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Are you looking for how to read the Julia Quinn books in order? We’ve compiled here all of Quinn’s books in order of series so you can understand which book to pick up next.

Who is Julia Quinn?

Before we dive into the books though, let’s discuss a bit about the author.

Julia Quinn is the pseudonym of American writer Julie Pottinger. She began her studies in Medicine at Yale University, but did not conclude them due to the unexpected success of her historical romance novels. Before her writing career took off however, she did became a graduate of Harvard & Radcliffe Colleges.

Quinn’s work has been translated into more than 40 languages and is a regular on the New York Times bestseller lists. Throughout her career, she has received numerous awards and accolades, including several Rita Awards.

She sold her first book at the age of 24 and has worked with the same editor and publishing house ever since.

Quinn is the author of feminist novels in the historical-romance genre, in which she is a master of dialogue. One of her most successful series, Bridgerton, was adapted into a TV period drama series for Netflix in 2020. In March 2021, all eight of her Bridgerton novels were on the New York Times bestseller list at the same time, which is a record for an adult fiction author.

Julia Quinn Books in Order by Series

Blydon Series

  1. Splendid (1995)
  2. Dancing at Midnight (1995)
  3. Minx (1996)

The Lyndon Sisters

  1. Everything and the Moon (1997)
  2. Brighter Than the Sun (1997)

Agents of the Crown

  1. To Catch an Heiress (1998)
  2. How to Marry a Marquis (1999)

Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Books in Order

This is a list of the Bridgerton books in chronological order, including the prequel and companion books. For more information about this series, please check out our full article on the Bridgerton Books in Order.

  1. Queen Charlotte (Expected: May 9, 2023) (with Shonda Rhimes)
  2. Because of Miss Bridgerton (2016)
  3. The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband (2017)
  4. The Other Miss Bridgerton (2018)
  5. First Comes Scandal (2020)
  6. The Duke and I (2000)
  7. The Viscount Who Loved Me (2000)
  8. An Offer from a Gentleman (2001)
  9. Romancing Mister Bridgerton (2002)
  10. To Sir Phillip, With Love (2003)
  11. When He Was Wicked (2004)
  12. It’s in His Kiss (2005)
  13. On the Way to the Wedding (2006)
  14. Happily Ever After (2013) (Companion Book)
  15. The Wit and Wisdom of Bridgerton (2021) (Companion Book)

Bevelstoke Series

  1. The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (2007)
  2. What Happens in London (2009)
  3. Ten Things I Love About You (2010)

Two Dukes of Wyndham Series

  1. The Lost Duke of Wyndham (2008)
  2. Mr. Cavendish, I Presume (2008)

Lady Most Books

  1. The Lady Most Likely… (With Connie Brockway & Eloisa James, 2010)
  2. The Lady Most Willing… (With Connie Brockway & Eloisa James, 2012)

Smythe-Smith Quartet

  1. Just Like Heaven (2011)
  2. A Night Like This (2012)
  3. The Sum of All Kisses (2013)
  4. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy (2015)

Lady Whistledown

  1. The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown (With Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins & Mia Ryan, 2003)
  2. Lady Whistledown Strikes Back (With Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins & Mia Ryan, 2004)

Other Julia Quinn Books

  1. Scottish Brides (1999) (Anthology)
  2. Hotel Angeline (2011) (Anthology)
  3. Four Weddings and a Sixpence (2016) (Anthology)
  4. Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron (2022) (Graphic Novel)

A Summary of the Julia Quinn Books in Order

Blydon Series

Splendid Julia Quinn Books in Order

1. Splendid

There are two things about Alexander Ridgeley that everyone is aware of. One, he’s the Duke of Ashbourne. And two, he has no plans to marry anytime soon…

That is until a redheaded American throws herself in front of a carriage to save his young nephew’s life. She’s everything Alex never thought a woman could be — smart and funny, principled and brave. But she’s a servant, completely unsuitable for a highborn duke — unless, perhaps, she’s not quite what she seems…

American heiress Emma Dunster might be surrounded by Englishmen, but that doesn’t mean she intends to marry one — even if she has agreed to participate in one London Season. When she slipped out of her cousins’ home, dressed as a kitchen maid, all she wanted was one last taste of anonymity before her debut. She never dreamed she’d find herself in the arms of a dangerously handsome duke…or that he’d be quite so upset when he discovered her true identity.

But true love tends to blossom just when one least expects it, and passion can melt even the most stubborn of hearts.

Dancing at Midnight Julia Quinn

2. Dancing at Midnight

Lady Arabella Blydon has beauty and a brain, and she’s over men who can see only one without the other.

When a suitor tells Arabella he’s willing to overlook her appalling bluestocking tendencies on account of her looks and fortune, she decides to take a break from the Marriage Mart. During an extended stay in the country, she never expects to meet Lord John Blackwood, a wounded war hero who intrigues her like no other man.

Lord John has lived through the worst horrors of war, but nothing could have been as terrifying to his tormented heart as Lady Arabella. She is intoxicating, infuriating, and she makes him want to live again.

Suddenly he’s writing bad poetry and climbing trees in the pitch-dark night just so he can dance with her as the clock strikes midnight. And even though he knows he can never be the sort of man she deserves, he can’t help wanting her. But when the harsh light of day replaces the magic of midnight, can this tormented soul learn to love again?

Minx Blydon Series

3. Minx

It takes a minx to tempt a rogue, and it takes a rogue to tame her.

Henrietta Barrett has never followed the dictates of society. She manages her elderly guardian’s remote Cornwall estate, wears breeches instead of frocks, and answers to the unlikely name of Henry. But when her guardian passes away, her beloved home falls into the hands of a distant cousin.

William Dunford, London’s most elusive bachelor, is stunned to learn that he’s inherited property, a title, and a ward bent on making his first visit his last. Henry is adamant she will continue to run Stannage Park without help from the handsome new lord, but Dunford is just as sure he can change things…starting with his wild young ward. But turning Henry into a lady makes her not only the darling of the ton, but an irresistible attraction to the man who didn’t believe she could tempt him.

Lyndon Sister Series

Everything and the Moon Lyndon Sisters

1. Everything and the Moon

When Robert Kemble stumbles across Victoria Lyndon in a hedgerow maze, he can’t believe his eyes. The girl who’d torn him in two, who let him plan an elopement and then left him standing by the side of the road, was suddenly within arm’s reach, and even though his fury still knew no bounds, she was impossible to resist…

Victoria’s father had told her an earl would never marry a vicar’s daughter, and he was right. Robert had promised her marriage, then danced off to London while she suffered the shame of a foiled elopement. But even though Victoria doesn’t particularly enjoy her new life as a governess, when Robert offers her a job of a different sort — his mistress — she refuses, unable to sacrifice her honor, even for him.

But Robert won’t take no for an answer, and he vows to make her his, through any means possible. Can these star-crossed lovers learn to trust again? And is love really sweeter the second time around?

Brighter Than the Sun Julia Quinn Books in Order

2. Brighter Than the Sun

When Charles Wycombe, the dashing and incorrigible Earl of Billington, toppled out of a tree and landed at Ellie Lyndon‘s feet, neither suspected that such an inauspicious meeting would lead to marriage. But Charles must find a bride before his thirtieth birthday or he’ll lose his fortune.

While Ellie needs a husband or her father’s odious fiancée will choose one for her. And so they agree to wed, even though their match appears to have been made somewhere hotter than heaven.

Ellie never dreamed she’d marry a stranger, especially one with such a devastating combination of rakish charm and debonair wit. She tries to keep him at arm’s length, at least until she discovers the man beneath the handsome surface.

But Charles can be quite persuasive — even tender — when he puts his mind to it, and Ellie finds herself slipping under his seductive spell. And as one kiss leads to another, this unlikely pair discovers that their marriage is not so inconvenient after all…and just might lead to love.

Agents of the Crown Series

To Catch an Heiress Julia Quinn

1. To Catch an Heiress

When Caroline Trent is kidnapped by Blake Ravenscroft, she doesn’t even try to elude this dangerously handsome agent of the crown. After all, she’s been running from unwanted marriage proposals. Yes, Blake believes she’s a notorious spy named Carlotta De Leon, but for six weeks until her twenty-first birthday, when she’ll gain control of her own fortune, hiding out in the titillating company of a mysterious captor is awfully convenient — and maybe just a little romantic, too.

Meanwhile, Blake Ravenscroft’s mission is to bring “Carlotta” to justice, not to fall in love. His heart is inaccessible after years of intrigue, but this little temptress proves oddly disarming and thoroughly kissable. And suddenly the unthinkable becomes possible — that this mismatched couple might be destined for love.

How to Marry a Marquis Agents of the Crown

2. How to Marry a Marquis

When Elizabeth Hotchkiss stumbles upon a copy of How to Marry a Marquis in her employer’s library, she’s convinced someone is playing a cruel joke. With three younger siblings to support, she knows she has to marry for money, but who might have guessed how desperate she’s become? A guidebook to seduction might be just the thing she needs — and what harm could there be in taking a little peek?

James Sidwell, the Marquis of Riverdale, has been summoned to rescue his aunt from a blackmailer, a task that requires him to pose as the new estate manager, and his primary suspect is his aunt’s companion: Elizabeth. Intrigued by the alluring young woman with the curious little rulebook, he gallantly offers to help her find a husband…by practicing her wiles on him. But when practice becomes all too perfect, James decides that there is only one rule worth following — that Elizabeth marry her marquis.

Bevelstoke Series

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever

1. The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever

At the age of ten, Miranda Cheever showed no signs of Great Beauty. And even at ten, Miranda learned to accept the expectations society held for her.

That is, until the afternoon when Nigel Bevelstoke, the handsome and dashing Viscount Turner, solemnly kissed her hand and promised her that one day she would grow into herself, that one day she would be as beautiful as she already was smart. And even at ten, Miranda knew she would love him forever.

But the years that followed were as cruel to Turner as they were kind to Miranda. She is as intriguing as the viscount boldly predicted on that memorable day, while he is a lonely, bitter man, crushed by a devastating loss. But Miranda has never forgotten the truth she set down on paper all those years earlier — and she will not allow the love that is her destiny to slip lightly through her fingers…

What Happens in London Julia Quinn Books in Order

2. What Happens in London 

When Olivia Bevelstoke is told that her new neighbor may have killed his fiancée, she doesn’t believe it for a second. But, still, how can she help spying on him, just to be sure? So, she stakes out a spot near her bedroom window, cleverly concealed by curtains, watches, and waits…and discovers a most intriguing man, who is definitely up to something.

Sir Harry Valentine works for the boring branch of the War Office, translating documents vital to national security. He’s not a spy, but he has all the training, and when a gorgeous blonde begins to watch him from her window, he is instantly suspicious.

But just when he decides that she’s nothing more than an annoyingly nosy debutante, he discovers that she might be engaged to a foreign prince, who might be plotting against England. And when Harry is roped into spying on Olivia, he discovers that he might be falling for her himself…

Ten Things I Love About You Bevelstoke Series

3. Ten Things I Love About You

Sebastian Grey is a devilishly handsome rogue with a secret. As well, unless the present Earl of Newbury, his uncle and a widower, can find a spouse who will birth him a son, Sebastian is the putative successor. Except Lord Newbury detests his nephew and will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening.

Meanwhile, Annabel Winslow is the eldest of eight children and understands that a successful marriage may be the only thing to save her family from collapse. Even though Annabel doesn’t want to marry Lord Newbury, especially when she finds out he once romanced her grandmother, she is trying to be sensible about the offer.

More secrets and twists will be revealed along the way to happily ever after for both Annabel and Sebastian. 

Final Thoughts on Julia Quinn Books in Order

If you are a romantic enthusiast you should definitely check out Julia Quinn’s books. If you do, or if you already have, remember we are an active community of readers and would love to read your thoughts in the comment section.

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