All 90+ Stuart Woods Books in Order | The Ultimate Guide

Stuart Woods Books in Order

Stuart Woods is the author of over fifty novels, most notably his Stone Barrington series. His books are full of fast-paced action and intrigue with a touch of humor – perfect for any fan of mystery or crime fiction. Here we will show you how to read all the Stuart Woods books in order. Read on!

Stuart Woods Books in Order of Publication

Of course, Stuart Woods did go on to become an author of many novels as well, and quite a prolific one. Here is a list of all of the Stuart Woods books in order of their publication date.

Stone Barrington Books in Order

  1. New York Dead (1991)
  2. Dirt (1996)
  3. Dead in the Water (1997)
  4. Swimming to Catalina (1998)
  5. Worst Fears Realized (1999)
  6. L.A. Dead (2000)
  7. Cold Paradise (2001)
  8. The Short Forever (2002)
  9. Dirty Work (2003)
  10. Reckless Abandon (2004)
  11. Two-Dollar Bill (2005)
  12. Dark Harbor (2006)
  13. Fresh Disasters (2007)
  14. Shoot Him If He Runs (2007)
  15. Hot Mahogany (2008)
  16. Loitering With Intent (2009)
  17. Kisser (2009)
  18. Lucid Intervals (2010)
  19. Strategic Moves (2011)
  20. Bel-Air Dead (2011)
  21. Son of Stone (2011)
  22. D.C. Dead (2011)
  23. Unnatural Acts (2012)
  24. Severe Clear (2012)
  25. Collateral Damage (2013)
  26. Unintended Consequences (2013)
  27. Doing Hard Time (2013)
  28. Standup Guy (2014)
  29. Carnal Curiosity (2014)
  30. Cut and Thrust (2014)
  31. Paris Match (2014)
  32. Insatiable Appetites (2015)
  33. Hot Pursuit (2015)
  34. Naked Greed (2015)
  35. Foreign Affairs (2015)
  36. Scandalous Behavior (2016)
  37. Family Jewels (2016)
  38. Dishonorable Intentions (2016)
  39. Sex, Lies, and Serious Money (2016)
  40. Below the Belt (2017)
  41. Fast & Loose (2017)
  42. Indecent Exposure (2017)
  43. Quick & Dirty (2017)
  44. Unbound (2018)
  45. Shoot First (2018)
  46. Turbulence (2018)
  47. Desperate Measures (2018)
  48. A Delicate Touch (2018)
  49. Wild Card (2019)
  50. Contraband (2019)
  51. Stealth (2019)
  52. Treason (2020)
  53. Hit List (2020)
  54. Choppy Water (2020)
  55. Shakeup (2020)
  56. Hush-Hush (2020)
  57. Double Jeopardy (2021)
  58. Class Act (2021)
  59. Foul Play (2021)
  60. Criminal Mischief (2021)
  61. A Safe House (2022)
  62. Black Dog (2022)
  63. Distant Thunder (2022)
  64. Near Miss (Expected: June 6, 2023)
  65. Stone Barrington #65 (Expected: January 2, 2024)

Holly Barker Books in Order

  1. Orchid Beach (1998)
  2. Orchid Blues (2001)
  3. Blood Orchid (2002)
  4. Reckless Abandon (2004) (Cross-over with Stone Barrington)
  5. Iron Orchid (2005)
  6. Hothouse Orchid (2009)

Ed Eagle Books in Order

  1. Santa Fe Rules (1992)
  2. Short Straw (2006)
  3. Santa Fe Dead (2008)
  4. Santa Fe Edge (2010)

Herbie Fisher Books with Parnell Hall

  1. Barely Legal (2017)

Rick Barron Books in Order

  1. The Prince of Beverly Hills (2004)
  2. Beverly Hills Dead (2008)

Teddy Fay Books with Parnell Hall and Bryon Quertermous

  1. Smooth Operator (2016)
  2. The Money Shot (2018)
  3. Skin Game (2019)
  4. Bombshell (2020)
  5. Jackpot (2021)
  6. Obsession (Expected: October 10, 2023)

Will Lee Books in Order

  1. Chiefs (1981)
  2. Run Before the Wind (1983)
  3. Deep Lie (1986)
  4. Grass Roots (1989)
  5. The Run (1995)
  6. Capital Crimes (2003)
  7. Mounting Fears (2008)

Stuart Woods Books in Order – Standalone Novels

  1. Under the Lake (1986)
  2. White Cargo (1988)
  3. Palindrome (1990)
  4. L.A. Times (1993)
  5. Heat (1994)
  6. Dead Eyes (1994)
  7. Imperfect Strangers (1995)
  8. Choke (1995)

Stuart Woods Books in Order – Non-Fiction Books

  1. Blue Water, Green Skipper (1977)
  2. A Romantic’s Guide to the Country Inns of Britain and Ireland (1979)

Who is Stuart Woods?

Stuart Woods was born in Manchester, Georgia, in 1938. He graduated from the University of Georgie before briefly joining the Air National Guard. Pursuing a career in advertising he moved to New York in 1960 before moving to England at the end of the 1960s

It was in England that he decided to fulfill his childhood dream of writing a novel. His dreams were briefly thwarted when he discovered sailing as a hobby and took place in various competitions. His first books were non-fiction about his experience with the sport and life in the UK.

Summary Of The First 15 Stuart Woods Books In Order

Want to know which is the best Stuart Woods book? We have a list of Stuart Woods books in order by release date. If you’re not sure where to start, read these fifteen titles first!

New York Dead Stuart Woods Books in Order

New York Dead

Everyone is always telling Stone Barrington that he’s too smart to be a cop, but it’s pure luck that places him on the streets in the dead of night, just in time to witness the horrifying incident that turns his life inside out.

Suddenly he’s on the front page of every New York newspaper, and his life is hopelessly entwined in the increasingly shocking life (and perhaps death) of Sasha Nijinsky, the country’s hottest and most beautiful television anchorwoman.

No matter where he turns, the case is waiting for him, haunting his nights and turning his days into a living hell. Stone finds himself caught in a perilous web of unspeakable crimes, dangerous friends, and sexual depravity that has throughout it one common thread: Sasha.

Dirt Stone Barrington


Feared and loathed for her poison pen and ice queen persona, Amanda Dart has made her share of enemies. Then the tables are turned. An anonymous gossipmonger is faxing Amanda’s personal and private peccadilloes to anyone who can read.

Desperate to save her reputation, she enlists the help of New York lawyer and private investigator Stone Barrington to learn the identity of the faxer. And everyone in the world of tabloid journalism becomes a suspect.

But the faxes don’t stop. In fact, they get worse. And Stone winds up with more leads than one man can handle, until Amanda takes matters dangerously into her own hands and turns the world of gossip on its head.

As the circle of suspects shrinks, Stone discovers that even the most respected members of the social scene will stop at nothing—even homicide—to clear their sullied names.

Dead in the Water Stuart Woods

Dead in the Water

Stone Barrington has barely arrived in St. Marks, a lovely Caribbean island nation, for a planned sailing vacation when something very strange happens: A beautiful young woman sails into the harbor, entirely alone on a large yacht.

Before long she is under the intense scrutiny of local authorities in the very considerable person of Sir Winston Sutherland, the Minister of Justice. The problem is, though she arrived alone, she had departed the other side of the Atlantic in the company of her husband, a well-known writer, who is no longer in evidence.

Evidence is what fascinates Stone Barrington, and before many pages have been turned, he is all that stands between the apparently innocent Allison Manning and the patently evil intent of Sir Winston, whose motives are unclear.

What is clear is that the St. Marks’ system of justice bears little resemblance to the American courts to which Stone is accustomed and that his smallest error could prove fatal to his client.

Swimming to Catalina Stone Barrington Books in Order

Swimming to Catalina

Stone Barrington thought he’d heard the last of former girlfriend Arrington after she’d left him and New York to marry Vance Calder, Hollywood’s hottest star. The last thing Stone expected was a desperate call from Calder. Arrington has vanished, and he wants Stone to come to LA and help find her.

In a town where the sharks drive Bentleys and no one can be trusted, Stone soon discovers he’s drowning in a sea of empty clues that take him from Bel Air to Malibu to Rodeo Drive. Running out of time and leads, he needs to keep his head above water and find Arrington fast, or end up swimming with the fishes himself.

Worst Fears Realized

Worst Fears Realized

Not a man to dwell on the past, Stone Barrington has no choice but to rattle old skeletons when the people closest to him start dying, and he has little to go on but the suspicion that the killer may be someone he once knew. The trip down memory lane isn’t all bad though, for it reunites Stone with his ex-partner, Dino Bacchetti—now head of detectives in the nineteenth precinct.

Trying to find a brilliant killer in a sea of old faces is difficult enough without Stone’s former love, Arrington, now Mrs. Vance Calder, resurfacing, too—especially when she sets off her own fireworks coming nose to nose with his latest flame, a Mafia princess as beautiful as she is dangerous.

Caught on a thrill ride of a case that tests him as none has ever done before, Stone races to find a twisted madman with a taste for blood vengeance, with only a prayer to find him before Stone’s worst fears are realized.

L.A. Dead Stuart Woods Books in Order

L.A. Dead

Stone’s trip with a fiery Mafia Princess to Venice is cut short by a panicked phone call from halfway across the globe. Los Angeles is in a state of panic after a celebrity murder. A former flame is desperate for Stone’s assistance in many ways. Stone must search the darkest corners of Hollywood to find the murderer before a trial ends his chance at the life he so desperately desired.

Cold Paradise Stone Barrington

Cold Paradise

Luxuriating in Palm Beach’s winter warmth, Stone is stunned to recognize someone he thought was dead. Former client Allison Manning is alive and well—and suddenly very rich.

Now she needs Stone’s help in squaring a charge of insurance fraud that’s been hanging over her head for years—and in getting rid of a recently acquired stalker. Suspects abound, including an elusive writer, an enigmatic businessman, and Allison’s devious former husband.

Only Stone can thwart the sly and greedy plan to steal the millions of dollars at stake and the crafty killer behind it.

The Short Forever Stone Barrington Books in Order

The Short Forever

Hired by an odd client previously unknown to him, Stone arrives in London, on a mission he thinks he understands, but doesn’t. Soon he finds himself not only out of his territory, but out of his depth as well.

Baffled as he is by the behavior of both his quarry and his client, Stone’s life is further complicated by two, possibly three, murders and the affectionate attentions of two former lovers. When the intelligence services of three countries become involved, he can only hang on for a wild ride and hope for a not-too-bumpy landing.

Dirty Work Stuart Woods

Dirty Work

Hired to prove infidelity in an heiress’s marriage, Stone Barrington goes undercover. But the work turns dirty and catastrophic when the errant husband is found dead and the other woman disappears without a trace.

Now, Stone must clear his own good name and find a killer hiding among the glitterati of New York’s high society.

Enter Carpenter, the beautiful British intelligence agent first encountered in The Short Forever, who has arrived in New York to begin an investigation of her own. Stone suspects that her case is strangely connected to the dead husband. And he and Dino, his former NYPD partner, are set to face the most bizarre and challenging assignment of their very colorful careers.

Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon

Holly Barker’s come to New York hot on the trail of Trini Rodriguez, a bad guy she thought she’d stabbed to death in an earlier adventure. He’s currently wanted for blowing up a dozen people by hiding bombs in the caskets of two of his earlier victims and detonating them at the funeral. Among other things.

But finding him won’t be so simple: He’s been placed in the FBI Witness Protection Program and is working with the Feds and the CIA to catch an Arab terrorist group trying to employ the Mafia in a money-laundering scheme.

Two-Dollar Bill Stuart Woods Books in Order

Two Dollar Bill

Not long after Stone and his ex-partner Dino make the acquaintance of Billy Bob, a smooth-talkin’ Texan packing a wad of rare two-dollar bills, someone takes a shot at them.

Against his better judgment, Stone offers Billy Bob a safe haven for the night but almost immediately regrets it. The slippery out-of-towner has gone missing and someone has been found dead – in Stone’s town house no less.

Now, Stone is now stuck between a stunning federal prosecutor and a love from his past, a con man with more aliases than hairs on his head, and a murder investigation that could ruin them all.

Dark Harbor Stone Barrington

Dark Harbor

Stone Barrington hasn’t heard from his cousin, Dick Stone, in years. Then, an otherwise pleasant meal at Elaine’s is interrupted by the CIA with news of Dick’s death – apparently by his own hand.

It seems that Dick Stone, a quiet family man who doubled as a CIA agent, methodically executed his wife, daughter, and then himself…or did he?

Appointed executor of Dick’s will, Stone must settle the estate and, with the help of his ex-partner Dino and friend Holly Barker, piece together the elusive facts of his cousin’s life and death as a CIA operative. At every step, Stone knows he is being watched by Dick’s family and one of them just may be the killer.

Fresh Disasters Stuart Woods Books in Order

Fresh Disasters

Stone Barrington embarks on his most dangerous adventure yet when he takes on a job as a lawyer for a sleazy and clueless con man-and ends up getting embroiled in the underworld of the New York mafia.

It started out as just another late night at Elaine’s, where Stone was eating a porterhouse steak and enjoying the company of his friends. But when Herbie Fisher, a notoriously not-so-sharp swindler, walked in, the pleasant atmosphere turned to ice.

Herbie convinces Bill Eggers, the managing partner of Woodman & Weld, to sign him on as a client – with the goal of taking down the infamous mafia boss Carmine Datilla. And even though Stone doesn’t want to have anything to do with Herbie – or the mafia, for that matter – he is soon coerced into being Herbie’s lawyer.

With the help of his ex-partner, Dino, Stone investigates “Datilla the Hun,” and the rest of the mob family, encountering intrigue and danger at every turn. Will Stone finally take a stand, or will he end up at the bottom of Sheepshead Bay?

Shoot Him If He Runs Stone Barrington Books in Order

Shoot Him If He Runs

Rogue agent Teddy Fay has been considered dead for some time now. But President Will Lee thinks Teddy may still be alive. In a top-secret Oval Office meeting, Stone Barrington learns that he and his cohorts, Holly Barker and Dino Bacchetti, are being sent to the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Marks, courtesy of the CIA, to track down Teddy once and for all.

St. Marks is a vacationers’ paradise, but its luxurious beach clubs and secluded mountain villas are home to corrupt local politicians and more than a few American expats with murky personal histories. Stone and Holly soon discover that in St. Marks, everyone is hiding something—and that Teddy Fay may just be hiding in plain sight.

Hot Mahogany Stuart Woods

Hot Mahogany

Barton Cabot’s intelligence career is even more top secret than that of his brother, CIA boss Lance Cabot. But following a random act of violence, Barton is suffering from amnesia – a dangerous thing in a man whose memory is chock full of state secrets. So Lance hires Stone Barrington to watch his brother’s back.

Stone soon discovers that his charge is a spy with a rather unusual hobby: Building and restoring furniture. The genteel world of antiques and coin dealers seems a far cry from Stone’s usual underworld. But Barton is a man with a past, and one event in particular is coming back to haunt his present in ways he’d never expected.

Final Thoughts On Stuart Woods Books in Order

If you’ve read any of Stuart Woods books in order, what was your favorite? Do you have a least favorite book on the list? Are there other authors who write similar stories to these, or are they all unique and captivating? We would love to hear from you about what makes them so enjoyable.

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  1. I have read all your books and really enjoy them.My husband started reading them and then he got me interested ,I always look forward to them.I hate waiting for the next one.
    My husband died 10 years ago from pancreatic cancer and now I’m 88 and have it but after chemo and radiation it’s in remission.I am so blessed.
    Thanks for writtting your enjoyable books,I’m looking forward to the next one,Right now I’m reading,Extravagant Lives.

  2. I was so sorry to hear of his passing.I just found this out and sending condolences to his wife and family.

  3. We just read Imperfect Strangers. It is a very complex plot and very well written. I’m now finishing reading the first Stone Barrington book, New York Dead. Very disappointing job of proofreading by Harper Collins – disgraceful.

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