Review Policy

I’m currently accepting reviews from Traditionally published and Indie authors.

I review mostly on my blog and Goodreads, but can post to Amazon upon request. I will also post to my Facebook group, YA Fantasy Addicts (30,000 members), if I really liked the book.

As a general policy, I won’t rate a book lower than 2.5 stars. I believe that authors work hard to produce their book and it isn’t fair to them if the book just didn’t suit me.

We all have different tastes and someone else may really like your book. I don’t want to dissuade them from giving it a try just because I didn’t like it. So I won’t review your book if I feel it falls into this category.

Due to reading load, I can’t promise a certain turn around time, but I will do my best to post before publication date if given enough lead time. If I accept your book, I will read it, but that doesn’t guarantee a review based on the above statement.

To see the kind of books I review, visit my review page.

I read mostly YA Fantasy and Adult Fantasy. Think Sarah J. Maas, R.A. Salvatore, or Brandon Sanderson.


Please include your Book Title, cover, and book description in the email. Don’t email mobi or EPUB files without request. I will delete your email immediately. I will respond requesting these files if I want to read your book.

Feel free to email me directly at