A Threat of Shadows by J.A. Andrews Review

A Threat of Shadows by J.A. Andrews
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My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A Threat of Shadows is J.A. Andrews’s debut fantasy novel. The second book in the Keeper Chronicles, A Pursuit of Shadows, is out now. Additionally, there is a short story available on Amazon called A Keeper’s Tale: The story of Tomkin and the Dragon.

This review is spoiler free.

Just to start, the title of this review on Amazon is “BLOWN AWAY!” because that’s truly how I feel after reading A Threat of Shadows. A friend of mine called me a tough critic, so 5 stars for Ms. Andrews is high praise. It is just that awesome people.


A Threat of Shadows, is about a Keeper named Alaric who is on a desperate search for a cure to save his wife from dying. Alaric has forsaken his role as a Keeper and does some nasty things all to save her. He is ashamed of himself, yet resilient towards his purpose whatever the cost.

Alaric tracks down a lead to an old Keeper who lived a hundred years ago that might have the cure. His journey to find a Wellstone, a literal record of memories, takes him on a harrowing journey filled with cunning and deceit. Before he knows it, he discovers the very fate of the world depends upon his actions.

The Characters

The story for A Threat of Shadows revolves around the Keeper, Alaric, a boy named Brandson, a dwarf named Douglon, an elf named Ayda, Brandson’s girlfriend Milly, and an old wizard named Wizendorfurderfor (Gustav).

These characters are so wonderful and so intricately woven. Andrews has carefully crafted each with a wealth of history, motivation, and personality. The story follows Alaric exclusively, so we get inside his head and know more about him than anyone else. You’ll fall in love with Alaric’s character as you cheer him on in his quest. You’ll rejoice at his successes and empathize with his failures.

The supporting characters are witty and fun. As you’re reading, keep an eye on character progression, especially the elf and the dwarf. You won’t be sorry!

The Plot

As I already mentioned, the plot in A Threat of Shadows is centered around Alaric’s need to save his wife, but it goes far deeper than that. It’s not long before the heroes find out someone is trying to raise an all-powerful evil nefarious bad guy. If he rises, the world as they know it will end. I can’t reveal more without spoiling it, but trust me, the circumstances surrounding this are brilliantly written.

My favorite part? The twists! I love a good twist. If a book doesn’t surprise me, I don’t get engaged. A Threat of Shadows delivers time and time again.

Additional Thoughts
A Threat of Shadows, J.A. Andrews

This is generally the section where I share a few things that didn’t work for me. Yea. I can’t do that here. I loved A Threat of Shadows that much. Seriously. I haven’t liked a book this much in awhile. I’ve been reading Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn for three months. I read a chapter and put it down and forget about it for awhile. But…I could not put down A Threat of Shadows. There you go Ms. Andrews. You’re better than Mistborn. LOVED IT.

Be sure to check out J.A. Andrews’s website and Facebook page to keep up to date with the Keeper Chronicles.

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