3 Ways to Read The Selection Series in Order by Kiera Cass

What is the best way to read The Selection series in order?

I read the original Selection trilogy in 3 days, one a night. It’s the fastest I’ve read any books ever. Since then, two more books came out and a host of novellas.

There are three ways you can read them all. The first is by order of publication, which is how I read them.

The second way to read The Selection series in order is chronologically.

And the third way is my own personal recommendation.

The Selections Series in Order Kiera Cass

What is The Selection About?

Kiera Cass‘s Selection series has sold more than 11 million books worldwide. It’s is about a girl named America Singer who is a small hometown girl stuck in the caste system of a future fractured United States.

She’s a peasant and won’t ever be anything but. Except that once a generation, a competition is held to find a suitor for the crown prince among the various women of the land, regardless of caste.

Everyone knows the competition is rigged, but any girls who participate receive a cash prize, and America’s family could really use the money.

She doesn’t want to go, in fact America opposes the idea completely, but as you can imagine she ends up in the competition and meets Prince Maxon who isn’t at all what she expected.

There’s suspense, romance, and tension in this mesmerizing adventure that will surely keep you turning the pages in the night.

We’ll start off our lists with The Selection Books in Order by Publication.

The Selection Series in order

The Selection Series Reading Orders

#1 The Selection Series in Order by Publication

The first way to read the Selection series in order is by publication date. It’s the easiest way to go.

This is the reading order that millions of people used, including myself.

I’m going to simply list out the books in the Selection Series in order for you, then after all three ways to read we’ll dive into each individual book and novella.

Note: All four novellas are included in the “Happily Ever After” collection. This is not a separate book, just a compilation of all four individual novellas.

1. The Selection (2012)
2. The Elite (2013)
3. The Prince (Novella) (2013)
4. The Guard (Novella) (2014)
5. The One (2014)
6. The Queen (Novella) (2014)
7. The Heir (2015)
8. The Favorite (Novella) (2015)
9. The Crown (2016)

#2 The Selection Books in Chronological Order

The next Selection series reading order is for fans doing a re-read. I wouldn’t recommend this path for new readers.

This reading order starts the series off with two novellas and that means you’re reading about the supporting characters before you ever meet the main character.

But for fans looking for a true timeline, this is the reading order for you.

0.1 The Queen (Novella)
0.2 The Prince (Novella)
1. The Selection
2. The Elite
2.5 The Guard (Novella)
3. The One
3.5 The Favorite (Novella)
4. The Heir
5. The Crown

#3 The Selection Series in Order by Recommendation

The last path is for those looking for the best way to read The Selection series in order should consider the final reading option.

This is my own personal recommendation and its a mish mash of the two reading orders above.

I believe everyone should start with Book 1. Therefore, I suggest waiting to read the novellas until after The Selection. I’ve put The Prince after Book 1 since we’ve met Maxon by then, but I’d hold off on reading The Queen until after you’ve spent a bit more time getting to know Amberly.

1. The Selection
1.5 The Prince (Novella)
2. The Elite
2.1 The Queen (Novella)
2.2 The Guard (Novella)
3. The One
3.5 The Favorite (Novella)
4. The Heir
5. The Crown

This reading method also allows you to read most of the novellas at once.

As tempted as you may be, especially if you buy the Happily Ever After bundle, I would strongly advise against reading all four novellas at once.

At the very least, don’t read The Favorite before The One, as it contains spoilers from that story.

Will there be a Selection movie adaptation?

In April 2020, Variety announced that Netflix would be bringing The Selection to the big screen. However, years have gone by and still we have no movie. What’s going on?

The last update seems to be a tweet from Kiera Cass on December 13, 2021 saying that it was out of her hands and up to Netflix to move forward.

Even though there’s been no news since, fans are holding out hope. I know I for one would LOVE a Selection movie.

The Selection Books

Now let’s take a look at each book in The Selection series individually and tell you what they’re all about. This will help you determine whether you want to read the novellas or not.

This list will place the books in The Selection series in order by publication date.

Keep reading to discover two more ways to read The Selection series in order.

1. The Selection

The Selection Kiera Cass, The Selection Series in Order

2. The Elite

The second book in the Selection series by Kiera Cass.

2.1 The Prince

The Prince Kiera Cass, The Selection Series in Order

The Prince is a novella in the Selection Series told from the point of view of Maxon.

2.2 The Guard

The Guard is the second novella in the Selection Series and is told from the point of view of Aspen.

3. The One

The One Kiera Cass

The final book in the original Selection Series with America as the protagonist.

3.5 The Queen

The Queen Kiera Cass, The Selection series in order

The Queen is the third novella in the Selection series and a prequel story at that, told from the perspective of Maxon’s mother.

4. The Heir

The Heir Kiera Cass, The Selection Series in Order

The Selection series continues with a new story. Twenty years have passed and America’s daughter, Eadlyn, is having her own Selection.

4.5 The Favorite

The Favorite Kiera Cass, The Selection Series in Order

The Favorite is a 64-page story told from Marlee’s point of view about the night Marlee and Carter were discovered.

5. The Crown

The Crown Kiera Cass

The Selection series concludes with the fifth installment, The Crown.

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