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It is not always easy to understand the best order in which to read Marvel comic book events. This King in Black reading order will make your journey simple to read.

The King in Black comics introduces Knull the Dragon King. After a campaign across galaxies, Knull the Dragon King was finally defeated, and now his death march has arrived on earth. With an army of hundreds of thousands of symbiote dragons at his command, Knull is now poised to take over our world as we know it.

This King in Black reading order includes tie-ins and background reading. Keep reading to check out all the King in Black works here, so you will know what comes next.

King in Black Reading Order

Background Comics

Below are some comic books I recommend that you read for important background knowledge before diving into the King in Black comics.

  1. Thor: God of Thunder #6 of 25 (2013)
  2. Silver Surfer: Black #1-5 (2019)
  3. Web of Venom: Ve’nam #1 (2018)
  4. Absolute Carnage #1-5 (2019)
  5. Scream: Curse of Carnage #1-6 (2019)

Prelude to King in Black Reading Order

In addition, the list below represents comics set prior to King in Black. Most of the comics listed below lead into the series or tie into it in one way or another.

  1. Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #1-5 (2020)
  2. King in Black: Namor #1-5 (2020)
  3. Web Of Venom: Empyre’s End #1 (2020)

King in Black Comics in Chronological Order

Below is a detailed list of the full King in Black reading order. We have only included the issues or volumes that pertain to Knull.

Some of the comics below may list #1 of 12, such as Black Cat, but then only list a total of 3 comics. This is because only 3 out of the run of 12 feature Knull and the events of the King in Black.

If you’d like to continue reading through the remainder of the story, you may do so, but we won’t list all 12 issues here.

  1. King in Black #1 of 5 (2020)
  1. The Union #1 of 5 (2020) (Tie-in)
  2. Venom #31 of 37 (2018) (Tie-in)
  3. King In Black: Immortal Hulk #1 (2020) (One-Shots)
  4. Black Cat #1 of 12 (2020) (Tie-in)
  1. King in Black #2 of 5 (2020)
  1. Spider-Woman #7 of 20 (2020) (Tie-in)
  2. King In Black: Iron Man/Doom #1 (2020) (One-Shots)
  3. Venom #32 of 37 (2018) (Tie-in)
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy #10 of 18 (2020) (Tie-in)
  5. King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #1 of 4 (2021)
  6. Spider-Woman #8 of 20 (2020) (Tie-in)
  7. King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes #1 of 3 (2021)
  8. S.W.O.R.D. #2 of 11 (2020) (Tie-in)
  9. King in Black: Gwenom Vs. Carnage #1 of 3 (2021)
  10. King in Black: Thunderbolts #1 of 3 (2021)
  11. The Union #2 of 5 (2020) (Tie-in)
  1. King in Black #3 of 5 (2020)
  1. King In Black: Black Knight #1 (2021) (One-Shots)
  2. Black Cat #2 of 12 (2020) (Tie-in)
  3. Deadpool #10 of 11 (2019) (Tie-in)
  4. Daredevil #26 of 38 (2019) (Tie-in)
  5. King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #2 of 4 (2021)
  6. Savage Avengers #17 of 31 (2019) (Tie-in)
  7. Venom #33 of 38 (2018) (Tie-in)
  8. King In Black: Captain America #1 (2021) (One-Shots)
  9. King In Black: Marauders #1 (2021) (One-Shots)
  10. King in Black: Gwenom Vs. Carnage #2 of 3 (2021)
  11. King In Black: Black Panther #1 (2021) (One-Shots)
  12. King in Black: Thunderbolts #2 of 3 (2021)
  13. S.W.O.R.D. #3 of 11 (2020) (Tie-in)
  14. Daredevil #27 of 38 (2019) (Tie-in)
  15. Fantastic Four #29 of 44 (2018) (Tie-in)
  1. King in Black #4 of 5 (2020)
  1. Miles Morales: Spider-Man #23 of 36 (2018) (Tie-in)
  2. King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes #2 of 3 (2021)
  3. King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #3 of 4 (2021)
  4. Savage Avengers #18 of 31 (2019) (Tie-in)
  5. Black Cat #3 of 12 (2020) (Tie-in)
  6. King In Black: Wiccan And Hulking #1 (2021) (One-Shots)
  7. King in Black: Gwenom Vs. Carnage #3 of 3 (2021)
  8. King in Black: Thunderbolts #3 of 3 (2021)
  9. S.W.O.R.D. #4 of 11 (2020) (Tie-in)
  10. King in Black: Spider-Man #1 (2021) (One-Shots)
  11. Savage Avengers #19 of 31 (2019) (Tie-in)
  12. King In Black: Scream #1 (2021) (One-Shots)
  13. King In Black: Ghost Rider #1 (2021) (One-Shots)
  14. King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #4 of 4 (2021)
  15. King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes #3 of 3 (2021)
  16. Fantastic Four #30 of 44 (2018) (Tie-in)
  1. King in Black #5 of 5 (2020)

What is King in Black?

King in Black is a comic-book event that Donny Cates created with Ryan Stegman’s art. Marvel Comics published it from 2020 to 2021. It’s a continuation of 2019’s Absolute Karnage and contains fallout from 2020’s Empyre.

Knull and his symbiotes invade Earth, leaving Eddie Brock/Venom, the Avengers, and the X-Men to defend it. 

A year after Absolute Carnage, and two years into Ryan Stegman’s Venom era (Donny Cates/Ryan Stegman), the symbiote story continues to grow to another crossover event in late 2021 and early 2022.

King in Black promises that it will deliver on the promise of Knull, the God of Symbiotes, first introduced to the Marvel Universe back in the Cates/Stegman Venom story arc. This was the first Venom story that made the series a must-read.

We will see how it turns out, but this event should fulfill the cosmic symbiote promise that the creative team has worked towards since Marvel Fresh Start.

Summary of King in Black Reading Order

The comic book series “King in Black” is an interesting read for any fan of comics. Continue reading for an overview of a few highlights on some of the comics in the King in Black reading order in this interesting series.

Marvel King in Black Reading Order

1. King in Black

Knull is on his way, and everyone, from the Avengers to the X-Men, will see just how unprepared they all are to face the god of the Symbiotes. This monumental story is the culmination of everything that Cates and Stegman have done on Venom. Now, readers will see Eddie Brock’s final confrontation with one of Marvel’s most terrifying villains.

Venom King in Black

2. Venom

For years, the terrifying threat of King in Black, the all-powerful god of symbiotes, has been looming large. Finally, Knull was released after being held captive for millennia. Thanks to Eddie Brock’s rash move, he was freed!

The King in Black and his symbiotic armies have now arrived on Earth! But what’s Knull really up to? What happens to Venom when Venom finally meets the lords of the abyss?

Eddie Brock is facing the greatest challenge of his entire life…but he’s not the only one. In the darkest hour of Earth’s history, who will be there for him? Do any of them stand a chance of succeeding?

King in Black Planet of the Symbiotes

3. King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes

The Marvel Universe is ruled by darkness! Knull’s long-awaited arrival is a disaster. All-star talent comes together to examine key moments in the story.

This episode features epic clashes between Earth’s heroes and Knull’s army, the return of beloved characters, shocking revelations about the Venom mythology, and exciting introductions to new players in Marvel Universe. Starring Scream; Cloak; Dagger; and Cortland Kasady, ancestor to Cletus, Cloak, and Dagger.

Dane Whitman, the powerful Ebony Blade wielder, rises once more to defend Earth from Knull’s relentless onslaught, with Aero and his Sword Master at his side. What secrets will this brutal battle reveal about Black Knight’s history?

King in Black Gwenom vs. Carnage

4. King in Black: Gwenom vs. Carnage

Ghost-Spider (a.k.a. Gwen Stacy) is a synthetic symbiote that has been bonded to her. Gwen Stacy, Earth-65, is a web slinger who is unique in the multiverse.

She is thrown into chaos when Knull descends upon her adopted home. His dark psychic energy and gravity unleash unintended consequences! Mary Jane Watson, her bandmate, is about to be drawn into the ordeal by a symbiote.

Gwenom vs. Carnage is the only description of the ensuing chaos! Although they’ve been fighting each other in The Mary Janes for years now, this battle of bands will be a real slugfest!

Andi Benton is back, but can Scream put a dent into Knull’s armor? What does this new symbiotic nightmare for Spider-Man mean?!

Thunderbolts King in Black Reading Order

5. King in Black: Thunderbolts

Knull’s space dragon army has arrived on Earth to strike — and it started with New York City! But Mayor Wilson Fisk has an idea: Bring back Thunderbolts!

Fisk organizes a team of killers and mercenaries to take on the unkillable. Fear the Leaper and Batroc! They only have one task: Save the city or perish trying.

The secret to saving the city is that the Marvel Universe’s worst characters must enter the Ravencroft Institute. What could go wrong?

Plus: The Red Queen Kate Pryde, along with her crew of mutant Marauders, set sail to fight the forces of Knull. Captain Kate has vowed to fight for the poor…and a global catastrophe like Knull’s invasion could mean that many people will be in dire need.

Return of the Valkyries

6. King in Black: Return of the Valkyries

Jane Foster is now the only Valkyrie left. Knull and the symbiote monsters that he created arrive on Earth, and Jane’s only vision when she sees it is death. Jane must stop the King of Black by rebuilding the Valkyries.

She starts with Hildegarde and the X-Man Dani Moonstar. But Jane is unaware that she is not the only Valkyrie. Who is the fourth warrior, then?

Jane is also unaware that Knull has spread his power across the galaxy, infecting creatures older than the gods. Jane may not be able to bring the Valkyries to their rescue!


7. King in Black: Namor

The untold story of the young Submariner — and the chilling birth of Atlantis’ greatest villain! The protagonists: Lady Dorma of Atlantis’ Namor, Lady Dorma, Attuma, and the Swift Riders — still in their teens — who are the greatest heroes of the Atlantean Empire.

Although there are alliances and potential, the future holds tragedy, betrayal, and deadly magic. The ensuing disaster brings to life the greatest threat Atlantis has ever seen as the three young men join the Swift Riders for a crucial mission.

The Black Tide will cause a tsunami of destruction and death on the ocean floor, destroying everything they have left behind. This deep dive takes you into Marvel history, where the secrets of King in Black are hidden!

Avengers King in Black Reading Order

8. King in Black: Avengers

Knull’s invasion pushes Earth’s Mightiest Heroes beyond their limits! T’Challa’s most valuable allies have been lost, and once more, the Black Panther must choose between his role of king or his deepest desires.

Captain America is aided by the Falcon, Winter Soldier, and faces a brutal fight against the darkness! Ghost Rider is subject to new hell from Knull! Joe Fixit wants to make this the best Hulk holiday ever!

But first he needs to get through a planet full of symbiotes. Iron Man and Doctor Doom must team up to fight an all too familiar specter of the holiday season. The honeymoon of newlyweds Wiccan, Hulkling, and their family in the Shi’ar galaxy is unforgettable!

Atlantis Attacks King in Black Reading Order

9. King in Black: Atlantis Attacks

The Atlantis armies face Atlas in an epic showdown that is sure to break hearts and shake allegiances! After the War of All the Realms, Amadeus Cho and all the Atlas heroes have bonded. But, when a terrible secret is revealed, who will be the true friend and the true enemy?

This epic tale is full of love, betrayal and heroes, monsters, gods, and underdogs. Plus, Jimmy Woo’s shocking return and the original Agents of Atlas!

Symbiote Spider-Man

10. Symbiote Spider-Man: King In Black

Knull, the terrifying King in Black, has set his sights upon Earth, but as avid Marvelites know, his hand has been at work at Marvel Universe’s edge for years!

Watch as Knull attempts to create life from the darkness of non-creation. As Spider-Man aligns himself with…Kang, the Conqueror, take a wild ride with him! This is absurd!

The Black Knight seems like a better team-up to stop an evil plot to transform all living things into shadow creatures. Who else will help our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler, though? It’s a sight to behold as Greg Land and Peter David reunite to continue the adventures of Peter Parker wearing the symbiote suit.

11. Black Cat, Vol. 4: Queen in Black

Felicia Hardy returns for a classic game cat and…symbiote. Knull’s attack upon Earth interrupts Felicia’s latest heist. If Felicia is a good friend, that’s no problem.

The Cat and her crew set out to steal something valuable — both for Knull and Earth’s survival chances. Felicia has always dressed appropriately — a job like this demands a special type of suit. It will be hard to believe that the Black Cat has her Anti-Venom costume.

Felicia Hardy is back on the center stage for an adventure-packed guest-starring Doctor Strange, Captain America, and X-Men!


12. Spider-Woman, Vol. 2: King In Black

Road trip…to Space! Jessica Drew discovers some shocking secrets about her family and sets out to find the High Evolutionary, the person who may have the answers. She’ll need her best friend by her side, which means it’s Captain Marvel team-up time!

Soon, Spider-Woman, however, will be abandoned and abandoned by her closest friends. Only one person will help her…Octavia Vermis has a solution for Jessica. It’s called crime!

Is Jess willing to steal to get the tools she needs to fix the problem? Spider-Woman must cross the line in the shadow of Knull’s invasion. Will Jess be able to find the cure for her illness?


You’ve been through a ton of content, and you’re still here. You deserve some recognition for that. I’m going over the top with this one – it’s hard to find an event as epic as “King in Black.”

Ensure you follow this reading order to make the most of this exciting comic.

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  1. I’d put Fantastic Four #29 somewhere between KiB #1-2, and Fantastic Four #30 somewhere between KiB #2-3. Also not the biggest deal, but I’d read all the Daredevil tie-ins before KiB Thunderbolts #1. Otherwise, pretty solid list.

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