/Novella)
  3. The Arrangement (2013)
  4. The Escape (2014)
  5. Only Enchanting (2014)
  6. Only a Promise (2015)
  7. Only a Kiss (2015)
  8. Only Beloved (2016)

Westcott Books

It is very important to read these books in order of publication, because each one follows a new member of the Westcott family as they reel from a scandal that is explained in the first book. With the death of the Earl of Riverdale, Humphrey Westcott, a scandal is revealed that sends ripples throughout the family. The series spans several years as, in each book, a new member of the family navigates the path to love.

  1. Someone to Love (2016)
  2. Someone to Hold (2017)
  3. Someone to Wed (2017)
  4. Someone to Care (2018)
  5. Someone to Trust (2018)
  6. Someone to Honor (2019)
  7. Someone to Remember (2019) (Short Story/Novella)
  8. Someone to Romance (2019)
  9. Someone to Cherish (2020)
  10. Someone Perfect (2021)

Ravenswood Books

The final series in our list of the Mary Balogh books in order is her most recent endeavor. The first book introduces Ravenswood Hall, the family seat of the Wares, by following the story of the eldest son Devlin, his exile, and his return home. It is a story about a second chance at love.

That theme is picked up in the second book, which follows Phillippa Ware who never forgave the Marquess of Roath for how he insulted her several years earlier. The third book follows another Ware sibling and an unlikely pairing that will defy the odds. Then the fourth book will follow the matriarch of the family.

There are six Ware siblings, so with one book per child as well as a book for the matriarch, Clarissa Ware, this series will span seven books.

  1. Remember Love (2022)
  2. Remember Me (2023)
  3. Always Remember (2024)
  4. Remember When (Expected: January 7, 2025)


Finally, Balogh has contributed or written a dozen different collections and anthologies throughout the years. She has also contributed to several bind-ups with fellow romance authors, but when the titles have been included elsewhere in our list of the Mary Balogh books in order, we have left them off the below list. Many of those bind-up editions were promotional, limited print-runs and so have since gone out of print.

  1. Love’s Legacy (1987) (Out of Print)
  2. A Regency Summer (1992) (Out of Print)
  3. Blossoms (1995) (Out of Print)
  4. Dashing and Dangerous (1995) (Out of Print)
  5. Angel Christmas (1995) (Out of Print)
  6. Christmas Gifts (2015)
  7. Christmas Miracles (2015)
  8. Once Upon a Dream (2016) (Out of Print)
  9. A Rogue’s Downfall (2017)
  10. No Ordinary Love (2017)
  11. A Day for Love (2018)
  12. A Very Special Christmas (2018)
  13. Second Chances (2019)

A Summary of Mary Balogh Books in Order

Many of the earliest Mary Balogh books in order are standalones. These earlier novels were out of print for a long time but have been rereleased in digital editions. Below you will find the summaries to the first ten Balogh standalone novels, which include tropes like second-chance love, hidden identities, and opposites attract.

A Masked Deception Mary Balogh Books in Order

1. A Masked Deception

Six years ago, Margaret Wells met the handsome Richard Adair, Earl of Brampton at a masquerade ball. She has been hopelessly in love with him ever since. Passion flared between them that night, but Margaret did not stay for the unmasking.

Now Richard needs a wife to give him an heir and the quiet Miss Wells seems as suitable a candidate as anyone else. Margaret is desperate to ignite passion in her marriage and contemplates becoming the masked enchantress again.

But little does she know that Richard never forgot the woman he searched for in vain for months after the ball. Nor does she suspect that her husband is falling in love with her.

The Double Wager Mary Balogh

2. The Double Wager

Henrietta Tallant has always fit in better with her brother and his friends than other ladies. She opposes the idea of making her debut in society, but then one of her brother’s friends gives her a challenge. She is to entice the unattainable Duke of Eversleigh to propose to her within six weeks, or else she will forfeit her beloved horse.

The Duke of Eversleigh has always declared that he has no intention of ever marrying, but he is beginning to feel the necessity to produce an heir. His friends don’t believe he’ll actually go through with it though, so they make a wager that he won’t make a marriage offer within a month.

So, when Henrietta deliberately collides with the duke in a London ballroom, both of them are focused on winning their respective wagers. Neither has given any thought to what will happen after the bet is won.

Red Rose Book Cover

3. Red Rose

Whether it is music, art, or women, the Earl of Raymore, Edward Marsh, knows beauty. When he inherits two wards, he intends to marry them off as soon as possible, but he finds one of them virtually unmarriageable.

Rosalind Dacey is not a delicate, blonde beauty like her cousin. She walks with a pronounced limp from a childhood riding accident that has robbed her of grace and self-assurance. She resents what she sees as Edward’s ruthlessness, and he is equally infuriated by her outspoken stubbornness.

But their volatile quarrels lead to a new kind of passion, and Rosalind is a beautiful pianist. It draws Edward secretly and against his will to listen to her daily practices in his music room.

The Constant Heart Mary Balogh

4. The Constant Heart

When Christopher Sinclair left Rebecca Shaw with no explanation to marry a wealthier woman, she was heartbroken. Rebecca loved Christopher and would have sworn that he loved her in return. But she has found peace with an engagement to the local vicar, whose worthy work and dreams she shares.

Then Christopher comes back. Now a widow. Rebecca keeps reminding herself that he betrayed her and she can never trust him again, but her heart is not listening.

Gentle Conquest Mary Balogh Books in Order

5. Gentle Conquest

The marriage of Georgiana Burton to Ralph, Earl of Chartleigh, begins with the promise of happiness, even though they hardly know each other. Georgiana finds his youthful good looks and courtly demeanor attractive, while he finds her beauty and vivacity dazzling.

However, it soon becomes clear that those qualities are driving them apart. Ralph is intimidated by the bright star who is his new bride, while Georgiana is dismayed by her bridegroom’s shyness, which seems to be getting worse with each passing day.

Then each comes up with a scheme to bring the happily ever after they both desire. Hopefully, they do not bring disaster crashing down upon their dreams instead.

Secrets of the Heart Book Cover

6. Secrets of the Heart

When George and Sarah, the Duke and Duchess of Cranwell, bitterly divorced, she was ostracized from society. Sarah was unable to tell George the secrets of her heart, so instead she told him the lies he expected.

It has been four years, and now the duke and Sarah Fifield meet again in Bath. Sarah is living with a lady as her companion, and the lady is a close friend of the grandmother of George’s new fiancée. Against all odds, George and Sarah seem fated to fall back in love.

But Sarah’s secrets remain and come back to haunt her in the form of the man who destroyed her innocence years ago and now threatens George’s sister and fiancée. Sarah may have to sacrifice her own chance at happiness all over again to protect the man she has never stopped loving. Unless George can uncover the truth and protect her.

An Unacceptable Offer Mary Balogh

7. An Unacceptable Offer

Jane Matthews has been in love with Viscount Fairfax for a very long time, since well before his marriage. Now he is a widow, and after an appropriate mourning period, has returned to London in search of a new wife and a mother for his two infant daughters.

He chooses Jane, whom he finds likable, quiet, sensible, and surely the ideal choice for his needs. But when he proposes, she surprises them both my saying no. Instead, she accepts the offer to be his best friend.

However, the viscount falls deeply in love with Jane as he comes to value her for herself.

The Ungrateful Governess Book Cover

8. The Ungrateful Governess

Jessica Moore is the demure governess to a spoiled young girl who is expecting a marriage proposal from the Earl of Rutherford, a guest in her father’s home. One night when Jessica can’t sleep, she is unwise enough to creep downstairs into the library to choose a book to read. She is found first by the earl, then by her employer, and dismissed without notice or a reference of character.

The earl, feeling guilty, tries to make amends by offering her a position as his mistress, but Jessica refuses. He insists on giving her a letter to take to his grandmother in London, in which he begs his grandmother to find employment for Miss Moore. Neither of them expect that the offered employment will be as his wife.

A Daring Masquerade Mary Balogh Books in Order

9. A Daring Masquerade

Kate Mannering is a lady’s companion, but one day she is mistaken for the lady herself and kidnapped by a dashing masked highwayman. However, when she hears his story before being released, she decides to help him recover his stolen birthright. Soon she finds herself embroiled in danger from smugglers and a would-be seducer.

Meanwhile, an annoying guest at the home of her employer insults her at every opportunity, but rescues her from every danger, even when she does not need or appreciate his help. She is alarmed to find herself falling quite inappropriately for both the highwayman and the guest.

A Gift of Daisies Mary Balogh

10. A Gift of Daisies

Lady Rachel Palmer is young, beautiful, and wealthy. She is a star within London society, but hides from everyone an inner restlessness and a suspicion that something is missing from her life. Meanwhile, David Gower is tall, dark, and handsome, but an impoverished second son who has become a young clergyman after a period of rebellion.

David thinks he has found contentment and real happiness in his new profession, but then he meets and falls in love with Rachel. She is too far above him socially and too attached to the finer things in life to consider marriage to him though. He has nothing he can offer her except for his love.

Rachel is as much in love with David as he is with her, and opposes his belief that love may not be enough. Perhaps life as a vicar’s wife is exactly what will suit her. And if he cannot afford to woo her with expensive bouquets of flowers, then let him pick her a bunch of daisies.

Final thoughts

Fans of historical romance are sure to have seen Mary Balogh’s name adorning covers. Since she has been writing and publishing stories for nearly 40 years, there are many Mary Balogh books in order to discover. There are also many tropes that Balogh favors in her writing such as second chances, opposites attract, and unlikely pairings.

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