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Looking for a list of Lisa Gardner books in order? You’ve come to the right place.

Lisa Gardner’s most well known series is about the life and times of D.D. Warren, who is an officer with the Boston Police Department. This complete list also includes brief summaries for each D.D. Warren book so you can get an idea of how interesting they are before reading them yourself!

Before we dive into the list of Lisa Gardner books in order, let’s look at the author herself.

Who Is Lisa Gardner?

Lisa Gardner began her career as a romantic suspense author. She published her first book in romance at age 20 while still in college. To finally finish her book, it took her three years and four more rewrites. While she was completing her degree, she continued writing in her spare time.

Under the pseudonym Alicia Scott, she wrote 13 Silhouette Intimate Moments books. But a more complex and mysterious side now replaces the romantic, soft side of Lisa Gardner. It was her work at a consulting company that sparked Lisa Gardner’s passion for criminal investigations, technology, and police procedures.

However, her love of suspense and mystery has been a constant part of her life. Lisa Gardner can bring her characters and settings alive. Readers love her novels for their intense scenes and complex characters. Her writing style is also reminiscent of M.M. Kaye’s book Far Pavilions, which was Gardner’s favorite book in her tween years.

Lisa has sold more than 22 million books worldwide. She currently lives in New Hampshire with her canine companions.

Lisa Gardner Books in Order

Each of series below in our list of Lisa Gardner books in order are arranged in publication order.

Family Secrets Books

  1. Maggie’s Man (1997)
  2. MacNamara’s Woman (1997)
  3. Brandon’s Bride (1998)

Lisa Gardners Books in Order – FBI Profiler Books

  1. The Perfect Husband (1997)
  2. The Third Victim (2001)
  3. The Next Accident (2001)
  4. The Killing Hour (2003)
  5. Gone (2006)
  6. Say Goodbye (2008)
  7. The 4th Man (2016) (Short Story)
  8. Right Behind You (2017)

Lisa Gardner Books in Order – Detective D.D. Warren Books

  1. Alone (2005)
  2. Hide (2007)
  3. The Neighbor (2009)
  4. Live to Tell (2010)
  5. Love You More (2011)
  6. The 7th Month (2012) (Short Story)
  7. Catch Me (2012)
  8. Fear Nothing (2014)
  9. The Laughing Buddha (2015) (Short Story)
  10. 3 Truths and a Lie (2016) (Short Story)
  11. Find Her (2016)
  12. Look For Me (2018)
  13. The Guy Who Died Twice (2019) (Short Story)
  14. Never Tell (2019)
  15. When You See Me (2020)

Tessa Leoni Books

  1. Love You More (2011) (with D.D. Warren)
  2. Touch & Go (2013)
  3. Crash & Burn (2015)

Frankie Elkin Books

  1. Before She Disappeared (2021)
  2. One Step Too Far (2022)
  3. Still See You Everywhere (2024)

Lisa Gardner Books in Order – Standalone Novels

  1. Waking Nightmare (1994) (As Alicia Scott)
  2. The Other Daughter (1999)
  3. Marrying Mike… Again (2000) (As Alicia Scott)
  4. The Survivors Club (2002)

Romance Books Written as Alicia Scott

Walking After Midnight Books

  1. Walking After Midnight (1992)
  2. Shadow’s Flame (1994)

Guiness Gang Books

  1. At the Midnight Hour (1995)
  2. Hiding Jessica (1995)
  3. Quiet One (1996)
  4. The One Worth Waiting For (1996)
  5. One Who Almost Got Away (1996)

Summary of Detective D.D. Warren Books in Order

Here is a summary of the Lisa Gardner books in order for you focusing primarily on the Detective D.D. Warren series!

Alone Lisa Gardner Books in Order

1. Alone

Bobby Dodge is a state trooper in Massachusetts watching a hostage situation unfold. He only has a split second to react, and alter the course of his life forever.

Consequently, his decision has resulted in the death of Catherine Rose Gagnon’s husband. But this is not the first time she has been in hell. Twenty-five years ago she was buried underground during a month-long nightmare of abduction and abuse. But her husband was the son of the powerful Judge Gagnon and he blames Catherine for his son’s death.

The third piece of the puzzle is a madman who has served his time in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison for the most sadistic of crimes. But now he is free. A moment of violence links them all, but a web of evil has been spun that means no one is above suspicion and no one is above harm.

Hide Lisa Gardner

2. Hide

A case from Bobby Dodge’s past has returned and left him with no place to run. He has found six mummified corpses in an old abandoned mental hospital and his only lead is wrapped around a dead woman’s neck.

The corpse wears a necklace with Annabelle Granger’s name. But Annabelle has been known by many names throughout her life. She never knew what her family was running from throughout her childhood, but this time, she’s not going to run.

If Dodge wants to uncover whether this is the original killer’s protégé, a copycat, or something worse, he will need to turn to D.D. Warren. The Boston police detective is his former lover, partner, and friend. But this case will also lead Bobby back to a woman who is just as dangerous as the killer and who has an eerie link to Annabelle.

The Neighbor DD Warren Books in Order

3. The Neighbour

When a young mother goes missing, it is a case that is guaranteed to ignite a media frenzy. The pretty blonde disappeared from her Boston home without a trace. She left behind her four-year-old daughter as the only witness and her handsome husband as the prime suspect.

But something feels off to D.D. Warren. The picture perfect idea of wholesome family values feels false to the detective. As the clock counts the hours since Sandra Jones has gone missing, her husband Jason seems more interested in destroying evidence than finding his wife.

Is he hiding his guilt? Or just trying to hide?

Live to Tell DD Warren

4. Live to Tell

Four members of a working-class family have been brutally murdered and the father is in the ICU. Despite his survival being in doubt, the father is the main suspect. But D.D. Warren is not the type of person to take things at face value.

Meanwhile, Danielle Burton’s life is about to be thrown into turmoil. She is a nurse who has cautiously recovered from her own family tragedy decades before, but this investigation will undo much of that work.

Finally, a mother’s devotion to her disturbed son will be tested to the limit as well.

Love You More Lisa Gardner Books in Order

5. Love You More

Tessa Leoni, a state police trooper, claims to have shot her husband Brian Darby in self-defense. The bruises on her body support her claim, but it is far from an open-and-shut case when it becomes apparent their six-year-old daughter is missing.

D.D. Warren must partner up with her former lover Bobby Dodge as they unearth family secrets amidst the homicide investigation and statewide search for the child.

For Tessa Leoni, the clock is still ticking down to a terrifying deadline. She has one goal in sight and she will stop at nothing to do what needs to be done. No sacrifice is too great and no action unthinkable.

Catch Me Lisa Gardner

6. Catch Me

Charlene Grant has watched her childhood friends be murdered one-by-one on the same day at the same time. Now she is the last one standing, and she is counting down the last days of her own life. But she will not go down without a fight.

She has taken up various forms of self defense and she’s also recruited D.D. Warren to handle the investigation. But as Warren looks further into the case, she begins to question the woman’s story. Her instinct says that Charlene isn’t in danger at all, but that means the woman is hiding a terrifying secret.

Fear Nothing DD Warren Books in Order

7. Fear Nothing

Dr. Adeline Green was the daughter of a man who murdered eight prostitutes before dying himself. From her experience with the horror, she began a career specializing in pain management.

But her sister, Shana Day, followed in their father’s footsteps. Shana was only fourteen when she killed for the first time and has been in jail for more than 25 years.

Meanwhile, D.D. Warren has sought out Adeline for her professional help after a horrible attack. Then a new psychopath begins a reign of terror and Warren must consult Shana for her expertise as well to track down this killer.

Find Her DD Warren

8. Find Her

Flora Dane was kidnapped while on spring break and held captive for 472 days. It is a miracle she is still alive, but Flora has spent the past five years trying to adjust back into normal life.

She works alongside her FBI victim advocate Samuel Keynes. Her mother never stopped loving her even if her brother is scared of who she has become, and her bedroom wall is covered with photos of girls who never made it home.

Then D.D. Warren arrives to the scene of a crime: A dead man and the bound, naked woman who killed him. Flora has connections to this case and to others since her return, but when she goes missing D.D. realizes that there is a far more sinister predator on the hunt.

Look For Me Lisa Gardner Books in Order

9. Look for Me

Four members of a family have been brutally murdered, while the fifth member is missing. Is the sixteen-year-old girl lucky to have escaped? Or is something more sinister at play?

D.D. Warren is on the case, but so is Flora Dane. The pair seek out different types of justice, but together they will sift through the clues left behind to find the young woman, whether she is a victim or a suspect.

Never Tell DD Warren

10. Never Tell

A man was shot dead three times in his home office, while his computer was shot twelve times. His pregnant wife is the one holding the gun when the police arrive.

D.D. Warren recognizes the woman from a previous case. Evie Carter’s father was killed in an accidental shooting, and two coincidental murders is too many.

Meanwhile, Flora Dane sees the victim’s face on TV and immediately recognizes him. When she was held hostage, her captor knew this man. Flora is overcome with guilt at never have tracked him down, and becomes determined to learn the truth of his murder.

But D.D. and Flora quickly learn that the truth is an elusive thing. The more they investigate, the more secrets and half-truths they uncover.

When You See Me Lisa Gardner Books in Order

11. When You See Me

FBI Agent Kimberly Quincy and Detective Warren form a task force to investigate a serial kidnapper’s digital footprint. As part of their investigation, they bring Flora Dane, true-crime savant Keith Edgar, and a troubling piece of evidence to a small town in Georgia.

Unfortunately, despite serial kidnapper Jacob Ness’s horrific crimes while he was alive, his worst secrets are yet to be uncovered. Quincy and D.D. must use their vast skills and experience to solve the most difficult case of their careers. Flora must also face her past to save others.

Final Thoughts On Lisa Gardner books in order

The Lisa Gardner books in order may seem like a simple task, but it can be hard to remember which book came first and last. This can be even more difficult with her crossover books. So, thankfully, we’ve created this list of all her novels so you can get reading!

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2 thoughts on “All 40+ Lisa Gardner Books in Order | The Ultimate Guide

  1. I love all of her books in the D.D. Warren and FBI series been reading them since, The Perfect Husband in 1997. Got my husband to start reading them, normally we don’t read the same books. But neither of us can ever put them down, such page turners! Every time we would finish the last book in the list we couldn’t hardly stand having to wait for the next one. My late husband was a Marine (10 years) war veteran, Texas State Trooper (10 years) before getting sick, I was a country officer, we were very impressed on how accrued she was in not only how things were done (policy and procedures) but how Marines and Troopers would typically act and things they would say, great research! Great memories of us talking about each book! Thank you for adding to just some of the many great memories I have of my amazing 20 year marriage with my wonderful husband, Staff Sargent and Trooper William Toland! As long as you write them I will keep reading them.

  2. As a former LEO, Ms. Gardner’s books take me back to patrol and investigations. A different time; a different location but absolutely spot on. Her cases are so incredible, it’s likely you’ll assume they can’t or didn’t happen. But that couldn’t be further from the truth..

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