2 Ways to Read Ali Hazelwood Books in Order [Ultimate Guide]

Do you enjoy nerdy culture, the science side of academia, steamy romance, or all of the above? If so, then you will enjoy reading the Ali Hazelwood books in order.

While she has only been publishing contemporary romance stories for a couple of years, she has already become a fan favorite. Amidst a very busy life with her husband, two cats, and a whole other career, Hazelwood has already published a handful of titles in that short span.

There is also more to come from this author, so now is a great time to get caught up by reading all of Ali Hazelwood’s books.

Who is Ali Hazelwood?

She’s a newcomer onto the scene with her debut publication in 2021, but Ali Hazelwood is a force to be reckoned with. She has been writing for much longer than just the past year of romance fame too.

Hazelwood is a neuroscientist and has written many articles and studies within the world of academia before she found her way into fandom and fanfiction.

That’s how she got her start in fiction writing. A popular Star Wars fanfiction evolved into her debut publication: The Love Hypothesis. It immediately became a bestseller and a viral sensation.

As of August 2022, the hashtag for The Love Hypothesis on TikTok has more than 300 million views. Hazelwood has also received praise from authors such as Jodi Picoult, while continuing to pen more STEM-themed books.

Amidst the whirlwind of multiple publications in quick succession Hazelwood has also continued to work within academia. She has, so far, managed to keep those two worlds separate.

That’s because Ali Hazelwood is a pseudonym for the scientist and author. She was born in Italy and lived in Germany and Japan before moving to the US for her PhD studies. It was never intentional to keep her two careers so separate, but it is how things have evolved.

She says she will own her writing career if one of her colleagues or students approaches her about it. However, she doesn’t want readers to know her real name.

But using a moniker is nothing new. It certainly hasn’t stopped Hazelwood from climbing to great heights within her first years as an author of contemporary romance. Her books revel in fandom culture, embrace tropes readers love, and peel back the curtain of STEM academia in a fun and approachable way.

#1 Ali Hazelwood Books in Order of Publication

The first way to read the Ali Hazelwood books in order is by reading all of her titles in order of publication. This will see you start with her debut, The Love Hypothesis, before moving next to her interconnected novellas, and then reading her other available books.

Hazelwood’s upcoming releases see her venturing into different genres with a young adult contemporary and paranormal romance offering.

All of the titles below can be read as standalones. However, the STEMinist novellas do concern the same group of friends and it will make the most sense to read them in order of publication. This will let you follow along as the relationships develop between different characters.

  1. The Love Hypothesis (2021)
  2. Under One Roof (2022) (Novella)
  3. Stuck with You (2022) (Novella)
  4. Below Zero (2022) (Novella)
  5. Love on the Brain (2022)
  6. Love, Theoretically (June 2023)
  7. From a Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi (August 2023) (Anthology)
  8. Check & Mate (November 2023)
  9. Bride (February 2024)
  10. Not in Love (Expected: June 11, 2024)

#2 Ali Hazelwood Books in Order of Type

The second way to read the Ali Hazelwood books in order is by separating her books from her novellas. This would be a better way to read her works if you’re not keen on novellas or are under a time crunch. Her slim novellas can be read in one sitting for a quick burst of joy, while her novels will take you a little bit longer, but also dive deeper into the characters, relationship, and setting.

Contemporary Romance

She currently has three full-length novels in print and three more with publication dates. Her first three books revolve around STEM and academia, while her fourth full-length novel will be a young adult contemporary.

Hazelwood will publish her sixth overall novel in June, which is another contemporary romance that revolves around a STEM female lead and a secret, forbidden love affair.

  1. The Love Hypothesis
  2. Love on the Brain
  3. Love, Theoretically (June 2023)
  4. Check & Mate (November 2023)
  5. Not in Love (Expected: June 11, 2024)

Ali Hazelwood STEMinist Novellas

Her STEMinist novellas were first released as audiobooks, before becoming available in print. Earlier this year a bind-up edition of all three novellas became available with a special exclusive chapter.

  1. Under One Roof
  2. Stuck with You
  3. Below Zero
  4. Loathe to Love You (Bind-Up) (2023)

Paranormal Romance

Ali Hazelwood’s fifth overall novel was published in February 2024. It is a paranormal romance between a vampyre and a werewolf with a marriage of convenience, forbidden love, fated mates, and a dangerous alliance.

  1. Bride

Ali Hazelwood Anthologies

Most recently it was announced that Ali Hazelwood has contributed a short story, “The Last Flight,” to a Star Wars anthology. This is a full circle moment for Hazelwood who began writing with Star Wars fanfiction. Her popular fanfic became her debut novel and now, less than two years later, she is writing for the franchise itself.

  1. From a Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi (2023)

A Summary of Ali Hazelwood Books in Order

Below you will find summaries for all the Ali Hazelwood books in order of publication. This will let you know a little bit more about each title and the tropes Hazelwood plays with before you start reading.

The Love Hypothesis Ali Hazelwood Books in Order

1. The Love Hypothesis

Olive Smith is a third-year PhD candidate who doesn’t believe in long-term romance, but her best friend does. In an attempt to placate Anh and convince her that Olive is living in her own happily-ever-after, Olive kisses the first man she sees.

Unluckily for her, that man turns out to be the young professor Adam Carlsen who is as well-known for his prickly demeanor as his good looks. For some unknown reason, however, Adam agrees to Olive’s ruse and agrees to be her fake boyfriend.

The charade is going perfect until Olive’s career is put on the line at a big science conference. But Adam surprises her again by being incredibly supportive. Suddenly, Olive can feel their game of make-believe becoming all too real.

Under One Roof STEMinist

2. Under One Roof

Mara, Sadie, and Hannah are best friends, no matter where in the world their jobs take them. These three STEMinist novellas follow each of the friends as they fall in love.

Mara’s mentor Helena left her an inheritance in the form of a house, but it appears that Helena also left the house to her nephew Liam. So begins the stand-off between the two of them with neither agreeing to leave the house. Mara is an environmental engineer, while Liam is a big-oil lawyer and the two of them seemingly have nothing in common.

Mara hates the way he won’t leave the thermostat alone and how he steals her food, but the longer they live together, the more she gets to know him. And the harder it is to hate him.

Stuck with You Ali Hazelwood Books

3. Stuck with You

Ali Hazelwood’s next STEMinist novella follows Sadie’s story within this group of three best friends and scientists.

Sadie has found herself stuck in an elevator with Erik, the man who broke her heart. She knows that as a civil engineer she is supposed to build bridges, but this is one that she would rather see burn to the ground.

But stuck together for hours in the tiny New York elevator means it is impossible for Sadie to ignore Erik forever. Soon she is discovering that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Below Zero STEMinist

4. Below Zero

The third and final STEMinist novella follows Hannah’s path to love. It takes place amidst the frosty terrain of the Arctic as the passion between two rival scientists burns hot.

Hannah is a NASA aerospace engineer who has found herself injured and stranded near a remote research station. She understands the risks that would come with a rescue mission and is trying to accept the disaster of her situation when the most unlikely person volunteers to risk life and limb to save her.

Ian tried to veto her expedition and ruin her career. It makes no sense to Hannah that he would be the one risking everything on a mission to save her, but he is. Ian has also been the star of Hannah’s most lurid dreams, and his presence feels just as dangerous as the impending storm.

Love on the Brain Ali Hazelwood Books in Order

5. Love on the Brain

Bee Königswasser lives by a simple code: What would Marie Curie do?

It’s the question she asks herself when NASA offers her the lead on a neuroengineering project. It is a dream come true and Bee knows Marie Curie would accept without hesitation. But the project is being co-led by Levi Ward.

Levi is tall, dark, and attractive. He also caught her in his arms during her first day in the lab like some romance novel hero. But then he made his feelings, or lack thereof, abundantly clear every other day in grad school.

The project has Bee’s career floundering though, and through their proximity she can see Levi becoming an ally, and perhaps something more.

Love Theoretically Ali Hazelwood

6. Love, Theoretically

During the day Elsie Hannaway is an adjunct theoretical physic professor, but to make up for the horrible pay, she also provides her services as a fake girlfriend. She is a people-pleasing expert and knows just what version of herself to become for her client’s needs. But then her two worlds collide.

That’s because Jack Smith, the annoyingly attractive older brother of her favorite client, is an experimental physicist. The same cold-hearted physicist who ruined her mentor’s career and the reputation of theorists everywhere. He is also on the hiring committee at MIT, standing between Elsie and her dream job.

Elsie has prepared herself for a war of scholarly sabotage, but she did not prepare herself for the way Jack looks at her or the way he makes her feel.

Check and Mate Ali Hazelwood Books in Order

7. Check & Mate

Ali Hazelwood’s young adult debut brings together two rival chess players in a match for love.

Mallory Greenleaf has turned her back on chess after it tore her family apart, but she agrees to play in one last charity tournament. She unexpectedly ends up defeating the current world champion, “Kingkiller” Nolan Sawyer and the upset shocks everyone.

Nolan wants nothing more to play against Mallory again and while Mallory wants to walk away, her win has brought the possibility of some much-needed cash prizes. Despite everything, she also finds herself drawn to Nolan…

Bride Book Cover

8. Bride

As the only daughter of the most powerful Vampyre councilman of the Southwest, Misery Lark must secure an alliance between the Vampyres and the Weres, their mortal enemies, through marriage.

Her marriage will be to Lowe Moreland, the leader of his pack and a ruler with absolute authority. Lowe tracks Misery’s every movement and doesn’t trust her. With good reason too, because Misery has agreed to this marriage of convenience for her own reasons, which have nothing to do with politics or alliances.

That’s because Misery is willing to do whatever it takes to get back what is hers. Even if that means a life alone in Were territory.

Final thoughts on Ali Hazelwood books in order

Ali Hazelwood writes books for readers that have always felt as if they don’t quite fit in, and offers a wonderful, romantic, escapist delight. Her characters are funny and charming with plenty of banter as she evokes tropes such as opposites attract or enemies to lovers.

There are two ways to read the Ali Hazelwood books in order, depending on whether you enjoy novellas, but there is sure to be plenty more to come from this popular author as she embarks on her career in publishing fiction.

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