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Peter James Books in Order

Looking for a list of Peter James books in order? We’re here for you.

The Peter James’s books are a great place to start reading if you enjoy thrillers. With each book, the story becomes more intense and suspenseful than ever before.

Before we dive into the list of Peter James books in order, let’s learn a little bit more about the author himself.

Who is Peter James?

Peter James, the author, was born in Brighton in 1948. He spent his childhood summers in France, as his parents owned a place near St. Tropez.

He began writing stories at the age of 7. He realized his life’s ambition when he was 14 and read Brighton Rock from Graham Greene. After attending the Charterhouse School, a prestigious school in Godalming in Surrey, he enrolled at Ravensbourne Film School, London.

Peter James began writing standalone novels while he was still working in television and film. His debut novel, Dead Letter drop, was his first.

He continued to write standalone novels after this book, and in 2005 he published Dead Simple. This novel would be the first in his bestselling series that featured Roy Grace, a Brighton-based detective superintendent.

Is There a Roy Grace TV Show?

You might have heard somewhere that there’s a Roy Grace TV show but aren’t quite sure what it is or how to watch it. The TV series is titled Grace, after the surname of the main character.

Grace is a British crime drama originally aired on the UK’s ITV network. It was picked up by BritBox (BBC and ITV’s joint streaming venture) for broadcast in the US and Canada.

Currently, there are only two episodes, each 2 hours in length. It’s basically a 2-part, 4-hour movie. They are based off of the first two Peter James books in order: Dead Simple and Looking Good Dead.

Grace has already been renewed for Season 2, and actor John Simm, who portrays Roy Grace in the series, has said he’d like to adapt all of the Roy Grace books to TV.

Do I need to Read the Peter James Books in Order?

Each book in the Roy Grace series by Peter James is a standalone novel. Technically, that means that you can pick up any book and enjoy it without ever having read a Peter James book.

Should you?

Well that’s up to you.

Each book is it’s own crime and there are no series spanning villains, but each book reveals a little bit more about Roy Grace’s life. It would be a shame to miss out on learning about Roy Grace the way it was meant to be read.

You may have found that your first ever Peter James book was Book 15 in a series, and that’s okay. But once you realize this, we’d recommend starting at the beginning and working your way forward.

Roy Grace Books in Order of Publication

The Roy Grace series is probably Peter James’s most well-known work. Here is a list of all of the Roy Grace books in order of publication.

  1. Dead Simple (2005)
  2. Looking Good Dead (2006)
  3. Not Dead Enough (2007)
  4. Dead Man’s Footsteps (2008)
  5. Dead Tomorrow (2009)
  6. Dead Like You (2010)
  7. Dead Man’s Grip (2011)
  8. Not Dead Yet (2012)
  9. Dead Man’s Time (2013)
  10. Want You Dead (2014)
  11. In the Nick of Time (2014) (Short Story with Ian Rankin)
  12. You Are Dead (2015)
  13. Love You Dead (2016)
  14. Need You Dead (2017)
  15. Dead If You Don’t (2018)
  16. Dead at First Sight (2019)
  17. Footloose (2019) (Short Story with Val McDermid)
  18. Find Them Dead (2020)
  19. Left You Dead (2021)
  20. Wish You Were Dead (2021) (Short Story)
  21. Picture You Dead (2022)

Max Flynn Books

  1. Dead Letter Drop (2014)
  2. Atom Bomb Angel (2015)

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Peter James Books in Order – Short Story Collections

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Summary of Roy Grace Books in Order

Here is an overview of Peter James books in order so you can have a glimpse of what you are about to enjoy while reading this fantastic thriller.

Dead Simple Peter James Books in Order

Dead Simple (2005)

The initial plan is to play a prank; however, four of Harrison’s closest friends have died within hours, and Michael Harrison is missing. Three days before the wedding, Detective Inspector Grace, a man haunted in part by the ghost of his missing wife, is contacted by Ashley Harper, Michael’s beautiful and distraught fiancee.

Grace learns that Michael Harrison is not the only man Grace should know. He has much to lose, but Grace realizes that he is not the only one who should know the whereabouts of Michael Harrison. One man’s tragedy is another man’s opportunity.

Looking Good Dead Peter James

Looking Good Dead (2006)

Tom Bryce did the right thing. After grabbing the CD left on his train seat and trying to return it to its rightful owner, Tom Bryce became the sole witness to the brutal murder. His young family is threatened with their lives if they don’t go to the police.

Kellie, his wife, enjoys the support and makes a brave statement to Detective Superintendent Roy Grace’s murder inquiry team. This man has his demons, including the disappearance of his wife. The killing of the Bryce families becomes a routine occurrence and an attractive grisly attraction.

The internet has already posted the deaths of Kellie and Tom. Log on to see their pictures on a website. They look great dead.

Not Dead Enough Roy Grace Books in Order

Not Dead Enough (2007)

Brian Bishop was 60 miles from his wife when he killed her. He was still in bed that night. Detective Superintendent Roy Grace needs to investigate the gruesome murder of Katie Bishop, a young Brighton socialite.

Grace soon discovers that Bishop can appear in two places simultaneously, an impossible feat. Is he a liar, or has someone stolen his identity? Grace begins to see that there is more to the Bishops’ seemingly sane lives than first appears.

Then Grace digs a little too deep, and suddenly, the fragile stability in his private, troubled world is under threat.

Dead Man's Footsteps Roy Grace

Dead Man’s Footsteps (2008)

“Abby” stepped into the lift, and the doors shut with the sound of a shovel sanding gravel. She inhaled the scent of lemon-scented cleaning fluid and perfume.

The lift moved up a few inches. It was too late for Abby to decide that she wanted to get out. With the metal walls around her, she sank sharply down. Abby was about to realize that she had made the biggest mistake of her entire life.

In the chaos of 911’s aftermath, Ronnie Wilson, a failed Brighton man who never does well, sees the opportunity of a lifetime to vanish and re-emerge in another country.

Five years later, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace discovers the bones of a Brighton woman’s body. This leads to a race against the clock to save the life and health of a woman who is being chased down in the streets and alleyways of Brighton.

Dead Tomorrow Peter James Books in Order

Dead Tomorrow (2009)

Lynn Barrett, a single mother, is struggling to adjust to life after divorce. Her daughter’s medical condition was a major source of concern.

Her daughter Caitlin gets diagnosed with terminal liver disease. Although she is placed on the transplant waiting lists, there is a shortage of organs globally, and many patients will die while they wait. Lynn is desperate and turns to the internet to find an organ broker. However, Lynn will need to pay GBP250,000 to get a liver.

Lynn informed the organ broker that she had found a young woman who would be a good match for Caitlin. Unfortunately, Caitlin was injured in an accident in Italy and is currently in a coma.

Roy Grace continues to work on the case regarding the remains of three teenagers found in the seabed off Brighton. These remains led him to a Romanian trafficking organization of street children from the Eastern bloc traded in organ donors.

Dead Like You Peter James.jpg

Dead Like You (2010)

A woman is brutally raped after a New Year’s Eve party. Another woman is attacked a week later. The offender takes both victims’ shoes. . . Roy Grace and the detective soon realize that the new cases are very similar to a series of unsolved crimes committed in the same city in 1997.

The perpetrator was known as ‘Shoe Man.’ He is believed to have raped five female victims before killing his sixth victim and then disappearing. Is this a replica of Shoe Man? Grace is more certain they are dealing with the same man as the case of women abuse increase.

He may solve the mystery by looking back at the past, a time when she and Sandy are still seemingly happy together. Grace and his team will soon be in a race against time to save the life and identity of the sixth victim.

Dead Man's Grip Roy Grace

Dead Man’s Grip (2011)

Carly Chase was traumatized ten days ago after a fatal car accident that killed a Brighton University student. Her entire world becomes a living nightmare when she hears the shocking news. The two other drivers involved in the accident were also tortured and killed.

Now, Roy Grace, the police officer, gave Carly a stern warning as she could be the next victim. The student had dangerous connections. Some connections span the Atlantic.

Someone plans to exact revenge on the person responsible for that fatal accident and will not rest until they are all dead. Police advise Carly that she must hide and change her identity. These people can hunt you down anywhere. She will have to figure out a way to stop them if the police cannot.

The killer is already one step ahead of her. He watches, waits, and is ready.

Not Dead Yet Roy Grace Books in Order

Not Dead Yet (2012)

This movie could be the one that Larry Brooker has been waiting for. For Gaia, a rock star who wants to be considered an actor and a movie about King George 1Vth and Maria Fitzherbert, the public value of a Hollywood movie shot on location is unimaginable. It is a nightmare unfolding before Roy Grace, Sussex CID Detective Superintendent.

An obsessed stalker is pursuing Gaia. Just days before she departs her Bel Air home to fly from Brighton, one attempt is made on her life. He has been warned that the stalker could be in her city, waiting, watching, and planning.

Dead Man's Time Peter James Books in Order

Dead Man’s Time (2013)

The elderly victim of a vicious robbery at a quiet Brighton home is left with serious injuries and millions in stolen valuables.

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, who is leading the investigation, quickly discovers an item of unimaginable sentimental value that her powerful family values above all others. They are ready to do whatever it takes to get it back.

Grace soon finds himself in a vicious race against time that takes him from Brighton’s antique market to Europe, back to New York’s waterfront gang struggle of 1922. He is chasing a killer motivated by the greed and fury of another man.

Want You Dead Peter James

Want You Dead (2014)

Grace’s wife Sandy has been officially declared dead. She had been missing for over a decade. This allows him to marry the mother of his son. Sandy’s disappearance has a mysterious reason.

Bryce Laurent isn’t ready for his ex-girlfriend, but he doesn’t want her to leave. She is terrified by Bryce’s dark side and seeks protection from the police.

Instead, Bryce determines to destroy everyone and everything she loves before killing herself. Want You Dead, however, is the tenth exciting title in this bestselling series. You Are Dead and love you dead continue the investigations of Brighton detective Roy Grace.

You Are Dead Roy Grace

You Are Dead (2015)

Several young women, all beautiful and with long brown hair, were stalked and taken hostage. Every victim was found with a mark on their bodies that reads “U R Dead.”

Grace needs to track down the killer, connect the cases, and find Logan Somerville when chatting with her fiancé. You can read the eleventh installment of Peter James books in order.

Love You Dead Roy Grace Books in Order

Love You Dead (2016)

Grace now has a family, moved into a country cottage with Chloe (and their son). Grace could not imagine seeing his long-lost wife.

However, the police need the Grace to investigate an escaped murderer who left behind a bullet in his body is back, and a Black Widow has begun leaving an international trail of bodies after – in all senses – draining them dry. She’s now in Brighton to find her next wealthy target.

Need You Dead Peter James

Need You Dead (2017)

Lorna Belling is desperate to escape her marriage from destruction and falls for the promises of a man who promises the earth.

But, as Lorna soon discovers, life rarely follows your plans. Grace investigates the new discovery of a woman’s body. It appears to be an easy case, with one suspect. But, Grace discovers that there is another, darker and far more frightening alternative.

Dead If You Don't Peter James Books in Order

Dead if You Don’t (2018)

Kipp Brown is a successful businessman who is a compulsive gambler. He is experiencing the worst luck and is losing big. Mungo Brown, his teenage son, should have been able to take him to a football game, even if it was only for a few hours. It’sInstead, it’s at the stadium that his nightmare begins.

Kipp receives a frightening message from someone claiming to have his child. He will need to pay to bring him back to life. Roy Grace investigates what appears to be a simple case of kidnapping. However, grace quickly finds himself in a criminal underbelly of the city where rules are different, and everything is not what it seems.

Dead at First Sight Roy Grace

Dead at First Sight (2019)

A man waits in London for his love to arrive. A retired cop in Florida waits at a bar in Key West to meet his soulmate. But, unfortunately, they will soon discover that someone had play a fast one on them, taking away every penny they own.

Roy Grace needs to investigate the death of a Brighton woman. But, it is not what it seems. A handsome motivational speaker steps forward as he continues his investigation. His identity has been used to scam 11 different women online.

He was first alerted to it by a call from one of the women saying that he didn’t know him but thought he did. Roy Grace knows this is deeper than it appears. He can take down the evil global empire built on cruel, clever internet scams.

Find Them Dead Roy Grace Books in Order

Find Them Dead (2020)

Roy Grace ends his secondment with London’s Met Police and receives a tip about a drug mastermind operating from Brighton. He handles this senseless murder on his first day back at his old job. Grace gradually follows the story of a drug dealer who is on trial.

To get out of court, he is willing to kill anyone he can. Meg Magellan is sitting on the jury. A stranger has threatened her daughter’s life. He tells her that she can see her alive again if she wants it. She needs to make sure that the jury only says two words at the end of the trial. . . Not guilty.

Left You Dead Peter James

Left You Dead (2021)

Niall and Eden Paternoster begin Sundays the same way they do every Sunday – with a long drive and a visit to a country home and then a quick stop at a local supermarket on their way back. However, this Sunday’s Sunday is different.

Eden doesn’t return to Niall, who waits in the car park for him to get supplies. She isn’t waiting for him at his home, and neither have their families or friends heard from her. It doesn’t take long for DS Roy Grace to arrive to investigate this case and realize that everything is not as it seems.

This is the last installment in the Peter James books in order. Look out for the next installment coming out soon!


We hope that this list has helped you in your quest to read the Peter James books in order. If not, we’ve provided links for each book so you can find them easily and purchase them right away.

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