160+ Best LitRPG Books You Need to Read Right Now

LitRPG books are the new great love of my life.

You know, after my wife and kids of course.

What is LitRPG?

It stands for Literary Role Playing Game. Which basically is code for they’re books about video games.

After discovering the genre in late 2018, I’ve proceeded to devour as many as I can get my hands on. The truth is, there are more LitRPG books out there that I haven’t read as opposed to the ones I have.

So for the purposes of this list, I’ll highlight only my top favorite LitRPG books. Then it is my goal to provide you with a complete list of every LitRPG book available.

Well, as complete as a list can be.

I will inevitably miss a few. And of course more are published every day. But as complete a list of LitRPG books as one can possibly make in a single post.

Each of the LitRPG books listed are Book 1s. That means there’s likely others in the series, but they are not listed here. This list is already huge as it is.


Best LitRPG Books

The Land Aleron Kong Best LitRPG Books

The Land: Founding by Aleron Kong

Current Books in Series: 8

Tricked into a world of banished gods, demons, goblins, sprites and magic, Richter must learn to meet the perils of The Land and begin to forge his own kingdom. Actions have consequences across The Land, with powerful creatures and factions now hell-bent on Richter’s destruction.

Can Richter forge allegiances to survive this harsh and unforgiving world or will he fall to the dark denizens of this ancient and unforgiving realm?

Sworn Guardian Cover

Sworn Guardian by T.L. Branson

Release Date: October 22, 2019

This is a shameless plug for my own LitRPG series published from Aethon Books.

Sworn Guardian is my love letter to Final Fantasy and a blending of my favorite elements from Final Fantasy VII, X, and XV.

There’s magic stones, summons, and a techno/medieval world all neatly wrapped with leveling, HP, MP, and AP.

Did I mention the audiobook is narrated by the legendary Vikas Adam?

Yeah, I’m pretty stoked.

Sufficiently Advanced Magic Andrew Rowe

Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe

Current Books in the Series: 2

This was one of my favorite reads of 2018.

It’s sequel would have made my top of 2019 had I bothered to make a post about that.

This is the book that introduced me to LitRPG books and I couldn’t be more thankful. This has got everything, magic school, battles, puzzles, tower climbing, and epic twists.

A must read!

Death March by Phil Tucker

Series Complete – 3 Books

This was the second LitRPG book that I ever read. And I devoured the whole series in 5 days.

A record for me to say the least. It takes me 5 days to read a single book let alone a whole series. That’s how good these books were. Couldn’t put them down.

Chris enters the game in Death March mode, a mode where if you die, you actually die, but if you survive, great riches await you. He does so to save his brother and earn him a pardon.

The Ritualist by Dakota Krout

Current Books in Series: 4

This isn’t Krout’s first LitRPG book. He wrote the Divine Dungeon series listed below prior to this. I’m told there’s Easter eggs in Ritualist for those who have read Divine Dungeon.

I started with Ritualist and am none the worse for wear. I burned through the three main books in the series in no time at all. This is a particularly addictive book for those minmaxers out there, like myself, who love to 100% complete every game they play.

Before we jump into the list at large, I’d like to highlight my Aethon Brethren. These are the guys and gals who have written LitRPG books and are apart of the same publisher as myself.

Sky Realms Online: Grayhold by Troy Osgood

Trapped in the game. Forced back to level 1. What’s next, permadeath?

Sky Realms Online is the largest and most popular Virtual Reality MMORPG ever made. Set amongst the mystical, floating islands of Hankarth, it’s played and enjoyed by millions every hour. Until something goes wrong.

Unable to log out, players find themselves…

Djinn Tamer Starter Derek Alan Siddoway
Djinn Tamer: Starter by Derek Alan Siddoway & AJ Cerna

Tame. Train. Battle.

Fans of Pokémon, Digimon, and Monster Rancher love this monster-battling series!

Jackson Hunt dreams of becoming a professional monster tamer — to raise magical creatures called Djinn and battle them in the big leagues.

Unfortunately for Jackson…

Battle Master Damian Boyle
Battle Master: The Blood Crown by Damian Boyle

Shipwrecked by fate. Hunted by moonlight. Hardened by battle.

Paul is an Aberrant, one of few able to enter a fantasy game world called Valheim. Kidnapped to a secret lab, he is forced into a government program that sends Aberrants to Valheim against their will. Most die within a day, but some have survived for months.

Mira, a famous gamer who recently went missing, is one such survivor. Finding her is Paul’s best shot at…

Save Point Matthew Siege
Save Point: Upload by Matthew Siege

Adam Harris’s name has just appeared on a top secret list of extraterrestrial origin. Unbeknownst to him, he’s one of a handful of individuals capable of implementing a Save Point, a static moment in time he’s able to revisit over and over upon death.

It’s a good thing, too. Brain cancer was turning into a real drag…

Hack Paul Bellow

Hack by Paul Bellow

Way of the Immortals Harmon Cooper

Way of the Immortals by Harmon Cooper

Ascend Online

Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko

Tusk and Blade by Lavelle Jackson

Battle Spire Michael R. Miller

Battle Spire by Michael R. Miller

Arcane Kingdom Jakob Tanner

Arcane Kingdom Online: The Chosen by Jakob Tanner

Awaken Online Catharsis Travis Bagwell

Awaken Online: Catharsis by Travis Bagwell

Delvers LLC Blaise Corvin

Delvers LLC: Surviving Ludus by Blaise Corvin

Downfall and Rise Challenger's Call Nathan Thompson

Downfall and Rise by Nathan Thompson

Dungeon Born Dakota Krout

Dungeon Born by Dakota Krout

Dungeon Lord Hugo Huesca

Dungeon Lord by Hugo Huesca

Eden's Gate the Reborn Edward Brody

Eden’s Gate: The Reborn by Edward Brody

Killstreak Respawn Stuart Thaman

Killstreak: Respawn by Stuart Thaman

Mastermind Steven Kelliher

Mastermind by Steven Kelliher

Rogue Dungeon James Hunter Eden Hudson

Rogue Dungeon by James Hunter & Eden Hudson

Shadow Sun Survival Dave Willmarth

Shadow Sun Survival by Dave Willmarth

Six Sacred Swords Andrew Row

Six Sacred Swords by Andrew Row

The Greystone Chronicles Dave Willmarth

The Greystone Chronicles: Io Online by Dave Willmarth

Viridian Gate JA Hunter

Viridian Gate Online: Cataclysm by J.A. Hunter

Warden Nova Online Alex Knight

Warden by Alex Knight

The Land of the Undying Dave Willmarth

The Land of the Undying by Dave Willmarth

Way of the Shaman Survival Quest Vasily Mahanenko

Way of the Shaman: Survival Quest by Vasily Mahanenko

Awaken Online: Ember Travis Bagwell

Awaken Online: Ember by Travis Bagwell

Axiom by Dennis Vanderkerken & Dakota Krout

8-Bit Bastards Joshua Mason

8-Bit Bastards by Joshua Mason

A Dark Path Stuart Thaman

A Dark Path by Stuart Thaman

A Gamer's Wish Tao Wong

A Gamer’s Wish by Tao Wong

A Healer's Gift by Tao Wong

A Healer’s Gift by Tao Wong

Adventurer Academy Greyblood Daniel Prince

Adventurer Academy: Greyblood by Daniel Prince

Asgard Awakening Blaise Corvin

Asgard Awakening by Blaise Corvin

Barrow King The Realms C.M. Carney

Barrow King by C.M. Carney

Battle Avatars Ed White

Battle Avatars by Ed White

Blood and Cupcakes Taj McCoy El

Blood and Cupcakes by Taj McCoy El

Bone Dungeon Jonathan Smidt

Bone Dungeon by Jonathan Smidt

Bunker Core Andrew Seiple

Bunker Core by Andrew Seiple

Bushido Online Nikita Thorn

Bushido Online: The Battle Begins by Nikita Thorn

Carnal Chambers by Ivan Dragorian

Carnal Chambers by Ivan Dragorian

CivCEO Andrew Karevik

CivCEO by Andrew Karevik

Codename Freedom Apollos Thorne

Codename: Freedom by Apollos Thorne

Continue online part one Stephan Morse

Continue Online: Memories by Stephan Morse

Core of Fear Jonathan Brooks

Core of Fear by Jonathan Brooks

Countdown Michael Atamanov

Countdown by Michael Atamanov

Crota Rohan M. Vider

Crota by Rohan M. Vider

Darkness Named Riley S. Keene

Darkness Named by Riley S. Keene

Death's Mantle Harmon Cooper

Death’s Mantle by Harmon Cooper

Deck of Souls Fateseal Bonnie L. Price

Deck of Souls: Fateseal by Bonnie L. Price

Desert Runner Dawn Chapman

Desert Runner by Dawn Chapman

Desire Cameron Milan

Desire by Cameron Milan

Dodge Tank Rick Scott

Dodge Tank by Rick Scott

Dominion of Blades Matt Dinniman

Dominion of Blades by Matt Dinniman

Dragon Heart Stone Will Kirill Klevanski

Dragon Heart: Stone Will by Kirill Klevanski

Dragon Seed James Osiris Baldwin

Dragon Seed by James Osiris Baldwin

Dungeon Dive Rohan M. Vider

Dungeon Dive by Rohan M. Vider

Dungeon Player Jonathan Brooks

Dungeon Player by Jonathan Brooks

Dungeon World Jonathan Brooks

Dungeon World by Jonathan Brooks

Dungeons of Strata G. D. Penman

Dungeons of Strata by G.D. Penman

Edge of Reality Phantom Server Andrei Livadny

Edge of Reality: Phantom Server by Andrei Livadny

Endless Fantasy Online Devin Auspland

Endless Fantasy Online: The Phoenix Kingdom by Devin Auspland

Enora Online Arlo Adams

Enora Online: Gemini’s Crossing by Arlo Adams

Equalize by Ryan DeBruyn

Ethria Pioneer Aaron Holloway

Ethria: The Pioneer by Aaron Holloway

Expedition Summerlands Nathaniel Webb

Expedition: Summerlands by Nathaniel Webb

Fantasy Online Harmon Cooper

Fantasy Online: Hyperborea by Harmon Cooper

First Song Blaise Corvin

First Song by Blaise Corvin and Outspan Foster

Fresh Blood Jessica Hicks

Fresh Blood by Jessica Hicks

God of Gnomes Demi Harper

God of Gnomes by Demi Harper

Guild Master Ivan Kel LitRPG Books

Guild Master by Ivan Kal

Guardian of the Round Table Avril Sabine

Guardian of the Round Table: Dexterity Fail by Avril Sabine, Storm Peterson, and Rhys Peterson

Hero of Thera Eric Nylund

Hero of Thera by Eric Nylund

How to Kill a God LitRPG Books

How to Kill a God by C.G. Gaudet

Illusion by Joseph Phelps

Illusion by Joseph Phelps

Initializing KT Hanna

Initializing by K.T. Hanna

Into the Light Christopher Johns

Into the Light by Christopher Johns

Know Thy Enemy by Dawn Chapman and Matt Ferraz

Last Horizon Beta

Last Horizon: Beta by Daniel Schinhofen

Leap of Faith JS Grulke

Leap of Faith by J.S. Grulke

Legend of the Sword Bearer by Jeremy Fabiano

Legend of the Sword Bearer by Jeremy Fabiano

Legends Online Genesis Jonathan Yanez

Legends Online: Genesis by Jonathan Yanez

Level up Craig Anderson

Level up by Craig Anderson

Life in the North Tao Wong

Life in the North by Tao Wong

Life Reset Shemer Kuznits

Life Reset Shemer Kuznits

Limitless Lands

Limitless Lands: The Commander’s Tale by Dean Henegar

Luck Stat Strategy Blaise Corvin

Luck Stat Strategy by Blaise Corvin

Menacing Misfits Robyn Wideman

Darkthorn Academy: Menacing Misfits by Robyn Wideman

Mirror World Project Daily Grind Alexey Osadchuk

Mirror World: Project Daily Grind by Alexey Osadchuk

Mitigating Risk Blaise Corvin

Mitigating Risk by Blaise Corvin

Monster Hunt NYC Harmon Cooper

Monster Hunt NYC by Harmon Cooper

Morrigan's Bidding Daniel Schinhofen

Morrigan’s Bidding by Daniel Schinhofen

Mythian John L. Monk

Mythian by John L. Monk

No Mistakes Vasily Mahanenko

No Mistakes by Vasily Mahanenko

Nova Terra Titan Seth Ring

Nova Terra: Titan by Seth Ring

Oathbreaker Stuart Thaman

Realm Online: Oathbreaker by Stuart Thaman

Occultist Oliver Mayes

Occultist by Oliver Mayes

One More Last Time Eric Ugland

One More Last Time by Eric Ugland

Pangea Online S.L. Rowland

Pangea Online: Death and Axes by S.L. Rowland

Party Hard David Petrie

Party Hard by David Petrie

Path of Darkness by A.P. Gore and Patricia Jones

Player Reached the Top Rick Scar

Player Reached the Top by Rick Scar

PrimeVerse: Forced Login by R.K. Billiau

Realm of Noria The Birth

Realm of Noria: The Birth by Paul Kite

Reboot Domino Finn

Reboot by Domino Finn

Reborn Apocalypse L. M. Kerr

Reborn: Apocalypse by L.M. Kerr

Reborn Apprentice Luka Petrov

Reborn Apprentice by Luka Petrov

Respawn Lives 1-5 Arthur Stone

Respawn: Lives 1-5 by Arthur Stone

Restart Dan Sugralinov

Re-Start by Dan Sugralinov

Second Chance A Battle Mage Reborn

Second Chance: A Battle Mage Reborn by R. Brady Frost

Second Skin Fractures M Damon Baker

Second Skin: Fractures by M Damon Baker

Sector Eight Perimeter Defence Michael Atamanov

Sector Eight by Michael Atamanov

Sentenced to Troll S.L. Rowland

Sentenced to Troll by S.L. Rowland

Shade's First Rule A. F. Kay

Shade’s First Rule by A.F. Kay

Shepherd Moon Singularity Point G.R. Cooper

Shepherd Moon by G.R. Cooper

Shyft J Donald M Kraus

Shyft: Defenders of Gallowind by J Donald and M Kraus

Siphon Jay Boyce

Siphon by Jay Boyce

Small Medium Big Trouble Andrew Seiple

Small Medium: Big Trouble by Andrew Seiple

Start the Game Vasily Mahanenko

Start the Game by Vasily Mahanenko

Star Divers by Stephen Landry

Star Divers: Dungeons of Bane by Stephen Landry

Steel Orc Deck Davis

Steel Orc: Player Reborn by Deck Davis

Tales of a North Blood Carrie Summers

Tales of a North Blood by Carrie Summers

Temple of Sorrow Carrie Summers

Temple of Sorrow by Carrie Summers

The Apprentice of Arabella Matthew Kent

The Apprentice of Arabella by Matthew Kent

The Bathrobe Knight Charles Dean

The Bathrobe Knight by Charles Dean

The Beginning Dark Paladin Vasily Mahanenko

The Beginning by Vasily Mahanenko

The Crafter Legacy Outspan Foster

The Crafter Legacy by Outspan Foster

The Crafter's Dungeon Jonathan Brooks

The Crafter’s Dungeon by Jonathan Brooks

The Culling of Man Craig Kobayashi

The Culling of Man by Craig Kobayashi

The Dark Realm Feyland Anthea Sharp

The Dark Realm by Anthea Sharp

The Dragon Slayer Richard Raines

The Dragon Slayer by Richard Raines

The Dungeon Alaria Joshua Kern

The Dungeon Alaria by Joshua Kern

The Dungeon Traveler Alston Sleet

The Dungeon Traveler by Alston Sleet

The Fabled Islands Cameron Milan

The Fabled Islands by Cameron Milan

The Feedback Loop Harmon Cooper

The Feedback Loop by Harmon Cooper

The Game of Gods Joshua Kern

The Game of Gods by Joshua Kern

The Hall Muraglen Frank G Albelo

The Hall by Frank G. Albelo

The Heroic Villain Charles Dean

The Heroic Villain by Charles Dean

The Idle System Pegaz A (

The Idle System by Pegaz

The Last Warrior of Unigaea Harmon Cooper

The Last Warrior of Unigaea by Harmon Cooper

The Luckless A. M. Sohma

The Luckless by A.M. Sohma

The Mayor of Noobtown Ryan Rimmel

The Mayor of Noobtown by Ryan Rimmel

The Monolith Stephen Roark

Blood Seekers: The Monolith by Stephen Roark

The Player Blackout Lucas Flint

The Player Blackout by Lucas Flint

The Realm Between Phoenix Grey

The Realm Between: The Curse by Phoenix Grey

The Renegades Vasily Mahanenko

The Renegades by Vasily Mahanenko and
Eugenia Dmitrieva

The Song Maiden Jonathan Brooks

The Song Maiden by Jonathan Brooks

The Station Core Jonathan Brooks

The Station Core by Jonathan Brooks

The Trapped Mind Project Michael Chatfield

The Trapped Mind Project by Michael Chatfield

The Two Weeks Curse Michael Chatfield

The Two Weeks Curse by Michael Chatfield

The Warped Forest Thomas K. Carpenter

The Warped Forest by Thomas K. Carpenter

The Wayward Bard Lars M.

The Wayward Bard by Lars M.

The Weirdest Noob Arthur Stone

The Weirdest Noob by Arthur Stone

Threadbare Stuff and Nonsense Andrew Seiple

Threadbare: Stuff and Nonsense by Andrew Seiple

To The Stars End

To The Stars End: Original Soul by Demetri Grim

Towers of Heaven Cameron Milan

Towers of Heaven by Cameron Milan

Trailblazer Zen DiPietro

Trailblazer by Zen DiPietro

Transformation Valery Starsky

Transformation by Valery Starsky

Tree Dungeon Andrew Karevik

Tree Dungeon by Andrew Karevik

Unbound Deathlord Edward Castle

Unbound Deathlord by Edward Castle

Underworld Level up or Die Apollos Thorne

Underworld: Level Up or Die by Apollos Thorne

Valhalla Online Ragnarok Kevin McLaughlin

Valhalla Online by Kevin McLaughlin

Varnoth Black Blade Lavelle Jackson

Varnoth by Lavelle Jackson

Void Legion Terry C. Simpson

Void Legion by Terry C. Simpson

Volper Ros Per

Volper by Ros Per

War Aeternus The Beginning Charles Dean

War Aeternus: The Beginning by Charles Dean

Warrior Reborn M.H. Johnson

Warrior Reborn by M.H. Johnson

Wild Worlds by Mitch Larkins

Love LitRPG Books?

Achievement unlocked!

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+5 Resilience

How many of these LitRPG books have you read? Any I missed?

Drop me a note in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “160+ Best LitRPG Books You Need to Read Right Now

  1. I really recommend “Woods Cop” you can read it as a hard cover or on audible, personally I liked listening to it while working as audio.

    1. This is a great one. It came out after I published this post. I’ll try to find time to edit it in. Thanks.

    1. Nova Terra series (1-10), Tower series (1- 5+), Battle mage farmer (1- 7+) all by Seth Ring, Primal hunter (1-8) by Zogarth

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