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Lisa Gardner Books in Order

Looking for a list of Lisa Gardner books in order? You’ve come to the right place.

Lisa Gardner’s most well known series is about the life and times of D.D. Warren, who is an officer with the Boston Police Department. This complete list also includes brief summaries for each D.D. Warren book so you can get an idea of how interesting they are before reading them yourself!

Before we dive into the list of Lisa Gardner books in order, let’s look at the author herself.

Who Is Lisa Gardner?

Lisa Gardner began her career as a romantic suspense author. She published her first book in romance at age 20 while still in college. To finally finish her book, it took her three years and four more rewrites. While she was completing her degree, she continued writing in her spare time.

Under the pseudonym Alicia Scott, she wrote 13 books on Silhouette Intimate moments. A more complex and mysterious side now replaces the romantic, soft side of Lisa Gardner. Her work at the consulting company sparked Lisa Gardner’s passion for criminal investigations, technology, and police procedures.

Her love of suspense and mystery has been a constant part of her life. Lisa Gardner can bring her characters and settings alive. Readers love her novels for their intense scenes and complex characters. Her writing style is reminiscent of M.M. Kaye’s book Far Pavilions was Gardner’s favorite book in her tween years.

Lisa has sold more than 22 million books worldwide. She currently lives in New Hampshire with her canine companions.

Lisa Gardner Books in Order

Each of series below in our list of Lisa Gardner books in order are arranged in publication order.

Family Secrets Books

  1. Maggie’s Man (1997)
  2. MacNamara’s Woman (1997)
  3. Brandon’s Bride (1998)

Lisa Gardners Books in Order – FBI Profiler Books

  1. The Perfect Husband (1997)
  2. The Third Victim (2001)
  3. The Next Accident (2001)
  4. The Killing Hour (2003)
  5. Gone (2006)
  6. Say Goodbye (2008)
  7. The 4th Man (2016) (Short Story)
  8. Right Behind You (2017)

Lisa Gardner Books in Order – Detective D.D. Warren Books

  1. Alone (2005)
  2. Hide (2007)
  3. The Neighbor (2009)
  4. Live to Tell (2010)
  5. Love You More (2011)
  6. The 7th Month (2012) (Short Story)
  7. Catch Me (2012)
  8. Fear Nothing (2014)
  9. The Laughing Buddha (2015) (Short Story)
  10. 3 Truths and a Lie (2016) (Short Story)
  11. Find Her (2016)
  12. Look For Me (2018)
  13. The Guy Who Died Twice (2019) (Short Story)
  14. Never Tell (2019)
  15. When You See Me (2020)

Tessa Leoni Books

  1. Love You More (2011) (with D.D. Warren)
  2. Touch & Go (2013)
  3. Crash & Burn (2015)

Frankie Elkin Books

  1. Before She Disappeared (2021)
  2. One Step Too Far (2022)

Lisa Gardner Books in Order – Standalone Novels

  1. Waking Nightmare (1994) (As Alicia Scott)
  2. The Other Daughter (1999)
  3. Marrying Mike… Again (2000) (As Alicia Scott)
  4. The Survivors Club (2002)

Romance Books Written as Alicia Scott

Walking After Midnight Books

  1. Walking After Midnight (1992)
  2. Shadow’s Flame (1994)

Guiness Gang Books

  1. At the Midnight Hour (1995)
  2. Hiding Jessica (1995)
  3. Quiet One (1996)
  4. The One Worth Waiting For (1996)
  5. One Who Almost Got Away (1996)

Summary of Detective D.D. Warren Books in Order

Here is a summary of the Lisa Gardner books in order for you focusing primarily on the Detective D.D. Warren series!

Alone Lisa Gardner Books in Order

Alone (2005)

Bobby, an NYPD sharpshooter, is called to an incident at home. The police have been to this address before. It is a volatile couple who often fight over their marriage. This time, however, it’s different. Bobby sees the husband shooting at his wife and child through his eyes from the opposite building.

Bobby takes a direct shot at the man’s head as the husband attempts to kill his wife. Terrorized and shaking, the wife turns to face Bobby through the broken window and says, “thank you.” All hell breaks loose. Bobby shot the son of one of the city’s most prominent judges.

Catherine, his wife, is suspected of abusing their son for years.

Bobby seems to have killed the only man who could’ve protected the child. In the meantime, Mr. Bosu is still on the streets. Bosu was sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime he committed while he was 22 years old. He was so committed to destruction and death; he found a way to murder even while in prison.

Other inmates feared him for his violent nature and they refer to him as an “inmate bogeyman.” As a result, he was “accidentally” freed.

As a recently released felon, he is now trying something new: murder for hire. He knows he is good at killing and has always needed money, so why not combine both?

He is smart, unbelievably powerful, and after twenty-five years behind bars, he still has a lot of rages. Bobby, Catherine, and Mr. Bosu are all tied together in a devil’s pact in a way that they can’t even imagine.

Hide Lisa Gardner

Hide (2007)

“I cannot afford to go back from the dead.” Annabelle has been called many names throughout her life, including Cindy, Sally, and Lucille. Annabelle didn’t know where her father was running from. He moved her from one city to the next at the age of ten.

She’s now in her thirties and has settled in Boston with both of her parents. Old habits are hard to break. She still looks over her shoulder as she leaves her apartment and blends in with other subway riders.

Multiple graves were then discovered at the Boston State Mental Hospital. Sixteen young girls were taken prisoner and left to die in an underground chamber.

Annabelle discovers her true identity when her original name is printed in the newspaper, incorrectly identifying her among the dead girls. This was the work and the deceit of the monster her father fled. The killer is still at large. He’s been looking for her for years.

Bobby Dodge has suffered from the Catherine Gagnon case since childhood. It almost cost him his job and his sanity. Catherine, as a child, was also kept underground. Catherine’s captor, however, was already in prison at the time these girls were taken. The similarities are far too many to be a coincidence.

The Neighbor DD Warren Books in Order

The Neighbor (2009)

This is what took place in the last six hours. It was a case that would spark a media frenzy. A young mother, pretty and blonde, vanishes from her South Boston home without a trace, leaving behind her daughter, four, and her secretive, handsome husband as the prime suspect.

D. D. Warren, Detective Sergeant, arrives at the Joneses’ cozy little bungalow and senses something is not right about the image of normality that the couple created. Jason and Sandra Jones look like any other young couple who are trying to raise a child.

However, things get murkier under the surface. Jason Jones seems more focused on finding his wife and destroying evidence as the clock ticks on the missing woman’s life. Or is he trying to hide his guilt? Will the victim of the crime become the only witness?

Live to Tell DD Warren

Live to Tell (2010)

He knows everything about your life, including where you will hide. An unimaginable crime was committed on a summer evening in Boston’s working-class neighborhoods.

Four family members were brutally murdered. The suspect, the father, is still alive in the ICU. Murder-suicide? Or worse? D. D. Warren, a veteran police detective, is certain that there’s more to the case than meets your eye.

Danielle Burton, a survivor and a dedicated nurse is driven to help children in a locked-down pediatric mental ward. Yet, she is still haunted by the family tragedy that nearly 25 years ago shattered her entire life. Danielle realizes that the dark anniversary is nearing when D. D. Warren arrives with her partner.

Victoria Oliver, a devoted mother, has trouble remembering what normality is. She will do whatever it takes to give her son a chance at a normal childhood. She will always love him, no matter what. Take care of him. Make sure he is safe. Take care of him even if the threat is from her home.

Lisa Gardner, a New York Times bestseller, has written the most captivating suspense novel to date. The lives of three women are revealed and connected in surprising ways. Sins from the past surface and shocking secrets reveal the closeness of blood ties. Sometimes, the most horrific crimes happen right at home.

Love You More Lisa Gardner Books in Order

Love You More (2011)

Who do you love?

Brian Darby is dead on the kitchen floor after a single question and a split-second decision. Tessa Leoni (state police trooper) claims that her husband was shot in self-defense. She also has bruises to prove it. It should have been an easy case for D. D. Warren, a veteran detective. But where is their six-year-old daughter?


D. D. Warren and Bobby Dodge must team up as the homicide investigation escalates into a frantic statewide hunt for a missing child. Together they will attempt to break through the blue wall that is police brotherhood. They want to learn more about the inner workings and secrets of a trooper’s brain. What if a trained officer of police shot her husband? What about a mother who hurts her child?

. . . TO SAVE HIM?

Tessa Leoni is not ready for the worst. As the time ticks down to an alarming deadline, she is on a tightrope. There are no places to turn or people to trust. She has one goal and will use all of her skills, training, and tricks to achieve it. There is no sacrifice too great or unthinkable. A mother knows her children. All others will have to pay.

We love you even more.

Catch Me Lisa Gardner

Catch Me (2012)

D. D. Warren never ceases to surprise everyone. A single woman from outside D.D. is the one who surprises her. A 27-year-old Charlene Rosalind believes someone will kill her in four days and she wants Boston’s most prominent detective to investigate the murder.

There is no sign of struggle or coercion. Charlie shares a disturbing story. Each February 21st at 8 p.m., a woman dies. These victims were childhood friends from New Hampshire.

The motive for their deaths is unknown. Only the last friend is left to count down her final hours. Detective Warren quickly discovers that Charlie Grant has been training and doesn’t intend to give up easily. Charlie Grant is a woman who can outshoot and outfight anyone in Boston.

How much can detective Warren trust her? Is Charlie in danger? Or is there a hidden truth that she may be hiding from us? What is the biggest surprise? Read this book to get answers to all these questions and many more.

Fear Nothing DD Warren Books in Order

Fear Nothing (2014)

Family is everything, they say. Dr. Adeline Glen can’t accept this. How can you accept that you are bound by blood to a father who killed prostitutes and a brother who followed his path of sociopathic behavior?

Now, Boston Detective D.D. Warren needs Adeline’s professional assistance to overcome a vicious attack by a psychopath. Adeline’s murderer knows too much about Adeline’s deceased father, and her sister, who is currently in prison, claims she can help him catch her.

Adeline will have to forget her nightmares and help D.D. when Adeline is focusing on the Rose Killer. Adeline knows that if she wants to survive, she will have to…

Find Her DD Warren

Find Her (2016)

Flora Dane, a college student and carefree kidnapper was taken hostage seven years ago while she was on spring break. Flora was held captive for 472 days and learned how long one person could endure.

Miraculously still alive five years after her ordeal, Flora has spent the last five years getting to know normal life and working with Samuel Keynes, her FBI victim advocate.

Flora has a loving mother, who never stops caring for her, and a brother who is afraid of what she’s become. Her bedroom wall is covered in photos of other girls who have never returned home.

D. D. Warren, a Boston detective, is called to the crime scene to find a dead man and a naked, bound woman who killed him. She discovers that Flora had been involved with three other suspects ever since she returned to society. Is Flora a victim or a vigilante?

With her intimate knowledge of criminal behavior, could Flora be the one to rescue a college student who has been abducted? D.D. becomes suspicious when Flora disappears. D.D. realizes that there is a more sinister predator out there. Flora Dane is determined to be captured by a predator.

Now it’s up to D. D. Warren to find Flora Dane.

Look For Me Lisa Gardner Books in Order

Look for Me (2018)


Flora Dane and Detective D.D Warren are racing against the clock to save a young girl’s life – or bring them to justice. Four separate murder cases occur in a family home. One of the victims, a 16-year-old girl, is missing. Was she lucky enough to escape with a smile?

Is her absence an indication of something sinister? Warren and Flora must seek different types of justice to understand the clues left behind by a potential victim or suspect. They know nothing except that the girl needs help.

You can find me…

Never Tell DD Warren

Never Tell (2019)

A man lies dead with three-shot to the head at his home office and his pregnant wife holds the gun when cops arrive. D.D. Warren arrives at the scene and recognizes Evie Carter, who was a victim in a long-standing case. Evie’s father died in a shooting accident. D.D. considers two murders by chance to be too many.

Flora Dane watches the television news and instantly recognizes Conrad Carter’s face. She recalls a time when she was still a victim, a hostage, and her captor knew the man. Flora feels guilty about Conrad’s disappearance. She determines to find out the truth about Conrad’s death.

Flora and D.D. are about to find out that the truth is devilishly difficult to find. They begin to unravel layers after layers of lies and half-truths.

When You See Me Lisa Gardner Books in Order

When You See Me (2020)

FBI Agent Kimberly Quincy and Detective Warren form a task force to investigate a serial kidnapper’s digital footprint. They bring Flora Dane, true-crime savant Keith Edgar and a troubling piece of evidence to the small town of Georgia.

Unfortunately, no one knows about Jacob’s worst secrets. Quincy and D.D. Quincy and D.D. must use their vast skills and experience to solve the most difficult case of their careers. Flora must also face her past to save others.

Final Thoughts On Lisa Gardner Books In Order

Lisa Gardner books in order may seem like a simple task, but it can be hard to remember which book came first and last. So, thankfully, we’ve created this list of all her novels so you can get reading!

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  1. I love all of her books in the D.D. Warren and FBI series been reading them since, The Perfect Husband in 1997. Got my husband to start reading them, normally we don’t read the same books. But neither of us can ever put them down, such page turners! Every time we would finish the last book in the list we couldn’t hardly stand having to wait for the next one. My late husband was a Marine (10 years) war veteran, Texas State Trooper (10 years) before getting sick, I was a country officer, we were very impressed on how accrued she was in not only how things were done (policy and procedures) but how Marines and Troopers would typically act and things they would say, great research! Great memories of us talking about each book! Thank you for adding to just some of the many great memories I have of my amazing 20 year marriage with my wonderful husband, Staff Sargent and Trooper William Toland! As long as you write them I will keep reading them.

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