Best Harry Potter Gifts for Adults Both Young and Old(er)

Just in time for the holidays (or really any time, cause who ever complains about a gift whenever it might be?), here’s a list of Harry Potter gifts for every fan, great and small.

Harry Potter Gifts

For Gamers

I’ll start with something that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. It certainly tops my Christmas list this year. If you love to play board games, who can resist this exciting battle card game that walks you through all seven years at Hogwarts, unlocking more spells and accessories as the years go along right in line with how Harry learned them.

While we’re talking about games, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share these other two Harry Potter inspired board games.

For Booklovers

How about Harry Potter gifts for booklovers? I recently purchased these bookmarks as prizes for a recent event over on my YA Fantasy Addicts book club Facebook group.

And no book collection could be complete without the fully illustrated version of the books. For sake of space, I’ll only link to the first one below.

For the Mischievous

Any Harry Potter fan, regardless of whether you’re a reader or a moviegoer will enjoy these Harry Potter gift selections based on the infamous marauder’s map.

For Decorators

On the less practical side, here are a few Harry Potter gifts that are more for decoration than every day use.

For Fashionistas

Speaking of every day use, check out these awesome clothing and accessory gifts, all Harry Potter themed.

For Practical Jokers

But Harry Potter gifts aren’t just for serious folk. There’s plenty of humorous gifts to go around too. I particularly like this first one.

For Parents

There are even Harry Potter gifts for the little Muggles.

For Everyone Else

And of course, there’s a list of Harry Potter gifts that really don’t fit into any one category, but they’re great choices for just about anybody.

Hope you found some great gift ideas.

No? Why don’t you try a good ole book? Check out my ultimate list of Best YA Fantasy Books.

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