All 190+ WEB Griffin Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

WEB Griffin is just one pseudonym that was used by William E. Butterworth III, but it easily became his most popular. The WEB Griffin books in order below encompass the military fiction that brought Griffin just world-wide acclaim, as well as his ventures into other genres and subjects.

About WEB Griffin

For the same reason that Stephen King, Nora Roberts, and many other authors adopt pseudonyms, Griffin did so because he wasn’t sure if libraries, publishers, and the public would accept multiple works by the same author in a single year.

He began doing this in the 1960s, but then his military fiction was so successful that he was able to streamline his pseudonyms almost down to one with WEB Griffin a few decades later.

He thought of Griffin as a penname in the early 1980s because of the mythological creature. Griffin said that most colonels think of themselves in a similar way with the wings of an eagle and the loins of a lion.

Griffin was born in 1929 and died in February 2019 at the age of 89. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, Griffin began writing closely with his son William E. Butterworth IV and two of his series have continued on posthumously by other authors.

During his lifetime he sold more than 50 million copies in more than 10 languages. His books were bestsellers and well-known for historical accuracy and his realistic portrayal of those in uniform.

Griffin wrote about soldiers, men of higher rank, spies, and police officers. He said the best compliment and biggest honor he could receive is when a serviceman, veteran, or cop told him that they enjoyed reading his books.

Do WEB Griffin books need to be read in order?

Each series by WEB Griffin should be read in order for the best possible reading experience. The books within his series feature a new mission or assignment, but the characters develop from book-to-book. Therefore, if you enjoy books that are character-driven, reading the books in order of publication will be the best choice for you.

Also there are two series which are intrinsically linked that feature shared characters. Those two series are Presidential Agent and Clandestine Operations. Since those two series are interconnected, which we explain below, those WEB Griffin books should be read in order of publication.

WEB Griffin Books in Order

Brotherhood of War Books

Our list of the WEB Griffin books in order begins with his popular Brotherhood of War series. This series depicts the various wars and military engagements from the Second World War up until to the Cuban Revolution. It is best to read these books in order since the publication order matches the chronological order.

  1. The Lieutenants (1982)
  2. The Captains (1982)
  3. The Majors (1983)
  4. The Colonels (1983)
  5. The Berets (1985)
  6. The Generals (1986)
  7. The New Breed (1987)
  8. The Aviators (1988)
  9. Special Ops (2001)

Men At War Books

The next series that Griffin began writing takes place entirely during the Second World War and follows the Office of Strategic Services for the U.S. The first book begins in June 1941 as members of the OSS execute their individual operations around the world, including securing the rare ore needed for the atomic bomb.

The 2022 installment from Peter Kirsanow winds the clock back to 1940, while the upcoming release will take place in 1943. Both books closely follow Dick Canidy.

  1. The Last Heroes (1985)
  2. The Secret Warriors (1985)
  3. The Soldier Spies / Give Me Liberty (1986)
  4. The Fighting Agents / Into Enemy Hands (1987)
  5. The Saboteurs (2006) *
  6. The Double Agents (2007) *
  7. The Spymasters (2012) *
  8. The Devil’s Weapons by Peter Kirsanow (2022)
  9. Zero Option by Peter Kirsanow (Expected: July 9, 2024)

The Corps Books

Next in our list of the WEB Griffin books in order is The Corps series, which follows the US Marine Corps during the Second World War and the Korean War. It begins with the surprising attack on Pearl Harbor and traces their footsteps from there to Guadalcanal, the Gobi Desert, Inchon, and Pusan.

  1. Semper Fi (1986)
  2. Call to Arms (1987)
  3. Counterattack (1990)
  4. Battleground (1991)
  5. Line of Fire (1992)
  6. Close Combat (1993)
  7. Behind the Lines (1996)
  8. In Danger’s Path (1999)
  9. Under Fire (2002)
  10. Retreat, Hell! (2003)

Badge of Honor Books

In this next series, rather than follow members of the military community, Griffin follows members of a city police force in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The first two books were published under the pseudonym John Kevin Dugan before his more popular WEB Griffin pseudonym was used. Furthermore, the books with an asterisk below were written alongside his son William E. Butterworth IV.

The series begins when a police officer is killed in the line of duty and follows other crimes like kidnapping, the Mafia, and robberies. Just like his previous series, Badge of Honor depicts courage, loyalty, and trust realistically within its cast of characters.

  1. Men in Blue (1988)
  2. Special Operations (1989)
  3. The Victim (1991)
  4. The Witness (1992)
  5. The Assassin (1993)
  6. The Murderers (1994)
  7. The Investigators (1998)
  8. Final Justice (2002)
  9. The Traffickers (2009) *
  10. The Vigilantes (2010) *
  11. The Last Witness (2013) *
  12. Deadly Assets (2015) *
  13. Broken Trust (2016) *
  14. The Attack (TBA) *

Honor Bound Books

Once again Griffin wrote around half of this series with his son William E. Butterworth IV. Similar to his Men at War series, Honor Bound also follows the Office of Strategic Service. However, this time we follow the OSS from 1942 until 1946 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  1. Honor Bound (1994)
  2. Blood and Honor (1996)
  3. Secret Honor (2000)
  4. Death and Honor (2008) *
  5. Victory and Honor (2011) *
  6. Empire and Honor (2012) *

Presidential Agent Books

This series on our list of the WEB Griffin books in order follows Charley Castillo, who is a Delta Force Major with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He is a pilot, a West Point graduate, and a veteran of Desert Storm and the Special Forces. The first book begins when the President tasks him with finding out the truth about a hijacked plane in Angola.

  1. By Order of the President (2004)
  2. The Hostage (2006)
  3. The Hunters (2007)
  4. The Shooters (2008)
  5. Black Ops (2008)
  6. The Outlaws (2010) *
  7. Covert Warriors (2011) *
  8. Hazardous Duty (2013) *
  9. Rogue Asset by Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson (2021)

Clandestine Operations Books

This next series in our list of the WEB Griffin books in order should not be read before the previous Honor Bound books. That’s because the Clandestine Operations series picks up after the end of Hazardous Duty and follows the same cast of characters. It was also written, in its entirety, with Griffin’s son William E. Butterworth IV.

It begins in the aftermath of the Second World War with the creation of the CIA. However, while one war may have ended, the Cold War with the Soviet Union is only just beginning.

  1. Top Secret (2014)
  2. The Assassination Option (2014)
  3. Curtain of Death (2016)
  4. Death at Nuremberg (2017)
  5. The Enemy of My Enemy (2018)

M*A*S*H Books

WEB Griffin was also the co-author alongside Richard Hooker for the majority of the M*A*S*H novels. For the books with an asterisk below, he was credited with his own name, William E. Butterworth III. After the first book the series follows the beloved military surgeons — Hawkeye, Trapper, Duke, and Spearchucker — around the world through various operating rooms and bedrooms.

All books except for the first have since gone out of print, but links have been included to second-hand copies.

  1. M*A*S*H (1968)
  2. M*A*S*H Goes to Maine (1972)
  3. M*A*S*H Goes to New Orleans (1975) *
  4. M*A*S*H Goes to Paris (1975) *
  5. M*A*S*H Goes to London (1975) *
  6. M*A*S*H Goes to Morocco (1976) *
  7. M*A*S*H Goes to Las Vegas (1976) *
  8. M*A*S*H Goes to Hollywood (1976) *
  9. M*A*S*H Goes to Vienna (1976) *
  10. M*A*S*H Goes to San Francisco (1976) *
  11. M*A*S*H Goes to Miami (1976) *
  12. M*A*S*H Goes to Texas (1977) *
  13. M*A*S*H Goes to Montreal (1977) *
  14. M*A*S*H Goes to Moscow (1977) *
  15. M*A*S*H Mania (1977)

Standalone Books

Now we are getting into the largest section of our WEB Griffin books in order. That is, of course, all the standalone books he wrote under various names. The below books feature a variety of genres from young adult to romance with various subjects outside of the military fiction he became known for.

Almost all of the below books are now out of print, but links have been included to second-hand copies whenever possible.

Standalone Books as Webb Beech
  1. No French Leave (1960)
  2. Warrior’s Way (1964)
  3. Make War in Madness (1965)
Standalone Books as W.E. Butterworth
  1. Comfort Me with Love (1960)
  2. Hot Seat (1961)
  3. The Court-Martial (1962)
  4. Hell on Wheels (1962)
  5. The Love-Go-Round (1962)
  6. The Girl in the Black Bikini (1962)
  7. Where We Go From Here (1962)
  8. Stock Car Racer (1966)
  9. Helicopter Pilot (1967)
  10. Air Evac (1967)
  11. Redline 7100 (1968)
  12. Orders to Vietnam (1968)
  13. The Wheel of a Fast Car (1969)
  14. Grand Prix Driver (1969)
  15. Moving West on 122 (1970)
  16. Marty and the Micro-Midgets / Micro-Midget Racer (1970)
  17. Fast and Smart (1970)
  18. Susan and Her Classic Convertible (1970)
  19. Steve Bellamy (1971)
  20. Crazy to Race (1971)
  21. Return to Racing (1971)
  22. Road Racer (1971)
  23. Drag Race Driver (1971)
  24. The Narc (1972)
  25. Dateline: Talladega (1972)
  26. Yankee Driver (1973)
  27. Sky-Jacked! (1973)
  28. Race Car Team (1973)
  29. Dave White & The Electric Wonder Car (1974)
  30. Return to Daytona (1974)
  31. Black Gold (1975)
  32. The Roper Brothers and Their Magnificent Steam Automobile (1976)
  33. Next Stop, Earth (1978)
  34. Under the Influence (1980)
  35. Slaughter by Auto (1980)
  36. Leroy and the Old Man (1980)
  37. Flunking Out (1981)
  38. The Air Freight Mystery (1981)
  39. Hot Wire (1982)
  40. A Member of the Family (1982)
  41. Moose, the Thing, and Me (1982)
  42. Wrecker Driver (1990)
Standalone Book as Walker E. Blake
  1. Once More with Passion (1964)
Standalone Books as James McM. Douglas
  1. Hunger for Racing (1967)
  2. Fast Green Car / Flat Out (1969)
  3. Racing to Glory (1969)
  4. The Twelve Cylinder Screamer (1970)
  5. Long Ride on a Cycle (1972)
Standalone Books as Edmund O. Scholefield
  1. Bryan’s Dog (1967)
  2. L’il Wildcat (1967)
  3. Yankee Boy (1971)
Standalone Books as William E. Butterworth III
  1. Stop and Search (1969)
  2. My Father’s Quite a Guy (1971)
  3. The Tank Driver (1978)
  4. The Hotel Mystery (1979)
  5. The Hunting Trip (2015) (In Print)
Standalone Books as Patrick J. Williams
  1. The Fastest Funny Car (1970)
  2. Team Racer (1972)
Standalone Books as Eden Hughes
  1. The Wiltons (1980)
  2. The Selkirks (1982)

Nonfiction Books

Next in our list of the WEB Griffin books in order are his nonfiction books which were published under two names. The first three books below were published as W.E. Butterworth, while the last two books were published as William E. Butterworth III. All of which have since gone out of print.

  1. The High Wind (1971)
  2. Tires & Other Things (1974)
  3. Careers in the Services (1976)
  4. Mighty Minicycles (1976)
  5. Hi-Fi (1977)

Christina Van Bell Books

The last series on our list of the WEB Griffin books in order is a romance book series originally from Playboy Press. The author attribution is Blakely St. James, which is a pseudonym used by William E. Butterworth III, Charles Platt, and Hart Williams. All of these books are now out of print, but links to second-hand copies have been included.

  1. Christina’s Passion (1976)
  2. Christina’s Quest (1976)
  3. A Song for Christina (1976)
  4. Christina’s Hunger (1977)
  5. Christina’s Rapture (1978)
  6. Christina’s Desire (1978)
  7. Christina’s Search (1978)
  8. Christina’s Torment (1979)
  9. Christina’s Sins (1980)
  10. Christina’s Pleasure (1980)
  11. Christina’s Enchanted (1980)
  12. Christina’s Ecstasy (1980)
  13. Christina’s Treasure (1980)
  14. Christina’s Promise (1980)
  15. Christina’s World (1980)
  16. Christina’s Virtue (1981)
  17. A Kiss for Christina (1981)
  18. Christina’s Escape (1981)
  19. Christina’s Obsession (1981)
  20. Christina’s Temptation (1981)
  21. Christina’s Nights (1981)
  22. Christina in Love (1981)
  23. A Star for Christina (1981)
  24. Christina’s Delight (1982)
  25. Christina’s Touch (1982)
  26. Christina’s Conquest (1982)
  27. A Festival for Christina (1982)
  28. Christina’s Awakening (1983)
  29. Christina’s Fantasy (1983)
  30. A Diamond for Christina (1983)
  31. Christina’s Thrills (1983)
  32. Christina’s Secret (1983)
  33. Christina’s Confessions (1983)
  34. Christina’s Need (1983)
  35. Christina’s Paradise (1983)
  36. Christina’s Favorite (1983)
  37. Christina’s Hideaway (1983)
  38. Christina’s Voyage (1984)
  39. Christina’s Escapade (1984)
  40. Christina’s Craving (1984)
  41. Christina’s Challenge (1984)
  42. Christina’s Wager (1984)
  43. Christina’s Technique (1984)
  44. Christina’s Essence (1984)
  45. Christina’s Mystery (1984)
  46. Christina’s Hunt (1984)
  47. Christina’s Sensation (1984)


Finally, the last two books on our list of the WEB Griffin books in order are two anthologies which he contributed to during his career.

  1. Stories from the Blue Moon Café (2002)
  2. Stories from the Blue Moon Café II (2003)

A Summary of WEB Griffin Books in Order

The amount that Griffin wrote during his career, under all of his pseudonyms, can be incredibly overwhelming. So, if you are still looking for where to begin with his writing, you will find the summaries for his Brotherhood of War series below. This is one of his most popular series and is a great place to begin with his writing.

The Lieutenants WEB Griffin Books in Order

1. The Lieutenants

The first book in WEB Griffin’s Brotherhood of War series begins with the Second World War. It documents the journey that many of those who enlisted to serve travelled. From the Nazi-prowled wastes of North Africa to the bloody corridors of Europe, they answered the call of war.

The Captains WEB Griffin

2. The Captains

Griffin’s next book in this series unfolds during the Korean War. Reflective of his own life, when he was recalled into service during the Korean War, Griffin writes about those who were recruited back to serve. His characters are bonded together through battle from Pusan to the Yalu.

The Majors Brotherhood of War

3. The Majors

The next war that Griffin depicted is the First Indochina War with the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. To some it was a “secret” war that was the depth of folly. Once again American men were recalled for service from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi.

The Colonels WEB Griffin

4. The Colonels

In his next book Griffin continues to climb the ranks to depict the men who fought in Europe, Korea, Greece, and Indochina. Now they must forge a new type of soldier on American soil that will be tested on the beaches of Cuba in a new war to come.

The Berets WEB Griffin Books in Order

5. The Berets

The ones who chose to be the best are heading towards the ultimate test of skill and nerve and sacrifice: The Vietnam War. It is a war unlike any they had fought before and in a land that most of America knew nothing about. Never before had the United States given so select a group of fighting men such punishing preparation.

The Generals Brotherhood of War

6. The Generals

The generals are the leaders who make the decisions that change the outcome of battles. From the landing at Normandy to campaigns in the South Pacific, from the frozen hills of Korea to the devastation of Dien Bien Phu. All had earned their stars.

Now they must lead their soldiers back into battle against America’s most relentless enemy deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

The New Breed WEB Griffin

7. The New Breed

A new era and a different kind of war has begun. From the blistering jungles of Vietnam to the battlefields of the African Congo, these young men must face the turmoil. Like their fathers before them, they rise to the ultimate challenge of military valor, holding their own in a storm of clashing cultures. They were America’s new breed.

The Aviators Brotherhood of War

8. The Aviators

Griffin begins his next book in this series in 1964 as the Vietnam War escalates. It is a new style of battle that demands new weapons and tactics. It seems as if overnight the United States Army must create its first ever Air Assault Division to help its chances of success.

But there are staggering obstacles: Untrained men, technical mishaps, and interservice rivalries. However, through sheer courage and dedication, these fighters rise to the challenge and face the ultimate test.

Special Ops WEB Griffin Books in Order

9. Special Ops

More than a decade after the last installment in this series, Griffin returned to Brotherhood of War with Special Ops. This book follows a Special Forces team who go up against the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara.

Final thoughts

By far the most popular WEB Griffin books in order are his military fiction series, but the author also published several other books under numerous pseudonyms. We have included those here so that you have a comprehensive and ultimate guide to everything Griffin wrote during his lifetime, as well as the series which have continued after his death by various other authors.

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