10 Epic Fantasy Books Everyone Must Read

Epic Fantasy Books

I just discovered the greatest thing ever created: epic fantasy books. I’m usually a YA Fantasy kind of guy, but recently I’ve ventured outside my usual. I’ve found that I’ve actually read quite a few epic fantasy books, just didn’t know that was what they were called.

This whole new world that opened up before me brought an onslaught …

6 Reasons Your Indie Books Aren’t Selling

Indie Books Aren't Selling, Books Aren't Selling

So you’re a self-published author and you want to know why your indie books aren’t selling. Disclaimer: This isn’t an article about how I sold 1,000,000 copies as a self-published author and how you can do it, too. This is just me, an average guy, sharing my opinion about why I didn’t buy your book.

Why Your Indie Books Aren’t