How to Read Jack Carr Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Are you getting excited for the new The Terminal List TV show starring Chris Pratt and wanting to read the series it’s based on? If so, here is a complete list of Jack Carr books in order to get you ready for this upcoming drama.

If you enjoy books from authors like Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, Brad Thor, Stephen Coonts, or Larry Bond, it is no coincidence you got here. Jack Carr is one of the most prominent rising stars in action thrillers. His books have just the right amount of mystery, espionage, and military fiction. 

After retiring his military career, Jack Carr debuted as a writer in 2018 with The Terminal List, which quickly became #1 New York Times and USA Today’s bestselling book.

Since then, he has published three more books. There’s also one more on the way, and all belong to the same saga. In this article, we’ll talk about how to read Jack Carr books in order and summarize each of them. But before we jump into it, let’s get to know the author.

Who is Jack Carr?

Wherever you find information about Jack Carr, you’ll find a bunch of positions and roles fulfilled in his 20-year-long career as a US Navy SEAL. For example, seal sniper, sniper team leader, assault team leader, platoon commander, troop commander, task unit commander, are just some of them.

His grandfather was killed in World War II. Therefore, it was from an early age that Carr knew he was going to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps by enlisting. At the age of seven, he discovered the SEALs and he knew clearly he was going to become one of them.

Carr also started reading action thrillers from authors like David Morell, Nelson Demille, and Tom Clancy to fuel his passion. But these thrillers also taught him the art of storytelling.

Jack Carr began a new profession in the field of book writing after retiring from the military in 2016. He achieved great success with his first book. He then started a personal brand and you can find him across social media, creating content about success, weaponry, storytelling, and more.

Carr has also succeeded where many men have failed in their transition from military to civilian life. He is a supporter of various groups that assist veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, or other unseen wounds that contribute to the rising rate of veteran suicides in the United States.

As of today, Carr lives in Park City, Utah with his beloved wife and 3 children. He often takes interviews and activities around book releases. He is also working on In The Blood, which is the fifth book in the Terminal List series.

Carr and James Reece, the protagonist of the series, have comparable military history and characteristics. This helps lend a realistic sense of the high-pressure environment of top-secret operations for readers.

Jack Carr TV Show Adaptation

As previously mentioned, there is an adaptation of Jack Carr’s books in the works. Amazon Prime has adapted Jack Carr’s debut novel: The Terminal List.

The project stars Chris Pratt in the leading role, while also handling the reigns as executive producer. Joining Pratt is Antione Fuqua who directed and is an executive producer for the pilot. David Digilio is an executive producer for the show and a writer.

To lend more realism to the project, half of the writing staff will either be veterans or family members of veterans.

The Terminal List show is now live with a complete first season available on Amazon Prime.

Jack Carr Books in Order

Jack Carr is still relatively new to the publishing world. Therefore, this list of Jack Carr books in order isn’t long. But once you read the first book, I guarantee you’ll be dying for more.

  1. The Terminal List (2018)
  2. True Believer (2019)
  3. Savage Son (2020)
  4. The Devil’s Hand (2021)
  5. In The Blood (2022)

As with many thriller mystery novels, it is possible to read Carr’s novels as standalones. This is because each book will contain its own mystery and story arc that will be resolved by the conclusion of the novel.

However, it is strongly recommended to read the Jack Carr books in order of publication, which is also chronological order. Reading the books in this order will allow you to experience the world-building as the author intended. This will also help you best understand the character development of James Reece.

Another note on Carr’s books is that they contain redacted sentences. This is because, as a former US Navy SEAL, Carr must submit his manuscripts to the US Department of Defense before publication. If anything contains classified information that may cause a threat to national security, it cannot go to print; however, Carr chooses to keep these sections in his books, but covers them with black bars, just like in official documents.

Summary of Jack Carr Books in Order

The Terminal List Jack Carr Books in Order

1. The Terminal List

After discovering that the American government is behind the killings of his crew, a Navy SEAL has nothing left to live for and everything to die for in this ripped-from-the-headlines political thriller.

Lieutenant Commander James Reece’s whole squad was killed in a devastating ambush on his last combat deployment. The ambush also claimed the lives of the aircrew brought in to rescue them.

But when those closest to him are assassinated on the day of his return, Reece realizes that it was not an act of war perpetrated by a foreign adversary. Instead it is a government-wide conspiracy.

Reece employs his skills from almost a decade of relentless battle to avenge the murders of his family and comrades. Now that he has no family and is no longer under the military’s command system he has nothing to lose.

Reece aggressively attacks his opponents in the top echelons of power. With breakneck pacing and persistent tension, he disregards the laws of battle and the rule of law.

“Absolutely awesome! So powerful, so pulse-pounding, so well-written – rarely do you read a debut novel this damn good.”  — Brad Thor, bestselling author of SPYMASTER.

The Terminal List’s reviews at Goodreads.

Rating: 4.24/5.

True Believer James Reece

2. True Believer

When a bomb goes off at a Christmas market in London, the death toll is horrifying, and the country’s economy slips into a spiral. This, it turns out, is merely the start of a series of organized and violent strikes against the Western world as a whole. 

The United States goes on the offensive as the scale of the chaos expands, engulfing country after country. Who is the puppet master? What really is their motivation? Most importantly, how can the attacks end before bloodshed and economic collapse drag the United States and its allies to their knees?

There is only one individual who has an opportunity to respond to these questions. Former Navy SEAL James Reece is the single and most important link to a mysterious former Iraqi commando who might give key clues for the CIA. America’s final chance might be Reece. Unfortunately, he is also the most sought domestic terrorist in the United States. 

To keep him in check, a deal is forged, and Reece becomes an unwilling tool of the US government. He traverses the world to track down terrorist leaders. While unraveling a geopolitical intrigue involving a treacherous CIA operative and a dark assassination plan with global ramifications. There will always be another true believer prepared to die for his beliefs.

True Believer is a high-octane roller-coaster journey that establishes Jack Carr as the new king of political thrillers.

True Believer’s reviews at Goodreads.

Rating: 4.35/5.

Savage Son Jack Carr

3. Savage Son

A treacherous CIA operative has taken up residence with the Russian Mafia. They have the goal of assassinating a former Navy SEAL sniper.

James Reece, half a globe away, is recovering from brain surgery in the Montana wilderness of his boyhood. He is learning to live again with the support of investigative journalist Katie Buranek and his lifelong friend and SEAL comrade Raife Hastings.

The Russian intelligence-mafia collaboration has set its sights on eliminating a player off the board before he can return to the combat, with Reece as their objective on American territory.

Reece must enlist a squad of former commandos to deliver his own brand of retribution to the Russian Mafia on their home territory. But the hunters turn into the prey, when an unknown organization within the US government gets infiltrated by Russian intelligence. James Reece stands head and shoulders above the fray as the go-to covert operator in a new conflict.

Jack Carr takes readers on a behind-the-scenes journey into the mind of a modern-day special operations soldier. In his writing he dispenses an ancient form of justice in today’s modern geopolitical landscape. Carr brings his experience and emotions of real-world combat to the pages of the political thriller.

With his most visceral work to date, Jack Carr cements his place as the new leader in political thrillers by exploring the dark side of man. He does so through the eyes of a warrior who has seen both the depravity of combat and the power of the human spirit.

Savage Son is a deeply intimate and seductive novel. It will keep you hooked to the page until the final bullet strikes its mark.

Savage Son’s reviews at Goodreads.

Rating: 4.49/5.

The Devil’s Hand James Reece

4. The Devil’s Hand

It’s been twenty years since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. It has been two decades since the United States was assaulted on its own land and plunged into a twenty-year war. Patience, learning, and adjusting have been the adversaries. And the adversary is ready to attack once more.

A new president brings optimism to a country that has been wracked by violence. He’s a visionary who’s youthful, popular, and self-made… However, he is carrying a dark secret.

A country whose ancient religion generated a gang of merciless assassins contends with sanctions imposed by the Great Satan and her European allies halfway across the world. Faced with internal strife and extrajudicial targeted executions by the US and Israel, the Supreme Leader devises a strategy to dethrone the world’s most powerful country.

Meanwhile, a young PhD student now has access to a level of bioweapons previously only known to a small number of authorities in a clandestine facility five storeys underground. He’s a second-generation spy who now must bring his adopted nation to its knees.

The Devil’s Hand is a compelling thriller that will make you read nonstop thanks to Jack Carr’s characteristic “absolutely intense storytelling” (Chuck Norris) and “gripping authenticity” (The Real Book Spy).

The Devils Hand’s reviews at Goodreads.

Rating: 4.45/5.

In The Blood Jack Carr

5. In The Blood 

A lady boards an aircraft in Burkina Faso, Africa, after completing a targeted killing for the Israeli government. Her plane is blasted out of the sky a few minutes later.

Former Navy SEAL James Reece, who lives almost 5,500 miles away, is mindfully watching the names and photographs of the fatalities on TV news. Then one of the faces reminds him of a Mossad operator working for the CIA in Iraq years ago. A lady with links to both countries’ intelligence organizations… Reece had assumed he’d never see her again.

Reece enlists the help of new and old friends from all across the world to find her killer, unknowing that he may be stepping into a trap.

In the Blood is expected to be published on May 31, 2022.


So there you have the Jack Carr books in order. As Carr is still a relatively new author, reading his books in order is pretty straight forward. Not only are there only four books, with a fifth expected shortly, but the chronological order of his books is the same as the publication order.

The story advances with the chronological order of publication and this is the best way to read the series. This order places The Terminal List as the first book, True Believer as the second, Savage Son in third-place followed by The Devil’s Hand. The story will continue with In The Blood, which is due to be published on May 31, 2022.

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  1. Finished The Terminal List and now reading True Believer. Jack Carr has truly nailed a great fiction character James Reece, or is he fiction…… I would choose to think we have all have Jack Carr’s and James Reeves and many more protecting our lives everyday. Thank you Mr Carr for your service!🇺🇲

  2. Thank you so much Mr Carr for James Reece. Your books are brilliant reads and I and my family look always look forward to the next chapter of Reece’s missions. It is a joy to read an author who has had “boots on the ground” as had Andy McNab and Chris Ryan. Thank you once again for the unable to put down books you recreate. With all best wishes, Elizabeth Branchflower

    1. It is not the same character. Reece in Terminal List is with a “c” and Reese in From Paris with Love is with an “s”

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