All 85+ Colleen Coble Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

The Colleen Coble books in order include historical romance, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. Her career began by writing for Harlequin’s Christian fiction imprint, Heartsong, but she quickly began writing longer novels.

The majority of her bibliography is made up of duologies, trilogies, and pentalogies, but she has also written a dozen standalones.

About Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble’s return to contemporary Christian fiction took place within the past decade and she said that it is her real love. Throughout a career which has spanned nearly 30 years, however, she has written a large number of historical romances and romantic suspense stories.

Collectively, the Colleen Coble books in order have sold more than four million copies.

She says her return to contemporary Christian fiction a decade ago shows how much Christian fiction has evolved since the 1990s and 2000s. Coble says that the days of prairie stories and perfect characters are over, making room for imperfect characters. Coble says there are no forbidden topics now and that Christian fiction authors don’t have to shy away from anything.

She says the difference from general market publishing is that Christian fiction will have a hopeful feeling instead of a dark feeling.

Coble has also shifted away from traditional publishing to custom publishing. This form of publishing is described as in between traditional and self-publishing. The books have a professional cover, page design, editing, distribution, and a marketing plan, but the authors retain much creative control.

If you found Coble through her historical fiction, however, do not fret. She says her return to contemporary fiction doesn’t mean she’ll never write a historical story again, it will just need to be the right story.

Is Haven of Swans part of the Rock Harbor series?

A big question many readers have is if Haven of Swans is part of the Rock Harbor series. There is a bit of conflicting information concerning this on Colleen Coble’s website. Further complicating matters is the fact that Haven of Swans was previously published as Abomination.

In one graphic and list of the series on her website, Coble does not include Haven of Swans. However, on other pages, Haven of Swans (and Abomination) are both included as part of the Rock Harbor series.

Part of the confusion stems from the shift in characters. The first three Rock Harbor books primarily follow Bree Nicholls, as do the other books in the series.

Haven of Swans is a disruption to this pattern by focusing primarily on other characters, but it does take place in the same world. The characters from previous books also do feature in Haven of Swans, so it should be read as part of the Rock Harbor series. However, many readers have remarked that this book has a much darker storyline than the other books in the series.

Colleen Coble Books in Order

Wyoming Books

Colleen Coble’s debut novel was the beginning of a historical fiction series. It takes place in the territories of Wyoming and Arizona following the Civil War. Each book takes place within the military forts during the wars which followed the Civil War and follows a new female protagonist on their journey to love.

This series was edited, renamed, and republished as A Journey of the Heart. Both versions of the series remain in print, but in various editions.

  1. Where Leads the Heart (1997)
  2. Plains of Promise (1999)
  3. The Heart Answers (1999)
  4. To Love a Stranger (2000)

A Journey of the Heart Books

  1. A Heart’s Disguise (1997)
  2. A Heart’s Obsession (1999)
  3. A Heart’s Danger (1999)
  4. A Heart’s Betrayal (1999)
  5. A Heart’s Promise (1999)
  6. A Heart’s Home (1999)

Standalone Books

The next list of books are her standalones. These books span from her early Heartsong books to her most recent release, so it is a great snapshot of her writing career. The below Colleen Coble books in order include historical romances and contemporary romances with plenty of mystery.

  1. Love Ahoy (1999)
  2. From Russia With Love (2000)
  3. The Cattle Baron’s Bride (2001) (Out of Print)
  4. Maggie’s Mistake (2002)
  5. Red River Bride (2002) (Out of Print)
  6. Alaska Twilight (2006)
  7. Anathema / Where Shadows Meet (2008)
  8. Because You’re Mine (2017)
  9. Freedom’s Light (2018)
  10. Strands of Truth (2019)
  11. A Stranger’s Game (2022)
  12. Fragile Designs (2024)

Rock Harbor Books

Then comes the Rock Harbor books, which we’ve already briefly talked about. These books are contemporary mysteries that take place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The series is equal parts suspense and romance.

  1. Without a Trace (2003)
  2. Beyond a Doubt (2004)
  3. Into the Deep (2004)
  4. Abomination / Haven of Swans (2007)
  5. Cry in the Night (2009)
  6. Silent Night (2012) (Novella)
  7. Beneath Copper Falls (2017)

Aloha Reef Books

This is another contemporary Christian mystery thriller series, but these books take place in Hawaii. Each book follows a new female protagonist, while the holiday novella brings multiple protagonists together. The characters from previous books do feature in the later ones and are interconnected throughout the series, so if you plan on reading the whole series it is best to read these books in order.

  1. Distant Echoes (2005)
  2. Black Sands (2005)
  3. Dangerous Depths (2006)
  4. Midnight Sea (2007)
  5. Holy Night (2013) (Novella)

Smoke Jumpers Book

While Fire Dancer was announced as the first book in the Smoke Jumpers series, there is still only one book in the series after more than a decade and a half. It follows Tess Masterson, who has become one of the best smoke jumpers in the business since her parents died in a barn fire a decade ago.

It is her job to jump out of planes into roaring wildfires, which she does without facing the wounds from her past. When a serial arsonist starts a fire near her old home though, ignoring her past or her anger towards Chase Huston will no longer be an option.

  1. Fire Dancer (2006)

Lonestar Books

In her next series Coble brings the marriage of convenience trope into the modern era amidst the setting of West Texas. In each book, however, there are elements of suspense with stalkers, kidnappers, and murderers that encircle the cast of characters and Bluebird Ranch.

While the main characters change from book-to-book, the characters are interconnected and appear throughout the series. For that reason, it is best to read these Colleen Coble books in order of publication for the best reading experience.

  1. Lonestar Sanctuary (2007)
  2. Lonestar Secrets (2008)
  3. Lonestar Homecoming (2010)
  4. Lonestar Angel (2011)
  5. All Is Calm (2014) (Novella)

Mercy Falls Books

This series is a return to historical Christian fiction for Coble, and it takes place in the fictional town of Mercy Falls in northern California near the end of the 1800s. Each book in the trilogy follows a new protagonist and couple, but again the characters are interconnected throughout the series.

  1. The Lightkeeper’s Daughter (2009)
  2. The Lightkeeper’s Bride (2010)
  3. The Lightkeeper’s Ball (2011)

Smitten Books

Next is a contemporary Christian romance series that takes place in Smitten, Vermont and is a collaborative project between Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, and Diann Hunt.

Each author writes one novella in the collaborative bind-ups that follow four different characters. However, Coble’s novellas have also been collected into the book Smitten Ever After.

  1. Smitten (2011) (With Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, Diann Hunt)
  2. Secretly Smitten (2013) (With Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, Diann Hunt)
  3. Smitten Book Club (2014) (With Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, Diann Hunt)
  4. Smitten Ever After (2014)

Hope Beach Books

The next series on our list of the Colleen Coble books in order is another contemporary Christian romance series, but with strong mystery elements. Once again each book follows a new character, but it is best to read these books in order of publication for the best reading experience.

The first book follows Libby who has inherited an old hotel on Hope Beach from a father she never knew she had, but her dream come true becomes a nightmare when her best friend is kidnapped and she must prove her innocence. The next book follows Amy who is positive her brother’s death was no accident, but needs to prove it. Then in the final book Elin begins having violent flashbacks after her heart transplant that ends up being memories of her donor’s murder.

All Is Bright is a holiday-themed novella following Delilah Carter and Hope Beach Sheriff Tom Bourne.

  1. Tidewater Inn (2012)
  2. Rosemary Cottage (2013)
  3. Seagrass Pier (2014)
  4. All Is Bright (2015) (Novella)

Under Texas Stars Books

Colleen Coble’s next series begins with a marriage of convenience in a historical Christian romance setting. The first book follows Lucy Marsh who is trying to care for herself and her siblings following her father’s murder and accepts a proxy marriage to Nate Stanton to leave town quick, but her past follows her to her new home.

The sequel follows Margaret O’Brien who has dedicated her life to being a rancher. When her father hires Daniel Cutler as a new foreman, she is immediately suspicious and must decide whether to trust her ears, her best judgment, or her heart.

  1. Blue Moon Promise (2012)
  2. Safe in His Arms (2013)

Rock Harbor Search and Rescue Books

This is a middle grade spin-off series from Colleen Coble’s Rock Harbor series and written in collaboration with Robin Caroll. It takes the setting of Coble’s bestselling series and the allure of its mysteries and delivers it in an appropriate fashion for a younger audience.

  1. Rock Harbor Search and Rescue (2013)
  2. Lost and Found (2013)

Love Across the Sea Books

In Love Across the Sea, Coble returns to the end of the nineteenth century in Austin, Texas. The full-length novel follows Lilly Donnelly arriving at the famous Butterfly Mansion as a new servant. While serving a dinner party she recognizes one of the guests as the love of her life who abandoned her back home and is now assuming a new identity.

As Lilly is reeling, she is attacked and has no clue where to turn or who to trust. Meanwhile, the short story follows a new character on her own journey to the Butterfly Palace, and escaping her own past.

  1. Butterfly Palace (2014)
  2. Bluebonnet Bride (2014) (Short Story)

Sunset Cove Books

Each book in the Sunset Cove trilogy follows a new protagonist who must reckon with their dark and mysterious past. While the primary focus shifts from book-to-book, the storylines do build upon each other, and the previous characters do feature in later books. For that reason, it is best to read these Colleen Coble books in order.

  1. The Inn at Ocean’s Edge (2015)
  2. Mermaid Moon (2016)
  3. Twilight at Blueberry Barrens (2016)

Lavender Tides Books

Once again, these books are contemporary romantic suspense with murderers, stalkers, international terrorism, and more. Each book follows new main characters, while the novella follows the couple from the first book. However, as with the other Colleen Coble books, it is best to read these books in publication order to follow the chronology and development of the characters and world.

  1. The View from Rainshadow Bay (2018)
  2. Leaving Lavender Tides (2018) (Novella)
  3. The House at Saltwater Point (2018)
  4. Secrets at Cedar Cabin (2019)

Pelican Harbor Books

The Pelican Harbor trilogy follows Jane Hardy, who at the beginning of the series has become the interim sheriff in Pelican Harbor, Alabama. It is very important to read these books in order of publication to avoid spoilers. In the first book Jane must track down the culprit who is trying to destroy her father, the recently retired police sheriff.

  1. One Little Lie (2020)
  2. Two Reasons to Run (2020)
  3. Three Missing Days (2021)

Annie Pederson Books

In this next series, Coble returns to the familiar and beloved setting of Rock Harbor, Michigan. Characters from her earlier Rock Harbor series will reappear in the Annie Pederson books, so while it is not necessary to read that series first, it will enhance your reading experience of these books. It is, however, necessary to read these books in order of publication to avoid spoilers.

  1. Edge of Dusk (2022)
  2. Dark of Night (2023)
  3. Break of Day (2023)

Tupelo Grove Books

Colleen Coble’s upcoming novel is co-written with Rick Acker, who is a Christian legal thriller author. Acker is also a supervising deputy attorney general for the California Department of Justice. Tupelo Grove brings Coble’s experience writing romantic suspense together with Acker’s experience writing legal thrillers.

The book follows Savannah Webster, who has begun teaching history at Tupelo Grove University when she becomes the suspect in the murder of the university’s president. The only person she trusts to defend her innocence is her estranged husband Hez, a former defense attorney.

  1. What We Hide (Expected: July 2, 2024)

Short Stories/Novellas

Coble has also written several short stories and novellas. The below titles are in addition to the other short stories and novellas listed above within their respective series.

  1. Belinda (2012)
  2. A Match Made in Heaven (2012)
  3. Heart Full of Love (2012)
  4. Love, Suite Love (2012)
  5. Storm Warning (2013)
  6. Love’s Far Country (2013)
  7. The Wedding Quilt Bride (2013)
  8. Set Sail My Heart (2013)

Picture Book

Colleen Coble has also written one picture book for children, which is a story about being thankful as well as celebrating the bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

  1. The Blessings Jar (2013)


Finally, if you enjoy shorter reads, Coble has contributed to several anthologies throughout her career. Unfortunately, these books are now out of print, but second-hand copies are available.

  1. Spring’s Memory (1999)
  2. Forever Friends (2000)
  3. Reunions (2000)
  4. Home for Christmas (2001)
  5. Heirloom Brides (2001)
  6. Blind Dates (2003)
  7. Gold Rush Christmas (2003)

A Summary of Colleen Coble Books in Order

Below you will find the summaries for the ten Colleen Coble standalone books that are still in print. This list begins with some of her earliest novels which were Heartsong Christian fiction from Harlequin. Coble then began writing longer form Christian romance fiction that includes historical, contemporary, and romantic suspense.

So, the below list provides a good overview of her bibliography. It spans from some of her very first books, right up to her most recent release.

Love Ahoy Book Cover

1. Love Ahoy

Shelby West has given up on men and set her sights on the corporate world. But then her great-uncle leaves her his charter yacht business and a considerable amount of money. In order to access the inheritance, however, Shelby needs to sail one of the yachts around Cape Horn within six months.

Meanwhile, Jesse Titus needs to rent a boat for a race around Cape Horn. So, even though she is terrified of water, Shelby confronts her fears and asks Jesse to take her along on the trip. As she faces her fears, Shelby also learns to accept herself as God made her and accept the love Jesse offers.

From Russia With Love Colleen Coble

2. From Russia With Love

Irina’s father was killed by the Russian government and her mother is desperate. Tatiana decides that marrying an American man will ensure Irina’s security, but when Tatiana arrives in the U.S. she finds out that the marriage she expected to enter was only a cruel joke arranged by Gabe Salinger’s twin brother.

Gabe has no interest in marrying an unknown Russian woman. But he still opens his home to Tatiana and Irina, and Tatiana falls in love with him. Gabe will not marry a woman who does not believe in Christ, and Tatiana cannot forgive God for the murder of her husband, but she needs to marry someone…

Maggie’s Mistake Colleen Coble Books in Order

3. Maggie’s Mistake

Maggie and Fiona O’Keefe are two orphaned sisters struggling to find their way in a new country. Nineteen-year-old Maggie is trying to balance her new bakery business in Wabash, Indiana while caring for three-year-old Fiona. Then, one day, Fiona disappears.

The sheriff, Simon Masters, assumes Maggie is a careless young mother and joins the search. He detests negligent parents and tells Maggie that he questions if she is fit to assume custody when the child is found. However, as they bicker, Maggie and Simon will find they have more in common than the disagreement between them.

Alaska Twilight Book Cover

4. Alaska Twilight

For some people, Alaska is a breathtaking wilderness adventure, full of light and beauty. But for Haley, it is a dangerous world of dark dreams and tortured memories.

She tells everyone that she is in Alaska to document wildlife activist Kipp Nowak’s bear encounters, but really she is here to discover the truth about a past murder. Then another body turns up and Haley begins to wonder how closely connected her past and the present dangers are.

Where Shadows Meet Colleen Coble Books in Order

5. Where Shadows Meet

Visitors travel to Parke County, Indiana to enjoy the farmland, buy Amish quilts, and experience the peaceful life of the area. Then a double murder rocks the foundations of the quiet community, but the Amish families resolve to forgive the horrible offense.

Except Hannah cannot find forgiveness for the murderer or for herself. That’s because while the crime was committed in her own home, she was meeting with her forbidden lover, her English beau, Reece.

The elders of the community tell Hannah that if she does not forgive her family’s killer she will be shunned, so she runs away with Reece. But Reece isn’t who she thought he was.

Year later, Hannah returns to the place she no longer calls home. Can she find the forgiveness and belonging that she so desperately desires?

Because You’re Mine Book Cover

6. Because You’re Mine

Tragedy plagues Alanna. Her husband is killed by a car bomb while their band is on tour in Charleston, and she does not know where to turn. Her father-in-law is threatening to take custody of her unborn baby, but Alanna knows that she can’t lose the last piece of Liam she has left.

Then their manager offers to marry Alanna so she can get her U.S. citizenship and retain custody of her child. While it appears to be the perfect solution, Alanna starts having doubts when she arrives at Barry’s family home, a decaying mansion surrounded by swamp.

Also, Liam’s best friend survived the car bomb. Alanna never really liked Jesse, but now she can’t seem to get away from him. When he takes Liam’s place in the band, it’s too much for her. Then threats to Alanna and her child’s life begin happening, hinting that something much more sinister than coincidence is at play.

Freedom’s Light Colleen Coble

7. Freedom’s Light

When she marries John, Hannah Thomas left the South and everything that was familiar to her behind. Then John is killed in one of the first battles in the war for freedom, and the fact that she’s never been accepted by the strict Massachusetts Puritan community only become more obvious and difficult.

She is allowed to continue to serve as lightkeeper for the twin tower lighthouses on the lonely coastline, but it is grueling work for a woman alone. A shipwreck washes a handsome captain ashore who she thinks is a Tory, but he ends up being a spy for Washington.

There is much standing in the way of their happiness. The need to protect his secret, the pressure from John’s family to remarry, the disapproval from the townspeople, and the appearance of Hannah’s wayward sister. Hannah isn’t sure she’ll ever see the light of freedom.

Strands of Truth Colleen Coble

8. Strands of Truth

Harper Taylor is used to being alone. Her mother died in a car accident when she was a baby, she never knew who her father was, and now her grandmother is gone too. She’s focusing on investing her time and energy into her marine biology degree and her pen shell business.

She never expects a DNA test to reveal that she likely has a half-sister. When she meets Annabelle, they discover that their lives are strikingly similar. It can’t be coincidence that both of their mothers died tragically without revealing their father’s name, right?

Then Harper’s business partner is attacked, and his son Ridge steps in to help. Before long the two of them are spending a significant amount of time together. When another tragedy strikes, however, they realize that they need to unravel Harper’s past to ensure their future.

A Stranger's Game Colleen Coble Books in Order

9. A Stranger’s Game

Torie Bergstrom hasn’t been back to Georgia since she was ten, but she’s happy to arrange a job for her best friend at one of the family properties on Jekyll Island. But when Torie learns that her best friend has drowned, she knows it is more than a tragic accident. That’s because Lisbeth is terrified of water and would never have gone swimming by choice.

So, Torie goes to the hotel under an alias to try and find answers. She meets Joe Abbott and his daughter rescuing baby turtles and finds a tentative ally. But the truth is intrinsically connected to Torie’s mother’s death twenty years before, and someone will risk anything to hide the truth.

Fragile Designs Book Cover

10. Fragile Designs

Carly Tucker’s husband is killed during a home break-in, and Carly knows that she will need to find something to support her and their infant son, Noah. When her grandmother proposes Carly and her two sisters restore the family’s waterfront home into a bed and breakfast — that Carly will run — it seems to be the perfect solution even if the three sisters do not get along.

But when Carly is going through the attic, she uncovers a shocking letter. Two days before he died, her husband found out that Carly’s grandmother was adopted and had begun trying to track down her birth family. It may even have led to his death.

The journey to find and protect her family will have Carly diving deep into the lost treasures of Eastern Europe — if she and her Gram’s neighbor Simon can survive that long.

Final thoughts on Colleen Coble books in order

Colleen Coble began her career as a serial romance author for Heartsong writing historical Christian romances, but she found her passion and calling with contemporary romances that include romantic suspense. Her bibliography now spans more than fifteen series with standalones and short stories as well.

Whether you prefer contemporary or historical romances with no mystery, a little, or a lot, there will be a Colleen Coble book — or several — for you to pick up next.

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