All 75+ Mary Stone Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

In the four years since her debut publication, Stone has published a truly incredible number of books on her own and as collaborations with fellow authors. There are nine series that make up the Mary Stone books in order, with two being spin-offs of previous series.

Stone often follows a similar formula for her series. There is frequently a prequel short story which introduces the main character and the world as a promotion, before the full-length novels begin. All of her books also follow female law enforcement officers who have endured their own tragedy and come out on the other side stronger.

Who is Mary Stone?

Again, Mary Stone is a relatively new author on the psychological thriller scene with her debut novel published around four years ago in April 2019. That novel was Winter’s Mourn, which is the first book in the Winter Black series. This series has since gone on to be one of her most popular and inspired a spin-off.

Since then, she has written nine series and frequently collaborated with fellow authors. Six of her nine series are co-written with other authors.

Stone has had an active imagination since she was a child and a curiosity for the dark and macabre. While other children may insist their parents look under the bed for monsters, Stone would go looking herself. But as she grew up, she realized the monsters to really fear were humans, and these monsters have become the antagonists within her books.

She has also loved puzzles since she was a child, which she injects into her mysteries.

Stone currently lives in East Tennessee among the Blue Ridge Mountains with her family.

Mary Stone Books in Order

Winter Black Books

Our list of the Mary Stone books in order begins with her debut publication, Winter’s Origin, which is the beginning of her most popular series. It is also the setting for a spin-off series, Autumn Trent.

The two series are intertwined and Stone’s recommended reading order divides both series into seasons one and two. The first season of Winter Black contains Winter’s Origin to Winter’s Black Christmas, at which point you should read the first nine Autumn Trent books, before returning to Winter Black.

The beginning of the second season within this series is marked below with an asterisk.

The Winter Black books follow the titular protagonist. Winter was the only member of her immediate family left standing after a horrific attack by the serial killer The Preacher thirteen years ago. She begins the series as a rookie FBI agent with a stalwart opinion on right and wrong.

  1. Winter’s Origin (2019) (Prequel Short Story)
  2. Winter’s Mourn (2019)
  3. Winter’s Curse (2019)
  4. Winter’s Redemption (2019)
  5. Winter’s Rise (2019)
  6. Winter’s Ghost (2019)
  7. Winter’s Secret (2019)
  8. Winter’s Web (2019)
  9. Winter’s Storm (2020)
  10. Winter’s End (2020)
  11. Winter’s Black Christmas (2021) (Prequel Short Story)
  12. Winter’s Return (2022) *
  13. Winter’s Rescue (2023)
  14. Winter’s Shock (Expected: September 7, 2023)

Kylie Hatfield Books

Shortly after publishing her debut, Mary Stone began another series in collaboration with fellow author Bella Cross. This is another psychological thriller series, but instead of an FBI agent, Kylie Hatfield begins the series as an office assistant at a private investigator’s office.

But Kylie has always dreamed of becoming a private investigator herself and when Jessica Hilyard goes missing, Kylie promises Jessica’s older sister that she’ll find her. All evidence is pointing to a dangerous serial killer, however, and everyone is warning her to take a step back, but Kylie won’t be deterred.

The prequel short story to this series is Deadly Beginnings.

  1. Deadly Act (2019)
  2. Deadly Lies (2019)
  3. Deadly Games (2019)
  4. Deadly Dreams (2019)
  5. Deadly Silence (2019)

Ellie Kline Books

Mary Stone’s next series was another spin-off, but this time with Donna Berdel. This series takes place in Charleston, South Carolina following Officer Ellie Kline. She has always been the black sheep in her elite family and her parents have done everything to protect her since she was kidnapped at fifteen years old.

That horrific experience has shaped her into who she is and made her determined to prove herself as a cop. She’s now part of the Cold Case Unit as a detective and finds herself drawn to a young, unidentified woman with no missing persons’ report, no leads, and no evidence. Then she finds a connection to another Jane Doe case and hazy memories of her own past begin to resurface.

The prequel short story to this series is Cold Start.

  1. Cold Truth (2020)
  2. Cold Hunt (2020)
  3. Cold Threat (2020)
  4. Cold Highway (2020)
  5. Cold Grave (2020)
  6. Cold Shadows (2020)
  7. Cold Revenge (2020)
  8. Cold Trail (2021)
  9. Cold Death (2021)
  10. Cold Heart (2022)
  11. Cold Judgment (2022)
  12. Cold Intentions (2023)
  13. Cold Crash (Expected: June 3, 2024)

Autumn Trent Books

This is the Winter Black spin-off and as previously explained you should read the books and stories in that original series up to Winter’s Black Christmas before beginning the Autumn Trent books. Then you can read from Autumn’s Game to Autumn’s Trap before reading the remaining Winter Black books and then returning to this series. With that reading order you will follow the chronological timeline of the universe.

The beginning of the second season within this series is marked below with an asterisk.

Autumn Trent was first introduced in the Winter Black series as an asset to the FBI team in their search for justice with her PhD in forensic psychology and a Doctor of Jurisprudence. This series reveals more of her background and her intimate understanding of what it is like to be wronged, and what fuels her pursuit of justice.

The prequel short story for this series is Autumn’s Rise.

  1. Autumn’s Game (2020)
  2. Autumn’s Break (2020)
  3. Autumn’s Fear (2020)
  4. Autumn’s Rage (2021)
  5. Autumn’s Chaos (2021)
  6. Autumn’s Risk (2021)
  7. Autumn’s Strike (2021)
  8. Autumn’s Prize (2021)
  9. Autumn’s Trap (2022)
  10. Autumn’s Deceit (2023) *
  11. Autumn’s Warning (Expected: September 21, 2023)

Amelia Storm Books

Only two years after her debut publication, Stone was already beginning her fifth series, this time a collaboration with Amy Wilson. This time the protagonist, Amelia Storm, is a military veteran turned FBI special agent. In the first book she returns to Chicago after her brother is killed in the line of duty, intent on avenging his death and ending the corruption in the city.

Then a documentary shines a spotlight on a kidnapping that took place four years ago. But Amelia and her coworkers know that there is more than meets the eye. The twelve-year-old was the target of a human trafficking ring and Amelia will find herself falling deeper and deeper into Chicago’s criminal hierarchy in her search for the girl.

The prequel short story for this series is Storm’s Awakening.

  1. Storm’s Fury (2021)
  2. Storm’s Peril (2021)
  3. Storm’s Cage (2021)
  4. Storm’s Ruin (2021)
  5. Storm’s Wrath (2021)
  6. Storm’s Rite (2021)
  7. Storm’s Justice (2021)
  8. Storm’s Nightmare (2022)
  9. Storm’s Revenge (2022)
  10. Storm’s Cut (2023)
  11. Storm’s Target (Expected: April 26, 2024)

Charli Cross Books

Mary Stone collaborates with Donna Berdel once again in this spin-off of the Ellie Kline series. Charli Cross is a police detective in Savannah, Georgia. She has needed to compensate for her small frame with pragmatic competence, which has been successful in making her a detective by the age of 23 and for her unequaled murder clearance rate with her partner.

But her composure begins to crack when the remains of a teenage girl are found stuffed in a storage container. On top of the brutality, it reminds Charli of her best friend who was found murdered at 16 not far away from this new crime scene. As she accepts that she is chasing down a serial killer, Charli struggles to remain unemotional.

The prequel short story to this series is Dark Journey.

  1. Dark Purpose (2021)
  2. Dark Greed (2021)
  3. Dark Power (2021)
  4. Dark Malice (2022)
  5. Dark Silence (2022)
  6. Dark Obsession (2022)
  7. Dark Bet (2023)

Stella Knox Books

This series is written in collaboration with Stacy O’Hare. Stella Knox became an FBI agent to seek justice for her father and find the dirty cops responsible for his murder. But her first case out of Quantico has her seeking justice for three young boys found murdered outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

The victims have no fingerprints, DNA, or much of a connection, but Stella needs to determine if she is tracking down a serial killer or three separate murderers.

  1. Killer Smile (2022)
  2. Killer Style (2022)
  3. Killer Shot (2022)
  4. Killer Spirit (2022)
  5. Killer Memo (2022)
  6. Killer Note (2022)
  7. Killer Encore (2023)
  8. Killer Knockout (2023)
  9. Killer Fame (2023)

Shadow Island Books

Next is a collaboration with Lori Rhodes that follows former FBI Special Agent Rebecca West. She needs a new start after an incident brought justice to her parents’ killers, but ended her career. So, Rebecca heads to the sleepy town of Shadow Island for a few months of peace.

But the beach town is not the idyllic location she remembers from summers spent there as a kid. Especially not when a teenager turns up dead and Rebecca agrees to help the overworked sheriff. She soon discovers that something much bigger is lurking in the shadows on the island and the girl’s murder might unlock the truth.

  1. Shadow’s Secret (2022)
  2. Shadow’s Captive (2022)
  3. Shadow’s Deadline (2022)
  4. Shadow’s Force (2023)
  5. Shadow’s Watch (2023)
  6. Shadow’s Hostage (2023)
  7. Shadow’s Ritual (2023)

Emma Last FBI Mystery Book

Finally, the last series in the Mary Stone books in order is a new endeavor following FBI Special Agent Emma Last. Emma is part of the newly formed Violent Crimes Unit in Washington, DC and its latest case gives her an opportunity to prove herself to her SSA.

The Ruby Red Spectacle Circus has come to town, and performers are turning up dead. As Emma begins investigating, it soon becomes clear that someone will do whatever it takes to keep the circus’s secrets hidden.

  1. Last Breath (2023)
  2. Last Vendetta (Expected: July 11, 2023)

A Summary of Mary Stone Books in Order

Now that you know everything that Stone has written, below you will find the summaries to the Winter Black by Mary Stone books in order. We’ve only included the full-length novels from the “first season” of the series, leaving off the prequel and holiday short stories. However, there will be minor spoilers as the series progresses, so take care if you have never read these books before.

Winter’s Mourn Mary Stone Books in Order

1. Winter’s Mourn

Winter Black was a girl when she returned home early from a sleepover and found her parents murdered and her little brother gone. They were the victims of a serial killer: The Preacher.

Thirteen years later, Winter is now a rookie FBI agent on her first murder case. She is back in her hometown for the investigation and it quickly becomes personal. Bones are discovered along with a secret burial ground, and Winter finds herself wondering if she will find her brother’s bones next.

The answers can only be found with The Preacher, and he is willing to do anything to keep his secrets until he’s ready to make his final move.

Winter’s Curse Winter Black

2. Winter’s Curse

A pair of masterminds are emulating famous robberies and leaving a trail of blood in their wake. The FBI is working with local law enforcement to track them down, but the crimes are escalating as they escape.

The federal team is also juggling its own problems. Winter Black’s partner and nemesis, Sun Ming, has her own agenda, and Winter is intent on finding The Preacher. To make matters even worse, Winter is trying to hide her growing abilities while the “gift” The Preacher gave her years ago threatens to destroy her body and soul.

Winter’s Redemption Mary Stone

3. Winter’s Redemption

Winter Black has spent her whole life waiting for this moment to seek retribution for her parents and little brother. The Preacher has come out of retirement. She’s taken off the case, but it doesn’t take her long to realize that The Preacher is hunting her.

With each new murder, he is leaving Winter a message. Then he kidnaps a fellow agent, and Winter is desperate to find him before he kills another person she cares about.

Winter’s Rise Winter Black

4. Winter’s Rise

Winter Black has spent the last thirteen years believing her brother was dead, a victim of The Preacher just like her parents. Then she finds a lead on Justin’s whereabouts and comes out of her hiatus to chase it. But there are other cases demanding her attention too.

A body had been found and its wounds indicate that this serial killer is a skilled surgeon that experiments on atypical brains, then disposes of the bodies. Then Winter’s childhood psychiatrist appears, who knows all about her abilities. Time is quickly running out as the killer is after Winter’s friend and her.

Winter’s Ghost Mary Stone Books in Order

5. Winter’s Ghost

A new killer is acting as judge, jury, and executioner to mete out their own form of justice. They are targeting criminals that the cops have brushed aside and no one seems to mind, until the next target is a member of the FBI.

For Winter Black the line between right and wrong does not waver. She learned it the night her parents were killed and her little brother taken from her. It doesn’t matter if she thinks someone deserves to die, she will uphold the law above all else.

Winter’s Secret Mary Stone

6. Winter’s Secret

Even though The Preacher is now dead, the past is still haunting Winter Black. Her missing brother seems to be taunting her and sending her back to their old house. There is also a primal part of her seeking vengeance that threatens to overwhelm her the more she learns. Especially since her best friend and partner’s own past has come into play.

Noah Dalton’s father, Eric, borrowed money from the Russian mob, but there is something he isn’t telling the FBI. His daughter and son-in-law have been kidnapped, and still he is harboring secrets as the clock ticks down.

Winter’s Web Winter Black

7. Winter’s Web

Ryan O’Connelly was an unwilling accomplice of a bank robber turned mass murderer. When he escaped from the FBI, no one expected to hear from him again and he certainly never imagined he would show up at their doorstep of his own volition. But that is exactly what he does after a year on the run.

He has information that will help Winter Black track down a brutal serial killer. However, as Ryan leads the team into a deep, dark web of secrets, Winter gets a disturbing message from her brother. She can feel him watching and waiting, but she isn’t afraid of spiders, only when the spider disappears.

Winter’s Storm Mary Stone

8. Winter’s Storm

On the night that Winter Black took down The Preacher, there was also a mass shooting at Riverside Mall. That night is back in the forefront of her mind with her latest case. That’s because someone is hunting down the survivors of the mall massacre and Winter needs to find out who.

It begins to feel like protecting the survivors is an impossible task as the case becomes even more convoluted and twisted. Is it possible that the Riverside massacre and The Preacher are connected? How does Winter’s little brother Justin fit in?

Winter’s End Mary Stone Books in Order

9. Winter’s End

FBI Special Agent Winter Black has been haunted by The Preacher for thirteen years. During that time she has suffered mentally and physically. It has been thirteen years of regret, hope, fear, and hate.

But now the boy she has longed for has turned into a man she fears. She must face him, catch him, and maybe even kill him, even if it means the end of her.

Final thoughts

Despite the relative newness of her career, there are many Mary Stone books in order to enjoy. In her writing Stone focuses on the psychological motivations of her killers and the consequences of their actions. Her books are fast-paced thrillers that will have you racing to the next page, and the next book, to find out what happens next.

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